The Liberty Unconference: Live from Valley Forge, Sept 24


Focus on Peace’s Darren Wolfe and COTO Report’s Steve Sheetz to Talk at Agora I/O “Live from Valley Forge”

On September 24 Darren Wolfe will give a speech titled “The New Peace Movement: Ending the Wars by Uniting all Ideologies Around the Issue that Matters Most” at the second Agora I/O unconference.  Joining him, among other speakers, will be Steve Sheetz, who will talk about “Selling Agorism.”

The entire event lasts from noon to 6 pm. You can participate online (, or join us in person at:

Valley Forge Beef & Ale
827 South Trooper Road
Trooper, PA

Participate online if you don’t live in this area ( Below is the complete line up:

12:00 James Babb
“Moving the TSA Resistance Forward”
James is a Philadelphia area libertarian activist, home-school dad and small business owner. He is a co-founder of We Won’t Fly (, group facilitator of the Valley Forge Revolutionaries and is involved in many other freedom projects including juror rights education and End-the-Fed. James accepts anarchy as the only political philosophy consistent with the non-aggression principle.

12:30 Darren Wolfe
“The New Peace Movement: Ending the Wars by Uniting all Ideologies Around the Issue that Matters Most”
Darren is a Philadelphia area libertarian blogger and activist. His blog is “The International Libertarian” ( Darren is the founder of “Focus on Peace” ( a politically neutral peace movement. Focus on Peace is organizing the first cross-philosophical, cross-political anti-war peace fair. Darren is involved with many freedom other freedom projects including “Principled Non-Voting.”

1:00 Rob Fernandez
“Raising Free-thinking, Disobedient Children”
Robert Fernandes is a voluntaryist who follows the non-aggression principle. He promotes freedom and liberty through education. He founded Lemonade Freedom Day to encourage parents and children to question and disobey arbitrary laws. He and his wife Carolina homeschool their two children in NJ. Robert is an IT Manager for a financial firm in NJ.

1:30 Ron Harper, Jr
“Challenging Cops in a Police State”
Ron is a Lancaster County based activist, videographer, journalist and publisher. His specialty is police and politician accountability. He is also a prisoner’s right advocate, and a regular thorn in the side of petty tyrants.

2:00 Steve Sheetz (COTO Report member)
“Selling Agorism”
Steve is Chairman of the Montgomery County Libertarian Committee ( He discovered libertarianism by listening to the Irv Homer show in the late eighties. Steve is involved with numerous freedom activities. His interest in Agorism has emerged as a result of frustration with libertarians perpetually attempting to negotiate with statists.

2:30 Nicholas Shankin 
“Operation Trash the Curfew”
Nick is a rising star in the Philadelphia freedom movement. He is an organizer of the Philadelphia Tyranny Response Team and the founder of “Operation Trash the Curfew”, a grassroots response to the martial law being imposed on the youth of Philadelphia by the tyrannical mayor.

3:00 Ken Krawchuck
“Anarchy… Then What?”
Ken V. Krawchuk has been a Libertarian activist since 1993. He has run as a candidate for public office eight times under the Libertarian Party banner, including two record-breaking campaigns for Governor of Pennsylvania in 1998 and 2002. In 2000, he sought the Libertarian Party’s 2000 vice-presidential nomination, ultimately placing third in a field of five. Krawchuk also ran for U.S. Congress in 2000, State Representative in 1994, and Abington Township Commissioner in 1995, 1997, 2001, and 2005. He served two terms as the Chair of the Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania from November 2002 until March 2004, and currently serves on the state party’s board of directors as the Legislative Action Committee chair.

3:30 Larken Rose (
Prolific author, blogger, musician, podcast host, entertainer and notable “tax heretic,” Larken Rose is relentless advocate for total freedom. His books books include “The Most Dangerous Superstition”, “The Iron Web”, “How to Be a Successful Tyrant” and “Kicking the Dragon.” Larken is a man of deep thought and bold action. He has been a featured speaker at numerous events in the Philadelphia area and across the country.

4:30 to 6:00 Solutions Round Table
Our team of activists will discuss solutions to key challenges facing the freedom movement. Bring your own questions and participate in the conversation.

Admission: $15 suggested contribution (Includes an autographed book or audio book by Larken Rose!)

We had a great time doing this at the last Agora I/O. I expect this one to be even better. Valley Forge Beef & Ale always treats us well. Enjoy a fine beverage and some decent food.

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