Canary Party Convention: Watch Cut Poison Burn

By Ginger Taylor
The Canary Party

As you may know, last weekend we held the first Canary Party Convention to agree on a set of principles on which the party will be based, to set our direction and to begin projects to bring greater accountability in medical corruption and greater freedom in medical treatment.  I think that it is safe to say that everyone who attended agreed that the meeting was a resounding success.

Cut Poison Burn

One of the truly powerful experiences of our time together in Minneapolis was when we had the honor of screening Cut Poison Burn, the new cancer documentary featuring Jim Navarro and his family.  You can watch it for a donation amount of your choice.

Jim was with us for the convention, and after watching the heart breaking story of their fight to get their young son Thomas non toxic cancer treatment, and seeing how the corruption in the cancer industry and in public health directly forced Thomas onto the chemotherapy that killed him, well it focused us on our task like a lazer.  Jim was kind enough speak and answer questions after the film, and that quickly turned into a larger group discussion about the problems and the possible solutions that we need to work for.  It was amazing to see the passion and the experience of those involved, and the discussion proceeded late into the evening until the hotel finally kicked us out of the room.

I am excited to announce that the distribution company for Cut Poison Burn has come up with a new distribution method for the film where you can pay whatever you want to watch the film on-line.  You can pay $50 to support the film or different grades of pricing all the way down to $0, but they want the film to be seen by as many people as possible, and they don’t want distance from a screening or lack of funds to be an obstacle.

Please take the time this week to watch Cut Poison Burn.  And send it out to your own email lists and Facebook.  If you want to get a good picture of the problem that we are about to tackle, this will give it to you.  This movie might as well be labeled, “Canary Party:  Why We Fight”.

And a special thank you to Jim Navarro for attending and for being willing to share the painful story of his little canary with us.  May we honor the memory of his son in our work.

The convention was by invite only, so that we could have a small enough working group to tackle the task of building a foundation for our party, and we were very fortunate that so many bright and dedicated minds were there to get us off to a thoughtful start.  But I wish you all could have been there.  We all left with a new excitement about the work ahead of us, with strong bonds developing between those who have been working alone or with little support for many years, and even I think with a few life long friendships and partnerships forming.  We are eager to bring you in on what is happening, so to that end we have put together plans on how to move forward.

Conferences to Come

In the next month or so, we will be holding an on-line conference day that everyone can participate in, so you can hear what came out of the convention, what the plans are, what projects you can get involved in and hear from a few of the delegates directly.

And beginning this fall, we will be holding regional meetings that anyone can attend.  We plan to map out several meetings across the country, spaced so that everyone will have one within three hours driving distance.  So much can be done on-line, but there is nothing like getting together face to face.

Stay tuned for details on our meetings as they develop.

Fundraising Challenge

As you may or may not have noticed, we have not actually started doing any fundraising yet.  But Janet Taft has jumped the gun on us a bit.  After the conference, she was so excited about what she had been a part of, she put out a fund raising challenge.  Janet let us know that if two other people would match her, she would donate $1,000 to the party.  And then she decided that if two more people donated $1,000 each, she would make a second $1,000 donation.  So those of you out there in a position to do so, please don’t leave Janet hanging.

We are thrilled with what is happening in our little party, and I don’t think that we will be a little party for very long.  Stay tuned for more reports on the convention and what is to come.

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