Splitting the Sky gears up for another attempt to arrest GWBush in Surrey, BC

Mohawk Peace activist and author John Boncore (aka Splitting The Sky), the man who attempted a citizen’s arrest of former U.S. President George W. Bush (a self-admitted war criminal) in Calgary, Alberta in March of 2009 but was instead arrested himself, is leading a campaign vowing to perform a citizen’s arrest of Bush when he and former U.S. President and war criminal Bill Clinton visit Surrey, British Columbia on October 20, 2011.

Boncore publicly served notice to Surrey, BC Mayor Diane Watts’ office of violating Canadian laws by inviting and (eventually) harboring a war criminal at the Surrey Regional Economic Summit where Bush plans to persuade leaders to sacrifice Canadian peoples’ prosperities to a New World Order.

On July 27, the Power Hour interviewed John Boncore and took caller questions:

July 27, 2011 (hour 2) – Guest Jon Boncore
July 27, 2011 (hour 3) – Guest Jon Boncore + Open Lines with Joyce Riley
It is imperative that righteous citizens make their appearance and mandates known to their elected officials.

According to Canadian and International law, Bush should be arrested for war crimes. Boncore was held in jail overnight for peacefully attempting to arrest Bush on March 17, 2009.

At that anti-Bush demonstration, after walking by the police a few times, John said to them that if they had not yet gone into the building to arrest Bush the next time he walked by them, then he was going to make a citizens arrest. In videos on the internet, John raises his hands above his head and yells “I am not touching anyone!” and tries to run past the police into the building where Bush was. John had papers in his pocket saying why Bush should be arrested and he wanted to set the papers in front of Bush. Next, John was arrested and held overnight in a Calgary jail where he was beaten by the Calgary police.

We Are Change Vancouver PRESS RELEASE: Surrey BC Mayor Diane Watts forewarned of torture issues with George W Bush Invite in October – May 18, 2011


Splitting the Sky, John Boncore: Solidarity with the Man Who Attempted To Arrest George W. Bush

Face to Face interviews John Boncore (60 mins., 2009) http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-3306789191030581862#docid=4237471280373245988

6 responses to “Splitting the Sky gears up for another attempt to arrest GWBush in Surrey, BC

  1. This is the definition of a true hero – STS doesn’t just talk about injustice, he backs it up with direct action.

  2. A few thousand STS’s and we could get somewhere!

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  4. Here’s another one from Canada that should stir the pot more. This is a CBC production called “Meltdown” that is a 4 part documentary about the 2008 financial collapse that is in an easy to follow format that identifies the crooks front and center. If indeed they’re doing this to collapse the world economy so they can usher in global governance via a global currency, they’re sure exiting the old order out the door ass first.

    Maybe this’ll stir a few more STS’s to step up to the plate

  5. STS – Some background on the legend, the man, and the truth about 9/11 as he breaks down the financial players behind this tragedy:

    9/11 Truth Is “Splitting the Sky”

  6. Is this supposed to be WWE, or MMA?Nobody knows that goof and he has no respect . Get serious about these issues and stop clowning.

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