Barred From 9/11?

3 responses to “Barred From 9/11?

  1. boomerangcomesback

    Great toon that nails an Obvious policy blunder by the Reptoids.

  2. Thanks Boom,
    I kept thinking, who are they going to get to enforce this? What is going to happen when a group of First Responders tries to break the barricade in their wheelchairs? Who is going to bust their heads?

    I mean, I’m sure they’ll find somebody, but this is drawing the lines pretty starkly. This is going to be one hell of an event.

    Boy, I wish I had the means to go. Oh, well. Back to the fight.

  3. Great toon, and hits it right on the head. Who the HELL would not invite the people who are now dying as secondary 9/11 victims? Can we arrest Congress for murder?

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