California to vaccinate kids without parental consent: Tell Gov. Brown to VETO

 Alert via Canary Party

Vaccinating children at school, out of the sight of parents, who will never know it even happened?  It is a vaccine maker’s dream!  No pesky questions to answer, no parents armed with research on efficacy and adverse reactions, just a kid you can scare by telling them if they don’t get the shot, they are gonna get cancer.

It is about to become reality in California.  The bill has passed allowing 12 year olds and up to be vaccinated with Hepatitis B and Gardasil with out parental knowledge or consent, and is awaiting Governor Brown’s signature.

So your son comes home from school (yes Gardasil is approved for boys now and there are already three reported associated deaths in young men) and has a seizure.  If it is a vaccine injury, and you don’t know he has gotten a shot, how will he get proper care?  If there is permanent damage done, how will he ever file with the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program.  See?  Vaccine maker’s dream.  Now they can even prevent the adverse reactions that they are ignoring, from ever being filed in the first place.

You have heard about the rash of Gardasil injuries, did you know that the VICP has ruled that the Hepatitis B vaccine can cause MS and Lupus?

If this is signed into law, it will be in place when new STD vaccines are approved, for which we know nothing about safety or efficacy at this point.  And it doesn’t matter if you are not in California.  This a legal precedent for the removal of parental rights that should never be set.  Anywhere.

We have to step up our efforts to get this bill VETOED!

From NVIC:



Last week we reached out to ask for your help to request that California Governor Jerry Brown VETO recently passed AB499 which permits minor children as young as 12 years old to be vaccinated with sexually transmitted disease vaccines without parental knowledge or parental consent. 

The update is that the bill is still sitting on his desk awaiting his decision, and the only way to stop this offensive hijacking of parental rights by the State of California is a VETO issued by Governor Jerry Brown.  If he signs the bill or does nothing, it becomes state law in California.

Thank you to everyone who acted last week and over the last few months following our alerts because your action has elevated this bill on the Governor’s radar.  His phone line now has a choice specifically dedicated to you registering your opinion on AB499.

However, we all have to continue to repeatedly ASK Governor Brown to VETO AB499, and we need to reach so many more people who care and will do the same.  Those who will profit from coerced vaccination of children without parental knowledge or consent are working hard to ensure the bill stays intact.

Governor Brown’s recent veto of another bill, SB 105, should be held up as even more support for him to VETO AB499.  SB105 mandated that under-18 skiers and snowboarders wear helmets and created criminal penalties for the offending child and parents.

In his veto message, Governor Brown says that while he recognizes the value of helmets, he is “concerned about the continuing and seemingly inexorable transfer of authority from parents to the state” and that “parents have the ability and responsibility to make good choices for their children.”  AB499 plain and simply without question transfers authority from parents to the state and unlike wearing a helmet, vaccines are an invasive medical procedure capable of causing injury and death in some children.

Also very troubling is that AB499 circumvents and is in violation of consumer safety protections upheld in federal law since 1986!  NVIC’s co-founders worked with Congress on the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986, 42 U.S.C. §§ 300aa-1 to 300aa-26 letters (c) and (d) which require that the legal guardian of a child receive “prior to the administration” of a vaccination information including “a concise description of the risks associated with the vaccine” and “a statement of the availability of the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program.”  How can that happen if the minor child is allowed to make vaccination decisions without the knowledge or consent of their parent?

The bottom line is that if Governor Brown does not veto AB499, your right as a parent to say no to a vaccine for a sexually transmitted disease for your children as young as 12 has been removed by the State of California.  Children are not capable of truly evaluating medical and pharmaceutical risks, and yet school and medical personnel can now legally vaccinate children with vaccines for sexually transmitted diseases without the parent’s knowledge or consent.  ASK Governor Brown to VETO AB499 TODAY!

1)    IMMEDIATELY FORWARD THIS ALERTto everyone you know, especially including organizations who can reach large numbers of families.
2)    POSTthe link to this alert ON FACEBOOK, blogs, or other social media sites: 
(916) 445-2841
Fax: (916) 558-3160
Email Web Form
4)    REGISTER for the NVIC Advocacy Portal at http://NVICAdvocacy.orgso you can receive updates.
Our entire country needs to come together and send the state government of California the strong message: KEEP YOUR HANDS OFF OUR KIDS!  If we let this stand in California, count on this coming to your state next.
Click HERE if you would like to read NVIC’s fully referenced letter requesting the VETO of AB499 that we submitted to Governor Brown.

Dawn Richardson, Director of Advocacy
National Vaccine Information Center and

8 responses to “California to vaccinate kids without parental consent: Tell Gov. Brown to VETO

  1. Forwarded as a matter of urgency to a load of folks i know who will be delighted to barrage Governor Brown to death and back about this vile proposal. The pharmaceutical companies kill enough people of adult age without them starting on the children too. What is their game? Are they so desperate for money they will endanger the childrens health as early as possible so they can have longer to kill them slowly with prescribed medications that they never would have needed if these bastards had kept their hands of the children in the first place? Its not as if they haven’t already endangered the childrens health with vaccines. MMR springs readily to mind. So does the cover-up of the evidence by discrediting Dr Andrew Wakefield who discovered a definite link. The list of shambolic behaviour to keep the scam going is unbelievable.
    I never had any vaccines for child hood diseases except polio, smallpox and a couple of other minor things. I still reckon that they do more harm than good and for a very good reason. There is no profit in a healthy nation.

  2. Maybe they haven’t gotten the message from Texas?

  3. well, mexico just did the same thing. first they offered the STD vaccine for free to teens but apparently not enough took them up on their vile offer

    so this year they mandated it, just like Texas. But Gov Rick Perry only backed off cuz it’ll shine a huge spotlight on mandatory vaccines during his prez race.

    Perry apologizes for mandatory executive order

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  5. What amazes me is how those who claim to want to ‘protect the children’ are seemingly doing the exact opposite. Not only in this instance, but in many other instances as well. The blatant hypocrisy is obvious to some, and to me, but the public is unaware of this, as though they are blind and deaf. The vaccines are being introduced as a way to combat STD’s, yet the public, and especially the teen population, is bombarded with liberal and suggestive ‘programming’ that encourages sexual activity. Are you all so blind and deaf that you can’t see the hypocrisy here?

  6. Dr Andrew Wakefield was on the Alex Jones show with Mike Adams hosting today. He said that girls that have already been exposed to the virus and then given the vaccine are at greater risk of developing cervical cancer. Yet, are they going to test the girls to see if it’s safe to administer the vaccines? Hell no because then they’d be admitting one vaccine doesn’t fit all and that is their mantra.

    He also said the same girls that receive the shot are less likely to follow up with regular exams thinking they are fully protected from contracting cervical cancer, which of course is not the case.

    How dare these control freaks tell parents they have no say over what is injected into their children. These same parents that will have to possibly care for the vaccine injured child and pay the expense of huge medical bills because Big Pharma can no longer be held responsible, by law.

    Parents need to stand up and fight this if they care about their children’s health and welfare.

  7. can we spell d-e-p-o-p-u-l-a-t-i-o-n boys and girls?

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