Premier of new 911 film to coincide with Toronto public hearings

By Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth

9/11: Explosive Evidence – Experts Speak Out is the exciting new documentary film by Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth. Watch the four-minute trailer above. Then share it with all your friends via Facebook, email, etc.

The documentary premieres the first week of September in theaters all across the country and around the world. Be sure to screen the documentary in your communityand use our customizable premiere posters. Gala Theater in Westfield, Nevada will lead the premiers on Monday, August 29 at 8 pm.

The new DVD 9/11: Explosive Evidence – Experts Speak Out will ship the first week of September. Order your copy today while supplies last and to guarantee your shipment before September 11!

Send your East Canadian and New York friends to the World Premiere with special introductions by Richard Gage, AIA, in Toronto on September 7, and in New York on the afternoon of September 11. The Toronto premiere is occurring in conjunction with The Toronto Hearings, a 9/11 evidence-based conference which follows on September 8-11 – and concurrently with the popular nearby Toronto Film Festival.

Physicist Jeff Farrer. One of the co-authors of the World Trade Center dust nanothermite study discusses his work

The film features cutting-edge 9/11 evidence from more than 50 experts in their fields – high-rise architects, structural engineers, physicists, chemical engineers, firefighters, metallurgists, explosives experts, controlled demolition technicians, and more. They are each highly qualified. Several have Ph.D’s, including renowned scientist, Lynn Margulis who was awarded the National Medal of Science, and who exposes in this film the fraud of NIST and discusses how the scientific method should have been applied to the destruction of evidence and to the high temperature incendiaries in the WTC dust samples. The documentary is filled with wisdom from experts such as Les Young, one of several high-rise architects interviewed in the film, who remarks:

“I would not have expected the whole building[s] to just give in at once. And I thought it rather odd that they fell almost perfectly – in very similar ways. It seemed odd that lightning would strike twice.”

..Chemical Engineer Mark Basile. The first scientist who ignited a red/gray chip from the World Trade Center dust and found iron-rich microspheres in the residue discusses his process of discovery using the scientific method

In the full-length documentary we also interviewed almost a dozen psychologists who will help us to explain why 9/11 Truth is so difficult for the public to even face, much less accept – and what we can do better to reach them. We will also hear from several 9/11 victim family members who support AE911Truth in our call for a new investigation.

Psychologist William Woodward, Ph.D, one of eight mental health professionals who are also AE911Truth petition signers, provides a profound insight in that section of the film:

“Reconciliation through the truth is a deep path to psychological recovery from the myths and lies around which this historic event has been cloaked in the official view.”

..The new pocket book co-authored by AE911Truth and Arthur Naiman is a must-have – and a must give-away.

Be sure to order the DVD “9/11: Explosive Evidence – Experts Speak Out” today in order to guarantee timely shipment. In fact, order it along with the new book, which we co-authored, “9/11: The Simple Facts – Why the official Story Cannot Possibly Be True.” Arthur Naiman came to us after signing our petition and said “Let’s put the AE911Truth evidence in a book in the successful series” that he had already written for Counterpoint Publishing.

It contains works from Noam Chomsky and others, including coverage of the MLK, JFK, and RFK assasinations.This important addition to the Real Story Series benefits from name and polished yet casual style. We hope you will get several copies and pass them around.

..High-rise architect Robert McCoy is one of 1,500 Architects & Engineers demanding a new investigation

One of the experts featured in the documentary film is Robert McCoy, high-rise architect, who has been licensed in California since 1964 and has worked on the design of many large steel-framed high-rise buildings. He corresponded directly with the designers of the WTC complex during its construction to ensure that his high-rise projects were up to date. Like those of many experts, McCoy’s suspicions about the real nature of 9/11 started almost immediately following the horrific events of that day. He is “not interested in conspiracy theories… [he] just wants to know how those buildings came down”.

AE911Truth Action Group – Wellington, New Zealand, holds daytime vigil at the seat of government – handing out AE911Truth evidence to passersby. Join them on September 8 at county courthouses all across the world

We hope that you will join us to ensure the massive success of the premiere of this most important documentary. Find out how toorganize a screening at a library or theater in your community. No matter where you are located, you can step into action with AE911Truth. If you’re not ready to coordinate such an event yourself, you can telephone people in your local area who already appreciate our work and might be willing to step up. Just email us if you have any questions. No experience necessary, just some time, energy, and concern for getting the AE911Truth evidence out to your fellow citizens.

