Tectonic Warfare: How to Make an Earthquake (video)

By The History Channel

In 2009, the History Channel aired the documentary, Weather Warfare.  From about 2:15 to 12:40 of this extract, researchers show how ELF waves (which HAARP produces) can trigger an earthquake:


Below is the full documentary:

For more info, see www.haarp.net/

Hat tip Forbidden Knowledge TV.

9 responses to “Tectonic Warfare: How to Make an Earthquake (video)

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  2. I watched the first one. This looks very interesting, so I found a torrent for it. What I like is the plausible mechanism explaining how ELF could trigger an earthquake. It no longer seems so unlikely to me.

    • Yes, using a subwoofer to vibrate a rock on a slope? I can prove that low riders cause all the earthquakes in CA now.

      I cannot believe how gullible people are. Throw in chemtrails and watch the sale of tinfoil hats skyrocket.

  3. Please explain how and why HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) would use ELF (Extremely low frequency) waves?
    HF (3 and 30 MHz) as a long way from ELF (3 Hz to 3 kHz), and you would need a completely different antenna design, wouldn’t you?

  4. Pay attention to the fare served up on the History Channel…it seems aimed directly at the cortexes of intelligent, thoughtful people to generate anxiety and, eventually, madness.

    It is weaponized propaganda designed to immobilize, or at least marginalize, the intelligent folks in the middle class on whom the great unwashed masses used to depend on for leadership.

    In our place the media manipulators have inserted Murdoch’s Fox News.

    • Actually, the govt is secretly causing the gullible to post stuff like this for their own enjoyment.

      I can change the mind of a gathering of CTists and tell them a white line in the sky MUST be chemicals. Then the scientists in AK all put bets together to see if the percentage gets above 0.5%. Sadly, it still stays below that number. They keep trying to put more and more of these stories out so they can get the gullible to believe this stuff. Once they do, Bam, a winner is declared and dinner is served on his co-workers dime.

  5. Good show

  6. Ignoring the possibilities and calling all theories BS does not make them untrue, and it will not keep you safe in your magical pony land. Like a wise man once said “There are none so blind as those who refuse to see”. Unless you have PROOF that these theories are false it would be nice if the insulting comments stayed inside Republican Honky Utopia Land.

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