U.S. soldiers fighting for Haliburton, KBR (video)

Intro by Susan Lindauer

This is a thought provoking video that should make you very angry. It depicts war crimes and the hand over of U.S. soldiers to build market share for Haliburton and Kellogg, Brown & Root.  It’s not for our benefit as a nation, or the benefit of our young men and women in uniform who are abused by this system as surely as the Iraqi and Afghan civilians we are fighting.


Ed. Note: And one of my favorite quotes:

“Those who profess to favor freedom and yet depreciate agitation, are people who want crops without ploughing the ground; they want rain without thunder and lightning; they want the ocean without the roar of its many waters. The struggle may be a moral one, or it may be a physical one, or it may be both. But it must be a struggle. Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will.” ~Frederick Douglass

19 responses to “U.S. soldiers fighting for Haliburton, KBR (video)

  1. The principle problem I have with this specific post and others of like subject, and it is my personal problem, lies in my study of American history and then of course the history of other nations. I do not know if I need to laugh louder or cry more to be assured that the troops and logically the entire Federal apparatus (probably including the SEC) is working for someone else with my money. I am shocked. Shocked.
    I will make certain my elected representatives learn of my dismay and further I will notify the pertinent non-profits who can then fundraise around this non-democratic and entirely bi-partisan accomplishment.

  2. well i am not shocked at all,this is the world we live in and as such i must deal with it the way i find it,no matter whether good or evil-but im shocked that the commendable Bruce Stegiel 1st Doesn’t know that his & all other elected Representative are owned by someone else 2nd State Dept.,SEC, and many other Federal Agencies are Controlled,from the top down,by foreign entities,,,but awesome article and great comment and don’t forget the ones who commit such crimes must in order to dehumanise others,first de-humanise themselves

  3. The comment is satire. Irony, lost in translation like a Modest Proposal. However, the nation is brimming with casually created psychopaths so de-humanization is well underway prior to induction. Those in office and those running for office are minions of Mammon

  4. Great quote from Frederick Douglass! Awesome, in fact!!

    • thanks, Susan ~ here’s another fave (since I’ve been adopting a more anarcho-libertarian view):

      “Protest beyond the law is not a departure from democracy; it is absolutely essential to it.” ~ Howard Zinn

  5. a Satire of horror and heart-break. “Minions of Mammon” is correct!

  6. Over the years I have concluded that the countries of the United Nations are involved in a form of purposeful and mild self-destruction. Under the cloak of humanitarianism the war for oil continues and consequently mass-migration of refugees from war torn Middle Eastern countries is seen and with them they bring legitimate seeds of hatred against their NATO oppressors.
    This all seems like a vicious circle with an obvious economic agenda and while many appreciate the evidence being collected against the actions of the new world order it all seems fruitless even when the majority oppose war in general.
    What is the answer?

  7. when they bring the troops home (or leave them there to get home on their own as the former ussr did), the problems will be brought home too. not just the personal problems the troops suffer from such psychopathic use and abuse. the problematically worse problem will be that the empire will turn on her homelands with the same scorched earth policies previously applied to her colonies.

    chickens are coming home to roost.

    i thought that was a quote from casablanca. i am shocked. shocked to find there is gambling going on here….

  8. powerful stuff.
    preaching to the choir though.
    anyone take a look at comments on youtube?

  9. who made that movie?
    who narrated the ending?

  10. scorched earth, indeed! It’s starting already. our prisons are filling up with these guys who are committing real atrocities at home, really ugly murders that are getting hushed up w/ quick guilty pleas and almost no coverage of the sentencing. They don’t want us to hear about it. But it’s real.. I think you’re correct that it’s going to become much worse– especially as the country fast reaches a tipping point where rebellion will become aggressive here. The govt will order the military to put us down, and then we’ll experience first-hand what it feels like to live in Iraq or Kabul or Tripoli.