The premiere screenings of Experts Speak Out are part of the four-phase AE911Truth Action Group activities taking place during the 10th Anniversary of 9/11 – all designed to educate the public about the destruction of the three World Trade Center skyscrapers. You might also want to assist AE911Truth with these other phases of our effort this fall!

  1. Deliver the outreach letter and AE911Truth educational materials to legal/law enforcement professionals in your local community (August)
  2. Daytime vigils and press conferences at county courthouses on Thursday, September 8
  3. Screen the premiere of “9/11: Explosive Evidence – Experts Speak Out” in your community (the week before September 11)
  4. Congressional outreach visits during Washington DC recess (in late September – or as convenient)

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49 responses to “Premier of new 911 film to coincide with Toronto public hearings

  1. OK gang….let’s go get ’em!!! Saddle up.

  2. FBI acknowledges evidence for Controlled Demolition:

    Click to access FBI-Gage-DVD-NEW.pdf

  3. Unless all “evidence” is presented, then the “new” 911 hearings have already been decided. Dr. Judy Wood *Where Did The Towers Go? Evidence of Directed Free-Energy Technology on 9/11* is only about the evidence NOT the who or the why.
    See “toasted cars” – see “Hurricane Erin”. There may have been explosives / demolition on 9/11, but there was also something else – a true weapon of mass destruction.

    • Now we’re moving forward. There is very direct observational evidence that explosives were used. There is also strong circumstantial evidence that thermite or some variant of it was used. There is also the fact that the buildings were substantially dustified – something that does not happen in a commercial-variety controlled demolition. And there is the curious circumstance that MSM didn’t bother to mention that Hurricane Erin was moving towards NYC and getting perilously close before the visible events of 911 began unfolding.
      AE911Truth and Judy Woods each give a plausible account of part of the story, and their respective accounts are mutually compatible.

      • Thalassarche: In addition to the obvious, many are not aware of the *jumpers*…. horrible to think about… just dreadful, HOWEVER, they were peeling off their clothes and then jumping… why? If you were on fire, you wouldn’t take the time to do this before jumping to your death! They felt something, (not certain what), but it was extremely uncomfortable… so uncomfortable that many had to stand on the edge and disrobe before leaping to their deaths. I am still leaning toward a *directed energy technology* and as odd as that may sound to many – do realize, that thermite and controlled demolition sounded pretty crazy back in 2002.

        I would love nothing more than to see AE911 Truth and Judy Wood sit down together and compare a few notes. It’s not about who wins…. it’s about checking the evidence, as I’m sure you are well aware.

      • To clarify, there is limited non-expert opinions that explosives were used. There is no verifiable evidence of any incendiary devices used, and any claim to anything “dustified”, is extremely consistent with a vast majority of controlled demolitions on record.

        Judy Woods has been discounted all of science and 90% of so-called “9/11 truthers”.

  4. Abraham Hafiz Rodriguez Questions Richard Gage at AE911Truth Presentation on 4/12/2011
    See what happens when Richard Gage is asked a few questions he doesn’t like !!!!!

    Part 1 —
    Part 2 —

    I guess I feel he(Richard) doesn’t want to know …. listen and judge for yourself.

  5. DD: The stuff on Richard Gage is interesting, but also, since I have spoken with him in the past, the signs of a man very much stressed for time, and feeling put on the spot, despite Abraham’s feigned (I am an actor, I do not believe he has “no agenda” and thought he was providing Richard with “new information”. I also know that AE9/11 tried very hard to maintain a completely scientific approach, and to focus on just what their expertise is – Architects and Engineers; that is to say that he really is NOT a seismologist and likely hasn’t undertaken study of such data as Judy Wood. There are so many groups out there seeking their own versions of 9/11 truth, it is not helpful to try and pit one against the other. I think groups like AE9/11 are simply trying to narrow down a very complex problem to the professional knowledge and skills base that they have. If every truth group did that, and gathered everything they could corroborate as solid evidence, and then there was a conference bewteen the leaders of these groups, perhaps a full picture of the event(s) of 9/11 and leading up thereto, could be painted. I am looking at the Judy Wood info, but it will take days to thoroughly read and interpret her info, so will be back for those comments.

  6. Morgana: I do agree with your comment, in particular a conference between leaders who are NOT out to prove a *right or wrong* scenario, but to honestly and with open mind, check all available evidence.

