911 Family Member Lorie Van Auken on Unanswered Questions, Cover Up, the Rise of Police State

By Sibel Edmonds
Boiling Frogs Radio Show

Lorie Van Auken joins us and shares with us her reflections ten years on about the events of 9/11 and her loss. She discusses the still-classified 28 pages of the JICI dealing with terrorist financing, the 9/11 families’ stalled lawsuit to bankrupt the terrorists and the direct interventions by the White House to protect the Saudi regime against the justice-seeking families, and the many uninvestigated questions and facts covered up by the 9/11 commission. She questions our current many-fronted wars and the senselessness of the occupation of and our military presence in Iraq and Afghanistan with Saddam Hussein and Bin Laden both dead, while our economy is crashing here at home. Ms. Van Auken talks about the three versions of the NORAD timeline, the passage of the Patriot Act as a vehicle to erode our civil liberties, NSA’s illegal wiretapping of our domestic communications under the guise of security, and more!

Listen Here.

VanAukenLorie Van Auken, the mother of two children, lost her husband Kenneth Van Auken in the September 11th terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center. She is one of the “Jersey Girls” who, along with Kristen Breitweiser, Mindy Kleinberg, and Patty Casazza, fought the Bush administration for a commission to investigate the attacks. Ms. Van Auken is also a member of the September 11 Advocates.

4 responses to “911 Family Member Lorie Van Auken on Unanswered Questions, Cover Up, the Rise of Police State

  1. But 9/11 is in the title – so just like those old no-pest strips – we might see some dung-beetles or shite-hawks circling this piece, ready to lend their support to the mass-murderers of 9/11, ready to lie through their teeth for scraps of toilet paper or mystical digits. And once abed, nestled snuggly upon their feculent pillows, to rest, per chance to dream – maybe tomorrow will bring new knee-pads, and case-lots of lip-balm – the tools of their trade.

    • Yes, when the gullible speak, there are those of us that laugh and expose the idiocy known as the so-called “truth” movement.

      So, how much do you get paid to bloat the Coto numbers?

  2. The 9/11 truth is out on the internet
    This is the truth: The WTC was destroyed by 3 underground thermo-nuclear explosions. They were detonated by the US government which used this as an excuse to lead the US and its allies into invading Afghanistan and Iraq. All these wars and deaths were based on a lie.

    Goebbels: “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.”

    Will you help to tell the truth to the world?

    Be sure to watch the 26 part video there.
    #4 is on the built-in nuclear demolition scheme of the WTC
    [video src="http://www.911-truth.net/911_WTC_nuclear_demolition_Dimitri_Khalezov_part04.mp4" /]
    #14 in on Building 7, which collapsed even though no plane hit it.
    [video src="http://www.911-truth.net/911_WTC_nuclear_demolition_Dimitri_Khalezov_part14.mp4" /]
    #24/25 is on the chronic radiation sickness of the WTC responders
    [video src="http://www.911-truth.net/911_WTC_nuclear_demolition_Dimitri_Khalezov_part24.mp4" /]
    [video src="http://www.911-truth.net/911_WTC_nuclear_demolition_Dimitri_Khalezov_part25.mp4" /]



    Declassified: Massive Israeli manipulation of US media exposed

    Video proving that no planes hit the WTC

    Some of the 9/11 victims are NOT dead, here’s one

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