Amy Goodman walks the Dark Side on Libya invasion

Appalling Propaganda from Amy Goodman About Libya
By Scott Creighton

Amy Goodman of Democracy NOW! has become one of the most disingenuous news figures this country has to offer and that’s saying a lot because there are numbers of them. She is not worthy of your trust, she is not worthy of your time, she is not worthy of your respect… anymore.  Such a sad legacy she now leaves behind after a long and storied career as a dedicated teller of the truth in spite of the power aligned against her.

For whatever reason, she has become just another presstitute in service of the globalists who are at this minute still attacking the people of Libya, still bombing them and their infrastructure, still laying siege to cities and populations who refuse to surrender to NATO powers,  and still planning how to dice up the people of Libya’s state assets to hand them over to their favorite corporate contributors.

And Amy Goodman is in their service, lying to her audience on a daily basis.

Yesterday Amy had some “reporter” on who has been traveling around Libya (supposedly) with the “rebels” and various others, so that she could give Amy’s audience a first hand glimpse into what she (and Amy’s website) called the “revitalization” of Libya.

If this “reporter”  did actually go to Libya, she was there as an embedded journalist, just like the ones CNN and Fox News sent off to Iraq to tell the “real” story about how the Iraqis were so happy we blew the shit out of their country. Remember the Saddam statue? Remember the Jessica Lynch story? That’s embedded journalism.

So Amy Goodman has this embedded “journalist” on to set the record straight and paint a nice rosy picture of a post Gadhafi Libya. According to her, the people of Libya and Tripoli specifically, are just so damn happy that NATO bombed the shit out of them and killed many innocent civilians in the process, because…

“The mood across Libya, particularly in Tripoli, is absolutely—like there’s just a feeling of euphoria everywherePeople are incredibly relieved to finally be rid of the man who ruled their lives, minute details of their lives, for 42 years.” Democracy NOW!

And don’t worry that the people of Libya are concerned that NATO is coming in to take over their nation and chop it up and sell it off to the lowest bidder because according to Amy’s “journalist”, the people of Libya don’t think that at all. At ALL!

“One more point I want to make, which might be interesting to listeners and viewers in the U.S., is that very few Libyans I met seemed concerned about NATO hijacking their revolution.”Democracy NOW!

See? NATO didn’t hijack their revolution because this journalist met “very few” Libyans who felt that way.

Of course, she was embedded with the “rebels” who were completely supported by NATO, trained by MI6 and British Special Forces, advised by Washington, led by exiled leaders who lived in Washington, funded by NATO, armed by NATO countries, and provided all the massive fire-power they needed to destroy Libya by NATO. But of course, the rebels Amy’s journalist met didn’t think that NATO had plans to take over Libya.

Well that’s good except for…

“Libya’s revolution may still be incomplete, but Western leaders are swooping into Tripoli to celebrate the rebels’ victory and offer support for the new Libyawhose success they see model for other Arab revolutions.

With sharpshooters on Tripoli rooftops, a 5-star hotel sealed by tight security, and fighting continuing less than 100 miles away, French President Nicolas Sarkozy and British Prime Minister David Cameron were today the first heads of state to arrive in the capital and embrace Libya’s National Transitional Council (NTC).

The backing of Britain and France, which led NATO’s military charge, was crucial to turning the tide for Libya’s rebels – at first little more than rag-tag militias – and enabling them to oust the Qaddafi regime.”  Alaska Dispatch

I would go on and on with this, but to be honest, Amy Goodman and Democracy NOW! aren’t worth anymore of my time or yours.

I don’t know what price it took to buy off Amy Goodman, but whatever it was, I hope Amy enjoys it a lot because she sold out her legacy of legitimacy. Her entire career is now nothing more than a bargaining chip she used to cash in big time. I hope and pray her audience has enough sense to abandon her once and for all for this shameless propaganda piece she aired on her show. The memory of her courage and dedication to the truth is now faded away completely and all that’s left is just the realization that they can get to just about anybody these days.

And Amy? Do yourself a favor. Do us all a favor. Just fucking retire before you help them justify another Shock and Awe in Syria or Lebanon or Iran, ok? We expect that shit from Bill O’Reilly. It’s kinda sad to see you doing it as well. Whatever they’re paying you, whatever they are promising you, it isn’t worth it.

