AIPAC Pays For 81 US Lawmakers Vacation In Israel

By RT America

While the US continues to struggle with its economic issues Congress is on vacation. Many are upset at the news reports that 81 members of Congress have chosen to spend a week relaxing in Israel. These vacations are being paid for by AIPAC. Adam Shapiro, an activist, tells us his thoughts on the matter.

Hat tip ICH.

2 responses to “AIPAC Pays For 81 US Lawmakers Vacation In Israel

  1. The House ethics committee has been asked to investigate this.

  2. Good to see the bigots of the “movement” just hate it when we support the strongest democracy in the ME.

    If it hurts the terrorists, the CTists come out to cry.

    I always wonder why they hate such a small percentage of people. It must be because they can do things the bigots fail at constantly. Maybe it makes them feel better by blaming their failure to understand basic economics and the handling of money on those that can and do.

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