Honor Killing– Girl Stoned in “New Iraq”


An Iraqi girl is stoned to death for having been seen with a boy from the wrong sect.

5 responses to “Honor Killing– Girl Stoned in “New Iraq”

  1. Mad Angel is on FB

    raking up old vids…..from 07?

  2. Okay, so we have a dead girl murdered in the name of “religion.” I doubt that that’s the whole story, but that’s what the preferred interpretation is. Lots of jealous, disturbed people invoke pious justifications for deploying their hatred of a particular individual.

    Religionists want to view the Iranians and Iraqis as backward, yet our western religions subordinate women, too. Why? What is it about women that strikes terror into the hearts of men? And, let’s face it, some women, too.

    Women are powerfully sexy creatures, in my opinion, and, if permitted to occupy the same seats of power as males with the same levels of power, would quickly have all our dumb asses hog-tied in less than a decade. For that very reason men have been and will be extremely slow to accept women into the inner sanctums of power among the elites.

    Why do we not just cede power to females?

    Then we’d be right back where we started — women in charge, eventually oppressing males, creating a monstrous backlash like the one that has placed women where they ought not to be at the present time.

    Where’s the happy medium where men and women honor one another for the strengths that they bring to the table of “civilization” and architect and structure a society where none of this hot sexual chemistry goes off the rails and creates destructive behavior?

    And while we’re at it, why not deal with this dumbassery of maintaining that there are only males and only females in the human genome. We have plenty of evidence to suggest otherwise. How do we emanicipate ourselves so that we can focus on human evolution and less on the oppression of our fellows to achieve what our highest visions can imagine?

  3. Megan 'Verb' Kargher

    woman is the nigger of the world

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