NATO uses Mustard Gas in Bani Walid (confirmed)

By Ozyism

Reports that NATO has used Mustard Gas in Bani Walid have been coming from eye witnesses from within the beseiged town.  A gruesome image of a victim of such terrorism has come out in social networks.

Most argue that this terrorism is implemented to force Libyans into submission. They have refused to surrender and give the country to NATO, so NATO has resorted to terrorism and a slow genocide.

The media has been banned in Bani Walid to hide such atrocities, and the Main Stream Media continues towing the line with NATO.

Alrai TV also confirms the use of mustard gas against Libyans in Bani Walid, Libya360 reports:

Residents of Bani Walid testified that Chemical Weapons are being used by NATO in their town, some witnesses claimed that Mustard Gas was being used (viewed in Al-Rai Satellite station). NATO is known for its use of Chemical Weapons, and previous reports have also concluded that NATO used DU and NDU Chemical Weapons at the start of the terror operations.

These latest reports cannot be confirmed because Journalists are not allowed to go inside the town. There is a complete information black out. NATO is trying to control the flow of information, to create false perceptions and realities based on one sided propaganda.

Many argue that a slow genocide is being attempted by NATO in Libya, whether the intention of NATO is genocide or merely a client state is yet to be seen.

News Report (see image here):

Beloved Libya

Alert info on the war in LibyeSamedi September 10, 2011

Alrai TV confirms the use of mustard gas against the population of the town of Bin Walid

According to the television station Alrai, NATO used the afternoon to 5:00 p.m. mustard gas, a chemical weapon against the people of the Libyan city of Ben Walid.

Journalists from the television reports that Since early this morning, NATO asked to move away the insurgents Bin Walid.

Death of the leader of Al-Qaeda Bin Walid

New Bin Walid who manage to report the death of al-Qaeda leader Abdulrahman Abo schnaf Mouftah. From reliable source certifies that this terrorist was killed in a battle of Wadi Dinar (Dinar Valley) soir.Aussi yesterday, insurgents fought in the battles against the national army of Libya, have fallen to the city of Tarhona. Later this afternoon, NATO planes bombed and made use of missiles with depleted uranium against populations in parts of the town of Bin Walid.

Correspondence phone (Thuraya mobile satellite) certify that the NATO bombing caused many victims dead and inuured and also graces the town is invaded by huge smoke after the bombing of NATO aircraft.

Still new NATO bombing of Sirte after a night of sound bombs.

After a great battle in the Red Valley located 90 km east of the city of Sirte, the Libyan armed forces have fallen to the insurgents Ben Jawad loated at 150 km of Sirte. At the same time the ground fighting NATO continued to bomb the same time. Intensified after the dropping of bombs “sound”, tha tis to say that make people deaf, NATO is still spent on the offensive. The bombes these planes reached western houses of the civilian population killing seven people including six members of the same family. Civilians who are in those areas where fighting took place, confirmed that FaceBook page-36 insurgents died. 3 British soldiers British SAS special forces fighting alongside the insurgents were killed.

Tourgha, a city emptied of its inhabitants by rebels, insurgents.

City Taourgha which is located 50 kilometers east of the city of Misrata, was completely emptied of its inhabitants by the insurgents Misrata. It is vital that the people of Taourgha have black skin. The rebels have slaughtered many of the black adults to make an example and terrorize the rest of the Libyan people black who was deported.

3 responses to “NATO uses Mustard Gas in Bani Walid (confirmed)

  1. I guess they have to use up all the older stock-piles before the “use by” expiry date arrives,the “chemical fire” in canberra/aus a few days ago was actually a clandestine chemical warfare storage facility,they even had some PHOSGENE in there ,a left over from OPERATION BLACK SWAN….But hey it’s just all business as usual,or is it?

  2. The one closeup picture is not definitive. We need more reporting on this.

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