Capitalism Is the Crisis (Full Movie)

By Capitalism Is the

Capitalism Is The Crisis: Radical Politics in the Age of Austerity examines the ideological roots of the “austerity” agenda and proposes revolutionary paths out of the current crisis. The film features original interviews with Chris Hedges, Derrick Jensen, Michael Hardt, Peter Gelderloos, Leo Panitch, David McNally, Richard J.F. Day, Imre Szeman, Wayne Price, and many more!

The 2008 “financial crisis” in the United States was a systemic fraud in which the wealthy finance capitalists stole trillions of public dollars. No one was jailed for this crime, the largest theft of public money in history.

Instead, the rich forced working people across the globe to pay for their “crisis” through punitive “austerity” programs that gutted public services and repealed workers’ rights.

Austerity was named “Word of the Year” for 2010.

This documentary explains the nature of capitalist crisis, visits the protests against austerity measures, and recommends revolutionary paths for the future.

Special attention is devoted to the crisis in Greece, the 2010 G20 Summit protest in Toronto, Canada, and the remarkable surge of solidarity in Madison, Wisconsin.

It may be their crisis, but it’s our problem.

6 responses to “Capitalism Is the Crisis (Full Movie)

  1. Why do you call them capitalist? It only muddies the waters and confuses people. They are in no way capitalists – we live in a fascist/corporate/mercantilist world. Capitalism used to mean free market – people freely trading (or not) with each other. Central banking is central planning. The banksters PROMOTE collectivism – Wall St financed the bolshevik revolution. They sell socialism as a solution but they always grab for more power and control for themselves. Obama sold himself as a socialist but he works for the banksters, for Wall St, for the Rockefellers, for the Rothchilds, for The City of London. They are all the same people.

  2. hybridrogue1, you’re definitely right about definitions – the powers that be distort language all the time and people can’t really have a dialog without agreeing on terms. “Capitalism” has been thoroughly bastardized as have liberal and progressive. Henry Hazlitt wrote an excellent book that would take anyone a long way down the road of understanding economics. And anyone who is not interested in economics has no idea how they are being robbed every day. You can even get a digital copy for free from Capital is merely the “stuff” used to increase production – cash, machines, land, etc. You can use it to your benefit – earning interest, using a backhoe to make income etc, or you can squander it like Amerika is now. I would dispute that capitalism has always used fractional reserve banking- there were periods where the gold standard was used – in fact the constitution demands only gold and silver as money. Of course, the constitution doesn’t mean squat if nobody will defend it – and by that, I mean we, the people. Americans )as a whole) like the gravy train too much to dwell on things that really matter. I would definitely agree that the bankers have ALWAYS applied constant pressure to take over the money supply and run their ponzi confiscation schemes – from the beginning of the USA and way before that in England.

    I definitely agree that they are at war with us but it goes way beyond austerity – they have been attacking us physically for years with fluoride, vaccines, the medical mafia, corporate food, chemtrails, false flag terror, the USDA, the FDA, etc, etc, etc. I’m afraid your end game scenario will play out pretty much as described as the vast majority is sound asleep

  3. Oh, by the way, the Hazlitt book is “Economics In One Lesson”

  4. Dang – Mises has a huge library online for free but not EIOL, Foundation for Economic Education has it though:

    Click to access Economics_in_one_lesson.pdf

  5. That’s why the framers had it right when the wrote the constitution – only gold and silver coin…
    It may not be as convenient but it forces honest money.

  6. Can we all assume you do not have a degree in economics or political science?

    Actually, it is clear based on your statements, you must have narely cleared the GED hurdle in life.

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