Update from the Heart of Events in Libya

By alfatah69

Sept. 24  We walked the desert yesterday with a team of Tuareg, for security reasons we have no phones and no cameras with us. Tuareg elders gave us a statement in which they declare that they will not accept the colonialist crusaders in their lands.

In South Libya the situation is not as described by the media. In many villages where the rats have passed in a driving circus together with some reporters of the west, the people have tricked them by waving to them rat flags….and this in purpose to cut their supply lines. NATO can bomb as long as they want, but can’t find who is who for the moment because we are using a guerilla tactic in order to mix with the rats.

We have to declare that in the areas we visited, we talked with people who told us that the momentum with NATO bombing gives them this only choice in order to fight, to allow rats to pass without any bullet and then cut the line of them.

We walked behind the so-called enemy lines and we can assure you that there is no one to stop us. (For security reasons we will not refer to the exact area we visited together with the noble Tuareg tribesmen) .

But we have to admit that the media of rats do a great work in order to misinform people and to break the morale for the rest of us that were for the last month outside the country.

From a call in Tarhouna, we learn that there is a big problem for the rats there. Our Moujaheed attacked them 2 days ago and now the rats are cut in that spot.

Also in Sirte the rats are being killed in mass numbers. As for Bani Walid, the rats seem to have decided not to attack it but to wait for the supplies of the people there to finish, to cause a humanitarian crisis and to get inside. But the noble tribesmen have sworn loyalty and will not allow the situation to reach this point.

On the other hand today there is the meeting of the rats in order to make the new NTC and we expect internal conflict in there.

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