Pearl River in Mississippi Goes Extinct after Temple-Inland dumps toxic waste

“Every species of fish here is dead”

Temple-Inland Paper Mill Shut Down since Saturday

By Terrance Friday

Pearl River County, Mississippi — For the past few days a surge of dead fish has been the scene for folks living along the Pearl River. Residents in Picayune have also been effected by the scare.

For families like the Mitchells, living along the Pearl River isn’t just beautiful scenery, it’s a complete way of life.

“We feed our families three times a week from these rivers. Whether it be frogs, fish, the wildlife that we hunt during the Winter it’s a big portion of our meat for the year,” said Mitchell

But now that way of life is in question and to make matters worse, there’s no [official] explanation for the problem.

“I’ve been out here 59 years and I’ve never seen nothing like this. I’ve seen a fish kill before, but nothing like this,” said Picayune resident Dan Taylor.

Floating on top of the discolored water you’ll find everything from various species of fish, eels, muscles and even snakes.

Mitchell said, whatever is going on it’s wiping out life in the river.

Some are theorizing that dissolved oxygen levels are to blame as a result of the intense temperatures this Summer. But these men said they are confident that there’s more to it.

“Every fish in our river is dead. Not just one, not just two, every fish in our river is done. We have had oxygen deficiencies before and it don’t kill everything in the river. This has killed everything in the river. Every species of fish here is dead,” said Mitchell.

“I think something got put in the water somehow or another. Some kind of chemical or something got put in this water. They got chemical plants above us, up here and they got paper plants above us,” said Taylor.

Officials in Louisiana with the Department of Environmental Quality are investigating the possibility that a paper plant in Bogalusa may be responsible. However, authorities said, they aren’t prepared to assign blame to the company at this time.

The paper plant is allowed to discharge a certain amount of black liquid into the water but, the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality said the company had a problem where they dumped a substance called “black liquor” into the creek earlier this week.

One Pearl River County family said, they speak for all the families that live along this river when they say, “this is effecting their livelihoods and they want answers.”

“It’s a livelihood for a lot of people who live on this river. There’s a lot of commercial fishermen out here and there livelihood is going to be gone now,” Taylor said.

The Mississippi Department of Marine Resources said they do not cover Pearl River, however, they are taking samples and they are closely monitoring the river.

Samples are being collected by the multiple agencies in both Louisiana, Mississippi and Temple Inland.

The company that owns the Bogalusa paper plant said it’s cooperating in the investigation.

The Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality said Temple Inland could face Hefty fines from both states, as well as, the federal government if the company is determined to be the cause of the fish kill.


CNN: Louisiana paper mill shuts down during fish kill probe

Times-Picayune: Thousands of Pearl River fish die after Bogalusa paper mill discharge

Wikipedia: Environmental Record: Researchers at the University of Massachusetts Amherst have identified Temple–Inland as the 24th-largest corporate producer of air pollution in the United States in 2002.[2] Major pollutants reported by the study included acrolein, manganese compounds, sulfuric acid, formaldehyde, and acetaldehyde.[3] Temple-Inland did not appear on the 2010 PERI Toxic 100 Air Polluters report. [4] (Guess they moved from polluting the air to polluting the water.)

3 responses to “Pearl River in Mississippi Goes Extinct after Temple-Inland dumps toxic waste

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  2. Wow……what a blatant disregard for the ecosystem let alone families situated along the coast of this river that depend on it as an integral food source for them and their children. This sort of crisis shouldn’t be happening in a first world country especially the U.S.

  3. You can go to for complete coverage of this issue. This is a news site operated by the former editor and publisher of the Bogalusa newspaper and he has owned this story from start to finish.

    He also has a Facebook page:

    Area newspapers today called for Temple-Inland to be held accountable and he did that on Sunday.

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