    No doubt Richard Gage is stressed and who wouldn’t be – given the magnitude of this subject. There are a number of other similar videos I’ve run across with Richard and it seems to be a rather obvious and perhaps a deliberate slight against Dr. Judy Wood.

    A recent radio interview with Dr. Wood received a call-in from James Fetzer who did everything possible to discredit her work. Dr. Wood “claimed” she was threatened by James Fetzer to NOT discuss this technology. Whether this is factual or not, I had to wonder why he would go to the bother of calling in to a radio show and act in that manner.

    I do believe in AE/911 truth, in fact, I had promoted and shared their work on my YouTube channel for years. I certainly do not want to pit one against the other, but would welcome true information sharing.

    I was introduced to the work of Dr. Judy Wood about two years ago, however, at that time I was still rather naive with regards to HAARP and Tesla technology. Her work raised so many questions and I believe anyone that takes a little time to review her findings should walk away with a slightly different view of these events.

    We all know that something horrific happened that day and from where I stand, it may very well have been more than just controlled demolition. For the life of me, never in a million years would I have thought or could imagine such an event taking place, but, the technology exists.

    I don’t know if it is you I should thank, but this is the first “comment” section I have been able to post on. The Toronto Hearings link would not approve anything I had to say with Dr. Judy Wood’s name mentioned. I am a true believer in Freedom of Speech (although I realize some people do abuse this privilege), that is how human kind shares knowledge and it’s up to each individual to use common sense, keep an open mind and form an educated opinion.

  7. DD: Thanks. i firmly believe that at base, each 9/11 truth org. out there is searching for the same thing, and that in the end the actual specifics of what happened that day will come pouring forth as if someone broke through a dam. It is going to take just the right thrust to do so, and for that one needs to know one’s opponent extremely well, so as to know where the thrust will do the most damage.

    I’d like to know what you or anyone knows of these alleged mystery disappearances/deaths of 9/11 truth advocates that I saw on YouTube.

    We are all asking the same question. Perhaps our search for this truth should not be punctuated with a question mark (as in “please”) but in an exclamation point.

    The defection of what’s his name recently, has not helped the truth seekers, but since he has defected or been bought off, I don’t hear that much about him. Sorry, brain fart cannot remember his name!

  8. This is one reason I don’t post to blogs. Provocateur – me? Give me a break. I am only throwing out things I have come across in my own personal searching. I am not even going to humour hybridrogue1 because it solves nothing when talking about the “evidence”, I don’t want to get into *he said / she said*. Anyone that looks into Woods work – her textbook like book for example, her website, well it’s quite eye opening. She is not out to discredit anyone or anything about the 9/11 movement and neither am I. Each group has extremely valuable facts and data. This should be more about fitting the pieces of the puzzle together, not claiming “each” piece is the correct or only solution. I don’t know the answers while Hybridrogue1 is acting as if this is a done deal, you’ve chosen a side and are discrediting other evidence and individuals. I hope you aren’t in charge of any investigation, because I feel it would be rather biased.

    Morgana: I think the name you are referring to is that Charlie Veitch character ?? Whatever his reason – well it really makes no difference in the long run. He’s turned into quite “The Hate Police” and for all we know he’s been threatened with death or paid off, people do strange things.
    I’m familiar with the YouTube videos re: mysterious disappearances/deaths of truth advocates, however like many others – whether politicians, scientists, and others in recent history, when you talk about something (the truth) it doesn’t always have a positive outcome. Pretty sad really – the old saying *the truth shall set you free* shouldn’t come at this ultimate price.

    • “This is one reason I don’t post to blogs. Provocateur – me? Give me a break.”

      See, Willy? A website cannot grow if its writers and readers are chased off by hostility.

      This is the 2nd person now.

  9. This conversation is quite interesting. YES! DD that’s it, it was Charlie. I know, he could have been threatened or whatever…I am sure he was faced with something…what a shame he didn’t stand his ground. In any kind of “war”, someone somewhere is going to take a bullet, and to lose one’s courage is to lose the war.

    Yes, those disappearances and deaths are quite disturbing…as are the recordings from people inside the buildings in their final moments. One recording complained about the HEAT (ie: NOT fire) and the recording ends in an explosion and screaming. Horrible.

    As for the tit-for-tat, it doesn;t matter in the end if the truth outs. Question is: will it?