We are watching you sit there looking like a vapid, pathetic shell of your former self, reading this propaganda, setting up these fake “journalists”, and going through the motions and quite frankly all you are doing is proving to them that everyone has their price. Frankly, we are sick of it. So just retire already and sit back and write your memoirs or something. Because if you think that no one has noticed the change in you over the last few years, think again.

24 responses to “Amy Goodman walks the Dark Side on Libya invasion

  1. Amy is an intelligence agency asset from way back in the Indonesian days. Her pal Juan Cole still consults for CIA. She was part of a long term penetration of the alternative media. Follow the WBAI coup in 20001 that got her into the Firehouse during 9/11. Amy Goodman is a person who toes the line on 9/11 and consistently spins a rightist slant-eg, a non-radical slant-on all that happens. She is a prototypical “liberal” with all the failings of this social class. Her contract with Pacifica may still be secret, but I recall it being in neighborhood of $1,000,000. Left Gate Keepers has a flow chart of funding to the American Left –to include the Nation, Mother Jones, Pacifica–starting with the top dog predators.
    investigative report: journalist Bob Feldman follows the money trail to “Left” media organizations that have sought out funding from the big establishment foundations. Are the interests of the people being served by “dissidents” who are being subsidized by the agencies of the ruling class whom they should be exposing? What does this say about the motivations behind the Left establishment’s ideological warfare against conspiracy researchers, and their adoption of an increasingly watered-down analytical view which fails to look closely at the inner power structures and conspiracies of the ruling elite?


  2. well done publius.

    felt this way about noam chomsky for years now.

  3. air america to come to think of it.
    anyone remember randi rhodes being mugged and still refusing to back down on 9/11 – just before air america terminated her contract?
    even so now on sirius, seems she skims over pertinent issues most of the time.

  4. rady,
    a suggestion to moderating constantly and across all these stories:
    close em down to further comments when they get ugly. just do not tell anyone or trolls like albury will turn them all ugly fast. the alternative is to spend more time covering commenters than good new stories.
    thank you again for all this.

  5. The further up the rung of respectablity a person is, the more the dominant paradigm becomes a touchstone for mere Loyal Dissent.
    As compared to an artist/activist like Ai Weiwei, our petted darlings of the American Left are barking lap dogs. It may be a failure of imagination or a failure of nerve. It may be money or it may be social standing. Each individual has their reasons.

  6. Look at the frame of Air America. Would anyone listen if they broke with what they think they know-eg the safe Liberal perspective? For the Alt Media think of the donor share that would go away if information was not baby food. In the end it is about money and control, and those who have the money exercise control. The other angle is using the mainstream to bring a point across-but this is rather costly and counter-productive. I am thinking of CISPES who bought ads in subways and in the New York Times to “protest” tax money paying for death squads in El Salvador. Part of the battle was getting the mainstream media to take the ad-but of course the ultimate in absurdity was paying the big bucks for the ad that reduced the truth to another “commodity” like a perfume bottle or Rolex watch for sophisticated “consumers.”

  7. Publius here, logging in under yet another personaa. I say read his blog and think about the earthquake vicims he champions in a police state. I had mixed feelings prior to reading his blog. I also see him in context of China. His style is to challenge not only the Chinese State but to challenge the establishment artists as well. Now I also understand the color revolutions. On the other hand, if I were Chinese, I think the devil I know is far worse than the devil I don’t. From any perpsective, the NWO is Red China.

  8. Thanks for the interesting response 🙂
    “the NWO is Red China” – I know what you mean.

  9. Hey, I remember when Mark Crispin Miller was on Democray Now being interviewed by Amy, holding up Dr. Richard Hayes’ Phillips’ “Witness to a Crime” Book proving the election fraud in Ohio.

    I couldn’t believe she never call Richard. It kinda had me wondering why a world class journalist would pass by the opportunity to show the world, once and for all, that Bush stole Ohio in 2004.

    That was sometime after 2006. I understand that there are producers and all sorts of other people but the book *IS* the document of record proving the fraud. I just can’t see how anyone would pass it up.

    • Susan Lindauer says that Amy refused to interview her despite that SL was the primary Iraq asset who knew that the US knew that iraq had no WMDs, and also knew that the US knew and could have prevented 911.

      you’re right, of course, that Witness to a Crime is THE evidence for the stolen 2004 election in ohio.

  10. This is an excerpt from the interview with Noam Chomsky the day before of that report on Libya:
    “In fact, opposition to U.S. policy is so strong that throughout the Arab world, a majority—in Egypt, it’s 80 percent—think the region would be more secure if Iran had nuclear weapons. Well, you know, that’s not the kind of policy that the United States and Israel want to see implemented, needless to say, hence a strong opposition to the rise of any meaningful democracy.”

