The Real Meaning of the Original World Trade Center Attack

By Brasscheck TV

Ted Gunderson, head of the FBI’s Southern California counties, reveals that the FBI set up the 1993 WTC attack and chose to use a real bomb instead of a fake one, in order to allow legislators to pass anti-human rights legislation euphemistically called the anti-terrorism bill.

He notes that because only six people were killed, that was “not enough to pass the legislation.”

However, after the Oklahoma City bombing, when 168 people died, then the bill was passed.

Makes you wonder if the feds engineered that bombing, too.

Gotta love the last line: “Well, why do you think they’re trying to do away with the Second Amendment?”

5 responses to “The Real Meaning of the Original World Trade Center Attack

  1. Of course the OK City bombing was an inside job. You are not a bodyguard to Tommy Franks then gone rogue as a white supremacist. Early reports stated arab looking men. I suppose we can say that from the sinking of the Maine to (pick your catastrophe-say Katrina) the etat has had it’s heavy hand at work. The second point is that the etat is a hostile organization that it is global and not national.
    In fact, from my perspective of the matter, nation states are too powerful and must be ground down into super-organizations with top down control integrated at the top and not the middle and bottom. To that end we saw England crushed by smashing labor coupled with mass immigration as Europe also is being crushed. The United Staes is next on the list for crushing and ultimately dissolution. To that end mass unemployment and bankruptcy of the government. The Rothschilds are part of a web of control but there are also oher players hidden in that web, as i think the genius of that control system has to be like the traditional underground “cell.” In my opinion the present goal is managing the human herd until the transhumanists and their technology triumph and the great AI world comes into being. in the year 2525….as the song goes.

  2. Ramzi Yousef was a really good sport about it, and very defiantly admitted at his sentencing hearing that he planned and carried out the 1993 bombing. The real perps need more great patsies like him.

  3. There’s just no foolin’ a twoofer…

  4. Grifter, Box Boy, and Water Boy wouldn’t lie to you… 🙂

  5. Hye My name is Carleen Glen Crenshaw, My book The Research Of a New World is coming out summer of 2012 or Im trying latest winter of 2012, its forcus is on our real history so far dates back to Eygpt….which is in africa…..this county, continent and our inheritance of this world is by Will, there shouldn’t be any money involved nor should their be death….Our ancestry agreed to Trade…………please look out for my book…..Carleen Glen Crenshaw

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