    • Morgana: You mention something that really struck a nerve for me…. the HEAT – not fire. People were disrobing while standing at the edge. Why would anyone stop to remove their clothes before jumping? Some of the photos I’ve seen are not what I would consider “normal” in the sense, they tried to jump as far outward from the building as possible, or were possibly blown outward….. I don’t know…. but the questions remains.

      Anyone that has used a microwave would know they can place a piece of chicken (for example) on a paper plate – you can burn the chicken, but not the paper….. again, the amounts of paper floating around on that day – YET the steel bent, melted, turned to dust, or all of the above, while the ground below was littered with PAPER? The same applies to the numerous vehicles, front halves completely melted while the back half still had a shiny wax coating.
      I’ve watched too many hours of videos…. it never gets easier – I still get a heavy heart each time, but I can see explosives or charges going off, I hear the first responders talk, the explosions from underneath, I see the debris (or lack of) in the streets. There appears to be something else, a very advanced technology was used that day. This is what needs to be discussed and not buried.

      There are too many questions and although I’m hopeful we will find a truth in all of this…. well, it may not be in my life time, but like other injustices that I’m trying to expose, I do remain optimistic…..
      If people can just remain focused on “what” exactly happened, rather than second guess about “who” or “why” we might make some progress.

      I do hope the Toronto Hearings draw record crowds, goodness knows this is long overdue.
      Will the media be covering it or at least an honorable mention?
      We can hope !

      Oh and you may get a laugh from this – I suppose this is Charlies’ way of saying thanks ;o0

  10. So tell this to an innocent: why is Fetzer a provocateur? What is he doing that is egregious? I am not familiar with him that much. Email me privately if you like, ww.

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  12. did you see all those videos of him after he decided the official story on 911 is real?

  13. Charlie has really gone off the deep end there! To so hatefully defend himself against emails, however hateful THEY were, must have really hit a nerve! Poor sucker, he was duped and duped again by the Powers That Be. Must really suck to be him.

    ww: I will look at the Fetzer material and come to my own conclusions, thanks for the info. If he is constantly provoking Jones and others, ok, but does that mean he doesn’t have REAL info?

    • Morgana: I think Charlie bit my finger ! Truly off the deep end is right ;o) – so be it – dust in the wind!

      Anthony Lawson is very credible in my personal opinion….
      Something isn`t quite right with Fetzer – even I have to wonder about that. The problem I have, whether all this is right or wrong, fact or fiction, it doesn`t bring anyone any closer to the truth. It`s still about *he said – she said*
      I found this an interesting read if you find the time;

      I truly want to see the day when others can put aside their egos and focus only on facts. I do hope the Toronto Hearing is a huge success… (wish I could be there- really!)…. the media should be covering this big time.
      You have a level head about you Morgana and I admire that!

  14. Ok, Rady, with a lament like that one, how are you going to resist? 🙂

  15. I take that as a personal assault on the species of Squid! More like “whatta human”. Thank you from the squid people.

  16. Yes….and let that be a lesion to you ww! 🙂

  17. Important link…. should be viewed with open mind prior to the
    *Toronto 911 Omission Hearings*.

  18. I haven’t watched the clip yet, but I can tell you from my own experience that Gage et al. have done super-extensive forensics from materials found at the site. They have taken the utmost care to make certain that their contacts and scientists, engineers etc. have the most impeccable standards, and I am sorry, but there is no way NOT to conclude that Gage et al. haven’t done their homework. The presence of Thermitic/Nano-Thermitic materials was first uncovered by Gage and Co. And there are many ways that that could have been applied to the core of the buildings right under the nose of the employees there…if you don’t believe that, then you’re living in a fairytale. This is just a follow up to willie’s loverly rant above. Now I will watch the clip, and if I have anything else to add, I’ll be back today. If not, tomorrow. Tra.

    • Have you seen the test tubes?
      Do you know what Thermite is?
      From my own knowledge it is aluminium powder and iron oxide – both were naturally present in the WTC anyway!

      This theory is unprovable and does not explain what happened as the towers did not burn down – doesn’t matter how many papers in vanity or internet journals you publish. Also google “thermite free RFC”.

  19. Wow – you really support Jones and Gage and haven’t looked at the evidence that they have been disingenuous.

    You think it’s fine to EXCLUDE the evidence they promote from their legal challenge? Wow – you don’t seem to have very high standards of evidence.

