80-90 pct of Libya still under control of Gaddafi government

By Dr. Christof Lehmann
No Spin News
Sept. 22, 2011

NATO Extends Libya Campaign Green Flag Flies Over Bengazi

While the worlds eyes were on Palestine´s bet for statehood, NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen and U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki Moon met in a separate session. To the press Rasmussen declared that he had emphasized NATO´s commitment in former Yugoslavia, Afghanistan and Iraq, stating that NATO is a “Modern Security Organization”. Rasmussen also pronounced that NATO has prolonged it´s campaign in Libya with three month. Meanwhile, the Green Flag has been hoisted again over Bengazi, and nsnbc receives reports of an escalation of NATO´s violent air-campaign and ground war.                                                      

While the NATO´s colonial project Northern Africa and Middle East continues, Anders Fogh Rasmussen explains together with U.N. Secretary Ban Ki Moon that NATO is a modern security organization, that is based on the principlees of the United Nations and it´s Charter. Fogh Rasmussen also pronounced to the press, that NATO has prolonged it´s campaign in Libya, which is based on U.N. Security Counsel Resolution 1973, with another three months. Analysts however, recognize that the three months will not suffice, for several reasons. The primary being, that the United States and NATO are in the process of implementing a colonial strategy for Northern Africa and the Middle East, that has been in the making since as early as 1998. The second being, contrary to all NATO – co-opted media reports, that about 80 – 90 % of Libya are still under control of the Libyan peoples legitimate government. Legitimate, that is, not according to the power players at the U.N., but legitimate according to the very U.N. Charter, which Rasmussen is claiming to base NATO policies on.

Fidel Castro Ruz

According to speeches by Muammar Ghadafi, and keen analysts like former Cuban President Fidel Castro Ruz, the NATO campaign against Libya will develop into a protracted conflict that will last years. The facts on the ground are underpinning the accuracy of these evaluations.

Libyan Arab Jamahiria

Tonight nsnbc received confirmed reports that the Green Flag has been raised over parts of Bengazi. The Green Flag has also been raised again over parts of Cyrenaica. There are reports about clashes inside Tripoli. This means, that the resistance against the NATO aggression has entered a new phase, where the resistance is establishing strongholds and bases in the heartland of the cities, claimed to be under TNC control. The campaign against Bani Walid continues with air raids and shelling, but the ground offensive has grinded to a hault. The same is reported about Sirte, and Sabah, which has immense strategic importance. Yesterday, NATO has reportedly had 45 lethal casualties and 400 wounded. The fact however, that the green flag has been raised over parts of Bengazi and Cyrenaica elicits Muammar Ghadafi´s words, that the Libyan People are the only government of the Libyans, and that they would never accept any other government.

Abdelhakim Belhadj – The Unlikely Cameloen

While NATO and the TNC attempt to convey an impression of a “Unified Front”, the facts on the ground are proof of the opposite, and with good reason. When TNC chief Jibril promises the US to cease co-operating with Al-Qaeda, and the chief of the newly established Tripoli Military Counsel Belhadj is the leader of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, an Al Qaeda Affiliate, a “unified front” are illusory. The rebranding of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group into the “Tripoli Military Counsel” is cosmetic at best, a laughable charade, if it was not for the fact that thousands fall victim to it´s outrageous practices.

The fact that NATO cadres are pressured to achieve results, while the Libyan population is not forthcoming at granting their oppressors any victory, is evident by the daily war crimes, crimes against humanity, committed by NATO Airforces and Ground Forces on a daily basis.

Some of the war crimes that are being documented are; 150 French Special Forces based at a college in Tripoli are using ambulances for transporting personnel to cover their operations. Ambulances have repeatedly been used for surprise attacks against loyalist civilians as well as Libyan regular forces and volunteers. Yesterday, NATO planes bombed a school in Sirte, that housed 70 displaced families. There are reports of massive civilian casualties, the majority being unarmed women and children.

Anders Fogh Rasmussen

Regardless how much NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen attempts to grand stand, in an attempt to sale NATO as a “Modern Security Organization, based on the Principles of the United Nations Charter “, the facts on the ground reveal Rasmussen as what he has been ever since then Danish P.M. Rasmussen ordered Danish Fighter Jets to bomb civilian targets in Serbia; a war criminal.

UNfair – UNjust, UNethical, UNforgivable

The problem in Libya reflects the problem of a uni-polar world and a constructionist approach to war crimes. For Libyans, Syrians, Afghans, Pakistanis, Serbians, Iraqis, NATO has provided everything but security. Security is definitely illusory as long as international law is based on social constructions, rather than a teleological approach to the language of the discourse. With the latter approach, NATO, a military organization of western nations, is currently terrorbombing civilians with the intend to force the Libyan population into submission. It is conducting an armed insurgency, supported by special operations units and hired men with ties to Afghan war lords. The United Nations is the international NGO that is currently used to provide the appearance of legitimacy to a war, that is opposed to it´s very ethical and legal foundations. No political grandstanding of Ban Ki Moon and Anders Fogh Rasmussen in Washington will change the truth.


For Readers who are not informed about the Libyan Governmental Structures, I recommend reading The Green Book [pdf] by Muammar Gaddafi (1983, 186 pp).

Read the follow up article Libya Strategy Changes Yield Results Amidst Disaster

Thank you for taking the time to inform yourselves.

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  2. Dear friends / colleagues
    You have liked my article so much that you republished it – nice.
    However, When you republish my articles, remember to insert a link back to the ORIGINAL SOURCE, as is normal courtesy :
    Don´t change the headleine etc… ok ?
    I expect you understand y position, that if my name is associated with something it should be correctly represented and referred to.

    With warmest regards – you have a great blog.

    Dr. Christof Lehmann

    • Hi Christof – great piece, and thank you.

      I hope you realize we DID post a link back to your blog, immediately beneath the byline, as is always our practice. The pingback on your website is proof of this.

      We also provided your original title in the body of the article — but our headline reflects a significant point and, imo, draws more attention from those following developments in Libya.

      We post a lot of Libya material here so it becomes important to stress significant developments like your 80-90% stat. I hope you understand.

      Great writers who are investigative journalists and fact-based writers often tend to be a little weak on crafting killer titles.

      A good example of this is “Confessions of an Economic Hitman” — tho the ideas Perkins writes about in that book have all been written about before, the reason that book “crossed over” into popular culture is partly because of that evocative title.

      My job, as editor, is to reach as many people as possible — Good titles do that, because most people will only glance at a title, and maybe the first line of a piece before deciding whether to read it or not.

      I hope you understand.

      Thanks again for a great piece.

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