Former Black Panther in England: ‘I don’t call it rioting, I call it an insurrection’

The pre-planned assassination of a gang member by London’s thug cops on August 4th set off a fresh wave of riots in the Tottenham area. When this BBC anchor didn’t like what 68-year-old journalist and former Black Panther Darcus Howe, had to say about it — the interview became hostile.

Darcus Howe: “I don’t call it rioting, I call it an insurrection of the masses of the people. It is happening in Syria, it is happening in Clapham, it’s happening in Liverpool, it’s happening in Port-au-Spain, Trinidad, and that is the nature of the historical moment.”


5 responses to “Former Black Panther in England: ‘I don’t call it rioting, I call it an insurrection’

  1. “How are they getting information about this”, she ask. Oh, I don’t know, maybe they should shut down the internet! Ya think that might stop it.

  2. today on aus radio I heard that the fellow who was shot had NOT fired hid gun.
    the bullet found in the policecar rdio? was from a police issue gun
    then they said maybe? (roflmao) it was a ricochet off his body.
    ah yeah…not
    he was shot in the right bicep, that would make you drop anything rather fast.
    and also a direct chest hit,
    now I may not be a weapons expert but I find it very very hard to credit that a bullet bounced from his right arm bone and managed to enter a vehicle …and then , still have enough impetus to lodge in the radio.
    it sppears to be aimless looting with no real intent except to get back at cops.
    cops are slow to react because they…are Pd off with govt cutting their numbers.
    austerity drive as UK also is broke, and
    the billions spent on green idiocy schemes and the olympics, and paying huge taxes to the UN capos, has come from social funding ..
    recipie for disaster.

  3. itsonlyausername

    Heard a lot about the unrest around the UK and to be honest the police are deliberately being a little bit slow off the mark responding. I just cannot help believing that they are allowing a lot more latitude to the mob to do what it is doing, despite the initial reasons given about a man being shot by police, so much so that the police can now claim they are understaffed, lacking in equipment and the laws have been somehow watered down to favour the mob over the police. You know the usual thing. Police brutality, infiltration into protest movements, Kettling and the good old ‘He fell down the stairs Yur onor’. Always a classic excuse for injuries whilst in custody. But the people in the UK are not so stupid as the press and media make out. Yes they can be very sensationalist and sometimes they can also stir up trouble by advertising the conflicts location, even when there is no actual confrontation.
    Heard something similar recently regarding the reasons for introducing tougher population controls and I’m not talking about keeping numbers down but keeping numbers under the heel. That kind of control.
    Think about the Patriot act in the US. Think about the Prevention of Terrorism Laws in the UK. How and why did they come about? Was it maybe what they intended but had no means to introduce legitimately? So lets cause a situation to justify the introduction. Many people will oppose the mob and rightly so but far too often the cure is a hidden timebomb of control measures which inevitably affect everyone who is not a part of the elite who introduced the laws in the first place.
    I suspect we are heading towards toughter controls being imposed in the UK. The problems do exist in the communities and the austerity measures are certainly causing friction but the powers that be will not want to address these issues because it will cost them money and time and their big buddies their profits. So they go for the other option……control measures.

  4. The man shot: Mark Duggan was well known to the police as a crack-dealing, gun-toting scumbag and his family wanted justice for what happened to him? Justice was already served when he was shot dead!
    Now we get this racist anti-white ex-black-panther called Darcus Howe trying to convince everyone that black violence is a racial struggle against the oppressive white man. The days of slavery are over and now in Britain ethnic minorities are treated far better than the indigenous population, this is obvious as Britain is stepped on left right and centre because of its soft touch human rights over common sense approach.
    Furthermore, Darcus Howe is an ex-con who assaulted a police officer and took part in the Brixton riots. He has seven children over three marriages and a son he neglected completely that turned into a criminal. The questions asked of him during the BBC interview by Fiona Armstrong were legitimate and he only took offense because the answers wouldn’t match his blame the white man agenda. The fact that the BBC had to apologise to someone who was so blatantly making excuses for outright lawlessness and violence is inexcusable and totally outrageous. This trouble causing black is the kind of mentality that was the root cause of the conflicts we have seen in Britain and anyone with the tiniest bit of moral fibre and national pride should ask for his deportation.

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