    Who is the ONLY person who has filed a case based on physical evidence?

    Who else has done that?

    I use my real name – you don’t.
    You, in common with Jones and Gage EXCLUDE evidence – such as that

    This will NOT lead you to the truth.

    Good luck.

  20. So what do you think turned the towers to dust?
    Thermite? Nukes?
    Where is your website and your research?
    Mine is available for free here:

    Again, good luck – you’ll need it!

  21. Ya know, everyone, this is exactly what the Empire wants, all 9-11 truth seekers to be fighting so much between themselves that they NEVER get into action. I looked at that attachment above, it made my eyeballs spin. It seems we are ALL onto pieces of the same truth but hanging on so dearly as if all the shreds of evidence are mutually exclusive! ww: Your comment above that nobody is denying the possibility of Tesla etc. weapons is so true – who thinks that we are? As for Mr. Johnson, just like a DOOD: asking a woman in a sneering voice “do you even know what thermite is?” Hell yes, mister. and again ww made the point we are not talking about plain old alum powder and iron oxide, we are talking NANOthermite. Can you spell MILITARY? Let’s just all put our own degrees and egos away, and get down to the TRUTH. Sheesh.

  22. Oh, and btw, I lived on the East End of LI on that day, and as a wildlife rehabber I ALWAYS listened to my weather radio – how is it we all sticking out into the Atlantic knew NOTHING about Hurrican Erin???? No coastal flags, no wind watches or warnings, etc. How is that???

  23. I should mention that if Erin had moved that far from our coastline, then there would have been a “stand down” of all alerts, etc. for the coast. We LOVED our Hurricane Parties and were always disappointed when nature took one away, so if we were unaware or unconcerned about Erin, it is because she was no threat to land. I am having trouble with some of the footage you offer, Mr. Johnson, as the rambling talk and the sound are not very good. Can you tell me (or anyone else) the gist of what Erin’s significance is so I do not have to plow through the data and writing, which I have found to date to be rambling and bambling? (which is NOT to say unfounded or anything like, if I could only get to the POINT in the matter).

  24. Thanks ww. Well, if Erin was there at all, we would have been ready to hit the beaches out in E. LI. Since there was no such activity, I say it wasn;t anywhere near the east coast, not at least, to do any harm or enhance any energy flashpoints. Thanks for the synopsis. I just didn’t have the time to wait for the “point” of all the yabber-jabber in the vids. KissKiss.

  25. On March 16, 2007 NIST logged the receipt of a Request for Correction (RFC) to their WTC reports by Dr. Judy Wood. This RFC sets out the evidence of 1 or more Directed Energy Weapons being used to destroy most or all of the WTC Complex.

    On April 12 2007, NIST logged the receipt of a Request for Correction (RFC) to their WTC reports by Dr. Dr Steven Jones, Kevin Ryan, and Richard Gage. This video shows how you can search their documents for the word “Thermite” and “Molten” and you will find their original RFC does not mention Thermite or Molten Metal.

    Their RFC appeal *does* mention Thermite, but NOT in the context of their research” and only as an arbitrary example of a hypothetical analogy.

    There seems to be a global effort to convince people that Thermite played a significant role in the destruction of the WTC. If this was true, then why is this not stated, with evidence, in the RFC submitted to NIST?

    The answer seems to be that the Thermite is an “alternative conspiracy theory” which has no real evidence to support it. The proponents probably did not put their research in the RFC because this in itself would have been fraud.

    We are looking at documents which are over 2 years old, which shows how successful the operation to promote thermite has been.

    A list of links to these documents included in above video description.

  26. Excuse the previous post – incorrect link

    On March 16, 2007 NIST logged the receipt of a Request for Correction (RFC) to their WTC reports by Dr. Judy Wood. This RFC sets out the evidence of 1 or more Directed Energy Weapons being used to destroy most or all of the WTC Complex.

    On April 12 2007, NIST logged the receipt of a Request for Correction (RFC) to their WTC reports by Dr. Dr Steven Jones, Kevin Ryan, and Richard Gage. This video shows how you can search their documents for the word “Thermite” and “Molten” and you will find their original RFC does not mention Thermite or Molten Metal.

    Their RFC appeal *does* mention Thermite, but NOT in the context of their research” and only as an arbitrary example of a hypothetical analogy.

    There seems to be a global effort to convince people that Thermite played a significant role in the destruction of the WTC. If this was true, then why is this not stated, with evidence, in the RFC submitted to NIST?

