The Awareness Initiative Announces the website

By Chris Pratt

The Awareness Initiative Inc, a Vermont non-profit located in Brattleboro announces the immediate availability of and access to This site is the most comprehensive of its kind.  First, a well reviewed 58 minute movie called “deceptions,” has been segmented into 6 chapters for easy online viewing. Additionally an Awareness Theater comprised of several brief video clips illuminating banking, government and corporate fraud is available for viewing.  Further, definitive one page summaries related to unanswered 9-11 questions and coincidences, the War on Terror, Media Complicity and Police Suppression are all but a “click” away.

Although the Awareness Initiative encourages the reader to challenge ALL the facts presented on this site, it knows that this will not happen. A healthy debate of the facts will not occur as it will point to conclusions that seldom are allowed to appear in print or in discussions on our college campuses.  PR firms call this “perception management,” as illusion and engineered ignorance replace the facts in one mainstream media cover up after another.

Rupert Murdoch’s phone hacking scandal is but the tip of the iceberg and “it ain’t just Fox News.”

If the public is kept entertained, distracted, numb and dumb, maybe they will never lift up these rocks. The Corporate State along with Corporate Media and the Corporate Police have done an outstanding job of masking and keeping secret some of the most heinous crimes in modern history.

The site ends with a variety of ways for the general public and activists to get involved, including sponsoring a monthly video journal I will be producing called “Insight.” This journal will be uploaded to and will be available for instant download and broadcast by all member PEG stations across the country.

“The stations that use PegMedia for content cover tens of millions of cabled homes and represent more than 50% of the total cable viewership in the US.”


Chris Pratt, President
Awareness Initiative
PO Box362
Brattleboro, VT 05302

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