Tom Horn on Transhumanism (53-min. video)

The introductory remarks end at about 5:50 when he begins to speak on the subject of transhumanism. Reaching for Homo sapiens superior, the United Nations is crafting guidelines for genetically and technically altering humans. Pastor Tom Horn confronts this on spiritual grounds at the Southwest Radio Ministries conference in Bristol, Virginia earlier this year.

Horn points out that in 2006, Case Western Reserve University Law School (Cleveland, OH) received a $773,000 grant from the National Institutes of Health to draft guidelines for genetic enhancement.

Ed. Note: I suspect that just like GE foods, at first genetically modified humans will seem superior and will later discover unintended consequences in their offspring.

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One response to “Tom Horn on Transhumanism (53-min. video)

  1. Reblogged this on Heightened Senses and commented:
    Though I don’t buy into conspiracy theories as much as I used to; this is by far one of the most interesting talks I’ve heard in a long time. Though the Evangelical connotations which seem to permeate his thoughts do worry me, is this not a discourse that should be brought more to the ‘fore’. Yes, I acknowledge that he quoted the Daily Mail at one point – but I’m inclined to agree in general that we’re moving far too fast, far too dangerously for comfort. Especially where corporate and military interests merge…

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