    The answer seems to be that the Thermite is an “alternative conspiracy theory” which has no real evidence to support it. The proponents probably did not put their research in the RFC because this in itself would have been fraud.

    We are looking at documents which are over 2 years old, which shows how successful the operation to promote thermite has been.

    A list of links to these documents included in above video description.

  27. I DO know that Gage & Co. talked about NANOthermite early on, but wanted to be abspolutely certain about their findings and went to great length to DISPROVE the finding, but could not as far as I now know. And again, the two are not mutually exclusive.

  28. Also when I was involved with AE9/11 they were not necessarily saying that thermitic materials took DOWN the towers, but were the cause of the failure of the core. There is a BIG difference between the two.

  29. WW – please leave the forum, so true “inquiring minds” can investigate. You force, your “judge and jury opinion” as if you KNOW first hand what is factual and what is not. You’ve already made your mind up without reading Dr. Judy Woods’ book! Nothing like a fair and balanced inquiry. People do fear what they don’t understand!
    At least I can say I supported AETruth all these years, based on what I researched, however I now have a very different perspective, as anyone no doubt would, after *honestly* reviewing the evidence of Dr. Wood.

    People seem to go after discrediting Dr. Wood as a so called *nut-job* (how convenient), but notice they can’t discredit her evidence, unless, like yourself, claiming photo shop pics of Hurricane Erin???…. same photos exist all over the net, start with the official hurricane/weather channel. Give me a break!!! I suppose the toasted cars were also photo shopped !

    In my humble opinion, you are like many I’ve run across, a so called expert in all areas, quick to reply, quick to discredit – with many “assumptions” stated. You should know the rule about assuming !
    I mentioned this a week or so ago…. this is why I don’t do BLOGS.
    I’m not saying “I” am right, but I am saying that you are *not* correct, due to only researching half the evidence. I believe your only purpose here is to discredit and divide! It’s people such as yourself that are working hard to use words and propaganda to deliberately try to sway others minds. It may work on some, but certainly not on me. Any logical human being can see that once you take the time to *painfully* check the evidence you will have more questions than answers.
    I say, at the very least, Dr. Judy Wood should be allowed to be a part of the Toronto 911 hearings. She has been intentionally EXCLUDED!
    The world truly needs to understand what happened, from ALL perspectives.

    Minds Are Like Parachutes, They Only Function When Open !!!

    Please, NO need to reply, but I just know you can’t help yourself. Fast talk, fancy words, that say or prove nothing…. save the keystrokes and put that energy into actually doing something productive – like reading

  30. Toasted cars – where they stood on that morning – not moved elsewhere as ww has claimed.

  31. ~My problem is and remains the attacks aimed at Gage and Jones. I have stated that position clearly as well.~ WW

    Explain to me just who is attacking Gage and Jones – NOT me nor Dr. Judy Wood – show me anywhere that she is attacking them or their work. She is simply and in very basic terms, explaining her evidence. Anything I have posted is to stimulate thought and conversation.

    By the way, you are starting to sound like a crazed Buffoon – just listen to yourself….. pit bull – ready to fight. Have you read what you’re written? You certainly know how to make friends – I’ll bet your mother is proud!
    As a courtesy to other folks on this blog I’ll leave it at that.

    As I said previously, I supported and still do in many ways AE911 truth, however having read Dr. Judy Woods’ text book of information there are many eye opening facts, figures and questions with, not only the *official* story, that was bogus from the start, but a number of theories. Her work does NOT in any way attack others – I stress this fact.

    ~ I see a pitch to sell a book here. What do you see? You see the Truth Movement itself as hobgoblins. ~ WW

    Gee, a pitch to sell a book – give your head a shake. A proud member and commenter of this very page on COTO – have you had a look at the title of this very article?
    “Premier of new 911 film to coincide with Toronto public hearings”. If you hurry you can order your copy today, while supplies last. No doubt they’ll have plenty for sale at Ryerson, plus cases of books, some may even be autographed. Heavens, this can’t be a pitch – do ya think?

    It took me a long time to even WANT to look at Dr. Woods’ work, that I can say with all honesty. It did sound extreme – but so did thermite and Nano thermite a number of years ago.