    This looks to you as the words of “the Left establishment that sold itself to the CIA”?
    Let me pose two questions:
    1) Where in the political spectrum regard yourselves?
    2) Who do you prefer in charge in the White House: Obama or Perry?

    As a foreign citizen who likes to think of the Left as a cultural field respectful of dissent, I’d like to know who in the United States should I consider my allies and who my enemies? Thank you.

    • I trust your accuracy that she reported that the day before the broadcast that is the subject of this piece. The broadcast you mention is not the subject of this piece, nor would most of us find fault with it.

      But you’re not asking the right question, Bob. If one day a reporter tells the truth and the next day she lies, should we trust her? That’s the problem with liars; you never know when they’re telling the truth.

      Perhaps the powers-that-be didn’t like the broadcast you mentioned and so gave an order to present NATO propaganda the next day, an order which she followed. So, who is she working for? The people or the Government?

      As to which puppet sits in the White House performing the Middle Management duties of Empire, does it really matter? Do you like your tyranny served by a silver tongue that speaks the language of the Left or by one that speaks more openly of class war and actual war — both of them are waging war on the economy and on other nations (or if elected, will do so). One is lying about it and the other is being more open about it.

      Obama is the Great Deceiver who hooked more than half the nation with his campaign lies; he’s taken the brutality and police state policy of Bush and Gang to the next level making things worse here in the states and around the world. The peace prize laureate is invading nations for their natural resources and committing genocide in the process with his use of mustard gas, depleted uranium and gawd knows what else.

      Obama, like Bush, used taxpayer money to bail out the richest people in the world because their ponzi scheme on wall street fell apart. More people are jobless and homeless today since Obama took office.

      Rather than prosecute Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld for crimes against humanity and war crimes — they all openly admit to torturing people — Obama is protecting them from prosecution.

      Is that who you admire?

      If so, you might want to trade in your Left label for one that more honestly fits the values of those whom you support . Predatory capitalists who war on other nations are not Left, Bob. They’re decidedly the hard right.

      Perry is just another Bilderberger — only he is more open about his disdain for the common people and more open about his desire to help his rich backers suck more money from the rest of us.

    • btw, I’m Left Libertarian

  11. Thanks so much for telling the truth about this goodman wench.

    Many people in the US are so drugged up on pharmaceuticals they really have no idea what is going on from day to day

  12. So, absolute proof that god exists! Her in-bed-with reporter said so! As clear as mud is …

    Night and day.

  13. So, absolute proof that god exists! Her in-bed-with reporter said so! As clear as mud is …
    “NATO didn’t hijack their revolution because this journalist met “very few” Libyans who felt that way.
    Of course, she was embedded with the “rebels” who were completely supported by NATO, trained by MI6 and British Special Forces, advised by Washington, led by exiled leaders who lived in Washington, funded by NATO, armed by NATO countries, and provided all the massive fire-power they needed to destroy Libya by NATO. But of course, the rebels Amy’s journalist met didn’t think that NATO had plans to take over Libya.”
    Night and day.

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  17. I don’t know what the deal is going on with Pacifica. It seems the alternative community broadcasting stations is caving in on debts. Things are so bad now that unless ngo’s are willing to sell out they cannot obtain grant funding to stay in business. My suspicion is that between inept Pacifica administration and Amy Goodman’s million dollar tab, she (and her shadow cohorts) anticipated Pacifica going down. She’s made millions of dollars broadcasting, has her bestseller books, endless speaking tours, and so she could afford to part ways with Pacifica, leaving a sinking ghost ship behind. We no longer have alternative community based radio without Pacifica, and Goodman doesn’t give a darn. For leftie publicity all she has to do is stay on the Green Side of the Planet, to look good, and of course that helps her in knowing how to invest :0

    • There is not a complex explanation but a simple one for Pacifica and Amy.
      This is money. Follow it. Follow it from the dark days of the 80’s and the decision to go corporate, professional, mainstream, to be professional with staff, to go for Corporation for Public Broadcasting money. Yes follow it to the dark days of signal selling attempts at KPFA and the intercine wars of WBAI that found Amy in a firehouse for 9/11 and later discussing a contract in secret with Pacifica for $1,000,000. Pacifica is too important a resource not to be cognitively infiltrated.

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