  11. The notion probably originally came from Casablanca buried deep in the recess of the brain. Part of the problem is the power is not located within any given national entity but is instead in a network of offshore entities and national entities used by these private criminal networks.
    Warfare simply increases the wealth offshore and simultaneously creates domestic war fed constituencies and power bases. One book argues that the rise of the Neo-Cons comes from offshore money.http://www.ft.com/cms/s/2/356fa22a-1f56-11e0-8c1c-00144feab49a.html#axzz1Z1J2SiAN

    And again in both Deep Capture and Max Keiser’s postings on 9/11 we see the networks hidden hand. Lasty, Mark Lombarrdi died tracing the existence of these networks as a graphic/political artist working on BCCI.

    Yes i think it a matter of some concern that the troops returning are not given mental health care and would like to say that the German experieince of demobilization and depression gave the Fascists a bigbush among veterans. Finally, the answer to these problems is a world confederacy or world bio-regional agreement with strong local control. Getting there is not an easy thing in a Democracy and with vote fraud routine, even harder. Franklky it is an open question if civilization can survive all the bubbles that have been blown. My bet is the Green agenda will be used to force some sort of Green Global Diktat-say a climactic intervention-that simply keeps the worst aspects of the present status quo. I point to the chemtrail spraying which is global, and i have no idea how this is funded other than to say no doubt it is found in the black budget of at the very least NATO states, and of course other collaborating states via the UN.

  12. it is simpler than that bruce.

    who finances and financed wars?
    who financed and profitted from all sides in all wars?

    fine call it conspiracy. please do not call it theory. too much documented evidence of obvious facts. the wealthiest one one hundreth of a percent of people on this planet have names. they carefully but just the same obviuosly control the media. what happens is not a function of their mismanagement. it is and has been a function of their careful management. their goal is that world government. new world order. whatever. put a nice name on it. give it a nice idealistic goal. either way at the end of the day, please recognize who will be in control and what they have done with their control in the past.

    you never know though. this could all be wrong. the new world order freaks might not be playing divide and conquer on ethnic, political, military, religious, regional, national and whatever levels. and perhaps they have only the best interests at heart for the other 99.99% of the world’s humans.

    ever seen the fog of war? the corporation? iraq for sale? unprecedented? smartest guys in the room? the crash course? american blackout?…………..

  13. Who indeed! It is a big planet. There are networks behind networks and organizations behind organizations. Plutonomy, Oligarchy, Synarchy, are so many descriptives like fingers pointing at the moon. It is obvious that there is no political control by the people. It is not obvious that the cuting off of heads will resolve the problem. I think we have perhaps 40 years to turn the tide-and if that fails then the Global Soviet comes into full power.

  14. apparently the answer to the question of those documentaries viewed is no. bruce, the banking oligarchs are doing now what they have done for centuries. the is purposeful economic demolition that consolidates their wealth further in a zero sum game of wealth redistribution upward. socialized losses and privatized gains. please examine the family histories of banks, their owners and the robber barons. goldman sachs, jpmorgan chase, rothschild, rockefeller, brown bros harriman, bcci, …..

    it is not a big planet for those who claim to own (and who can stand to deny them?) more than 50% of the planet. probably soon more than 80%.

    yep. right voting is a sham. who said anything of cutting off of heads? like anyone of any integrity would have such power. and like anyone who wielded such power would have integrity afterward. 40 years? global soviet? think the points made above were missed.

    one more time: it is too late. post industrial collapse that breaks empire control is most likely the last chance for the 99.99% (us) who do not claim ownership of the planet. in more ways than just for gaining (not regaining) any political control. those families who have so carefully cultivated and consolidated financial control for centuries have intentionally and carefully cultivated tensions between all peoples with terms like soviet, capitalist, socialist, communist,……. as long as nations (or any groups) are warring and seeking loans for war supplies, these families are happily gaining more power. where such nations did not war, these families used media control and financial control to bring such nations into war. and debt.

    imf and world bank are a couple of their playthings. and most valueable tools. at some level magic and technology are indistinguishable. especially to those folk who are comfortable with labeling what they do not understand as beyond understanding. it is well within understanding.

    again. it is far simpler than what the mainstream corporate media we were raised in has convinced the majority of us that it is. is it that difficult to find out who those .01% of the population is who control more than 95% of the world’s wealth and resources and claim to outright own far more than half of it all?

  15. bruce. brain check here. were you being satirical again?

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