    ~ Excluded by whom? Do you have indisputable evidence that the Gage team caused this exclusion? Did they black ball here? Or was it the event organizers who made the choices as to who had slotted time? ~ WW

    I suppose I have just as much “indisputable evidence” as YOU do at this moment in time. Oh, but be assured, I will get to the bottom of it.

  32. If you took the time to look through the link I posted re: toasted cars, you can see that the majority of the vehicles burnt was from the engine blocks, NOT the gas tanks. Many vehicles had their windows blown “outward”. Melted tires and burnt on the front half of vehicles, while the back half of the vehicle still has a wax shine.
    You tell me “genius”.

  33. You are posting information that is a blatant lie and misinformation. Isn’t this what the mainstream Murdock media is all about? Perhaps this is what you are paid to do.

    The ONLY thing I can say is this….. I came here to alert others that there is a lot of information that is deliberately being suppressed. You are throwing out accusations left, right and centre, once again, authoritatively TELLING others to not pay attention. I hope people are smart enough to not just look the other way as I did for a couple of years. Anyone with eyes can see for themselves that what you are saying – does not match the photo evidence I have linked you to. You are deliberately trying to deceive others reading this post. Shame on you!

    It’s really a shame that you are so rude and arrogant. I’m sure you can bully many into seeing things your way. That will surely get to the truth . . .

    A full hearing is required, with all parties, including Dr. Judy Wood, allowing the public to judge for themselves, not have the select “few” currently running the show (similar to the 911 Commission itself) to make a formal decision. Whether you believe or even understand Dr. Woods’ work or not, she isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

    BTW, did you order your copy of the new AE911 DVD? Did you invest in all the 911 books and posters and stickers yet? Too bad you haven’t read Dr. Judy Wood’s book, sad, truly sad.

    It’s people like you that are the problem when it comes to real investigations. I’m guessing that on the 20th anniversary the only thing that changes is that everyone is 10 years older!

  34. That proves NOTHING – those are track marks following the roadway and nothing suggests these vehicles were towed and/or dumped. Look at the many other photos, enlarge them – read them. Open your mind !
    Explain 65a or 67 or 68 and from what I can see, nothing “dropped” on it.
    or for your viewing pleasure …..

  35. The AE911 Truth movement is a scam. If I can’t post a comment on YouTube without it being deleted and me being permanently blocked, well that speaks rather loud to me. The jury is rigged – sorry guys, I absolutely no longer have any respect and will not support AE911Truth again.

    Their YouTube video simply represents the manufacturing of one lie to cover up for the original.

    They are going to release a can of worms by claiming that ‘thermite done it’.

    However it was NOT thermite, and thereby the ‘engineers’ themselves will be creating another cover-up that no engineer will be able to challenge in the future, and yet still remain an ‘engineer’.

    No building can withstand molecular dissociation, and it is all of the activated fundamental atoms released into the atmosphere which cold fuse together at normal temperature, but which engineers are claiming could only happen at very high temperature, as with thermite, and thus some of the dissociated atoms also clump in ways that mimic the residue of nano-thermite type reactions.

    The best liars in the world are those who are protecting their own ‘profession’ !

    They don’t want ordinary folk knowing anything about this ‘free energy’ type technology.

    Only thing is – they will be found out –
    yet they are still so arrogant as to think that they will get away with it !

  36. “So all of your posing saying you and the Wood people weren’t defaming the Jones/AE911 Truth movement, was bullshit all along. ww”

    Posing ??????? NO – what I am saying is that AE911Truth won’t allow me to mention her name – THAT IS VERY TELLING !
    What do they have to hide? If her evidence is proved wrong than so be it, or visa versa, but at the very least it must be objectively and openly viewed, discussed and debated. This does give an appearance of a rigged jury.

    As for you, you are the one pitting one name against the other — where I am simply trying to ask questions and am silenced. I am not trying to discredit anyone, but simply would like to see a fair playing field.

    I really don’t want to discuss this with you – but do know that one day the TRUTH will be heard. Perhaps in time you will have a better understanding and will see you have been hoodwinked.

  37. Condemnation before investigation, is the highest form of ignorance —- and that’s where I see you and AE911Truth at this moment.

    Nice try, why don’t you go after those less informed and unwilling to take some time to educate themselves – you won’t change my opinion so stop trying to “demonize” a woman you never truly researched for yourself.

    You should go work for the Pharmaceutical industry, they love your kind.

  38. ww

    Still talking to yourself – why am I NOT surprised!!!!
    You poor dumb bastard!

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