Sarkozy honors French Foreign Legion with Order of Merit of Al-Qaeda medal

Satire by InfoWars Ireland

President Nicolas Sarkozy of France has bestowed a new Honor upon the famed parachute regiment 2eme Rep of the French Foreign Legion.

Legionnaires from the elite outfit have been busy lately helping Al Qaeda in the western mountains of Libya, and more recently involved in the NATO special forces storming of Tripoli, where NATO warplane bombardment, along with special forces from the US Military, British SAS and a few other puppet Arab States like Qatar stormed into the capital Tripoli and terrified the inhabitants.

A contingent of Al Qaeda ‘rebels’ were then driven into Tripoli to pose for a photo opportunity so the western corporate media would have nice photos of the ‘rebels’ to publish – the photos along with fake video footage of ‘rebels celebrating on Green Square’ (filmed at studio in Qatar) necessary to convince the outside world that a NATO ground force would be necessary in Libya.

Many of the Al Qaeda terrorists now in Libya have in fact been trained by NATO forces, during their time spent at CIA detention/torture facilities scattered around the globe – where they were introduced to western luxuries such as loud rock music and playboy magazine.

Because the CIA has been working on the Libya project for so long, and their Al Qaeda operatives, already preconditioned psychologically to carry out their masters plans, have been in place within Libya (some for more than a year, as ‘sleeper’ units, residing in Tripoli) – it was necessary to provide these men with logistical and intelligence support – but in a way which wouldn’t compromise them and their future assignment for the CIA.

Many factors were considered by the CIA and eventually they came up with a plan to provide their Al Qaeda minions with secret ‘control’ soldiers of Arab and Southern descent – men with dark features that would blend in with the crowd in Tripoli.

It was the 2eme Parachute Regiment of the French Foreign Legion, based on the island of Corsica in the Mediterranean which provided these contacts to Al Qaeda.

(There was major disappointment amongst the British nationals within the Regiment at not being chosen for this assignment, but they were severely disciplined by an Adjutant, being forced to run up and down a mountain in Corsica with a backpack 30 times and that sorted them out. Another unconfirmed report stated similar dissatisfaction by the men of a British SAS unit).

To be fair it should be noted that at least one former British Legionnaire who served with the 2eme Rep during the 1980′s and 90′s, Sergeant Blake from Cumbria, expressed his complete disgust at what the French Foreign Legion has become:

“I served both as a British para on the streets of Northern Ireland, and with the Legion in many theatres around the globe – We even faced Gadaffi in the desert of Chad, when he had 30,000 African soldiers and the 2eme Rep had 1,500 men – We kicked their arses then even though greatly outnumbered.

But the situation in Libya today is completely different, it’s almost as if the CIA wanted to create a long and bloody guerilla war – The tribal structure of Libya is perfect for an organised resistance, and also they are in a country where the people do not want them, and not only in desert terrain and a pitched battle,we are talking about guerilla warfare in urabn and rural environmemts – personally I think of the conflict in N. Ireland and multiply that by a thousand – that would be a good estimate.”

President Nicolas Sarkozy will visit the Foreign Legion base in Corsica next week to personally decorate the Legionnaires involved in the special assignment with the Order of Merit of Al-Qaeda medal.

He has also promised funding for a new hotel near the Legion base in Aubagne, near Marseille – as a special recreation facility for the new breed of soldier within the ranks of the Legion – where they will be able to socialise with their new Al Qaeda friends. The hotel will be named ‘Hotel California’ (you can check-in any time you want, but you can never leave).

You can enquire about enlistment in the Légion étrangère by telephoning a base in Paris.  The telephone number 00 33 1 JOINlEGION has now changed. The number to call is 00 33 1 WELUVALQAEDA

Note: This article is Satire/Dark Humor for dark times – please pray for the people of Libya.

2 responses to “Sarkozy honors French Foreign Legion with Order of Merit of Al-Qaeda medal

  1. The West is spinning such a convoluted yarn, it risks losing its citizens. Wasn’t it al Qaeda that did 9/11? So how can we work with them in providing “freedom” for Libya. What about Gaddafi’s restoration to the “civilized” world but now he’s public enemy #1. What a load.
    Excellent article!

  2. We have always been at war with East Asia, we have never been at war with East Asia – after a while the hamster doesn’t know which tube has the morsel of food or maybe an electric shock – so it just sits there shaking and scared to even move.

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