Without Unions America Would Red, White, & Blow

By Lee Camp
Moment of Clarity

Everybody arguing against unions says that they don’t allow America to be competitive globally. So you’re fighting to bring us down with the sweatshops? I can’t wait until we’re competitive.

Hat tip BrassCheck TV.

4 responses to “Without Unions America Would Red, White, & Blow

  1. Alot of blood was shed to make working safe for Amerikans. If we didn’t want it faster and cheaper, if Amerikans were’nt so “its all about me”, then our present economic collapse and jobless rate would be non existence. This hit the nail right on the head.

    • Without unions, there would be full employment and inflation would never raise its head.

      But, why would you ever want to take money out of the hands of the entitlement class?

  2. You seem to have a progressive(ish) view on things. I’m a bit conservative(ish). The problem I have with unions is that they, like all institutions that begin for the public good, are corrupt. Unions make sense in principal, but no longer in practice.

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