Occupy Wall Street spreads to Chicago, Denver, LA

By RT America

Is it possible populist America will effect radical change through the spreading Occupy Wall Street movement? Will the banksters who trashed our economy and have made millions of homeowners homeless be brought to justice? Is this the season of the US Spring?  RT America interviews people from the streets:

Christina Gonzalez and Luke Rudowski provide on-the-street info. Here’s Roseanne Barr speaking at Occupy Wall Street:

11 responses to “Occupy Wall Street spreads to Chicago, Denver, LA

  1. The short answer is obviously not. WE PROTEST TOO MUCH. A protest I remind you is not a revolutionary act. It pre-supposes a sense of morality that after Hiroshima and Nagasaki ceased to exist if it ever did exist at all. Then to mention all the other crimes since then we have PROTESTED- up to including the SEC looking the other way and incredible bailouts paid to keep the zombie banks alive-so management can collect huge taxpayer paid bonus checks-the word PROTEST becomes synonymous with failure of nerve.

    “In the last three years we have been getting raped every single day: being raped in airports, being raped on the phone and in e-mails, being raped of our hard-earned dollars given to crooks Every Single Day. As I am typing this commentary, as you are reading this piece, we are being raped. Right now. Right at this moment. Thousands of people outside our country have been getting, and are getting, raped too: raped of life in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya, Somalia, YemenŠevery single say. Right now. Thousands have been, and are being, injured-handicapped and raped of living normal lives. Tens of thousands have been, and are being, raped of having parent(s), family. Right now, as I am typing, as you are reading, our government is killing, injuring, and creating orphans. Right now. This is now. Right now we are all being raped as a nation. And right now there are people in other parts of the world who are getting raped by our nation. Right now. Right at this moment. Our current President, our current Commander in Chief, our current administration in power, our current government, is raping us and others in the world. Do you want to chase the ghost of the previous rapist? Or, should you be doing something to stop this current, this ongoing rape? The one happening right now-right at this moment.”

    — Sibel Edmonds, 9/27/11

    • Sibel? Why does anybody ever take her seriously anymore? I guess if you get caught in a lie, there will always be a CTist that will forget.

      Always playing the poor victim card and getting good money from it.

  2. Protest is about getting noticed and right now it’s about all we have. As the goons are out there busting heads, they’re also making a statement. One that shows, they’re doing it to frighten people and it’s starting blow back in their faces. This is just the start, as their austerity measures settle into place, the protest will magnify. People are already starting to see the syntheticity of the monetary system and its hold on us locking us into peonizm. There’s a whole generation coming awake that they won’t be able to mind lock with their phoney paradigm. They’re the people on the streets, they’ve already lost them and the flood gates are opening

    • ” This is just the start, as their austerity measures settle into place, the protest will magnify”

      Do you know why austerity causes people to be harmed? Because they are groomed to be born and raised with their hand out. when that money dries up and, like Greece, it needs to be curtailed, those that have lived on the govt dole for all their lives get the feeling that their entitlement lives are going to be affected.

      We saw this in UK, and before the criminals took over and we see this in the failed “occupy” crowd demanding we give them money. LOL.

  3. I hope the protests magnify because we don’t need to get our faces in the paper or our DNA in the police state database.

    We need to bring down this corrupt empire.

    Like the Sibel quote above says, things are serious. We are well past the point that waving protest signs or signing petitions has any effect on the federal government.

    It’s long past time to ramp things up

  4. here’s another RT video:

    • RT can always be counted on to give you the best in overedited news that proves to be less than half the story. the uneducateas masses will always pretend this is real and parrot it all over the internet.

      Thanks Rady for proving my point.

      Soros can always use useful idiots to further his campaign to gain $billions off of the truly gullible.

  5. Some cops are refusing to join in the repression of harmless protestors on Wall Street and to those brave people I address this short note. First, thanks for your service. I know in the professon to break rank is a risk to your job and pension and that you have done so in solidarity with the rights of citizens who have no job and no pension and in protest of the Fascist tactics of your fellow NYPD officers protecting Mafiyas on Wall Street is admirable.

    Secondly, will you join the Wall Street protest? Come with your service revolver if issued one. Police snipers bring your rifle or if you drive an APC or a tank or have custody of a SAM, or a Helicopter Gunship or F-16 please also bring this to the front. In the new Tahir Square we are not waiting for the army to lead the way inch by inch towards freedom. We await revolutionary legal vanguard leadership by the peaceful police of New York finally being allowed to enforce the law of the land by taking it into their own hands without involving lawyers! Peaceful police of New York you have broken free of your chains! Arrest the criminals on Wall Street!

    • ” in protest of the Fascist tactics of your fellow NYPD officers”

      We all know that is fascist countries (Syria, etc.) pepper spray is the biggest threat to life and body. Ever wonder why those that pretend to know what fascist is can never give a valid example?

      Now time to go off the deep end…..

      ” Come with your service revolver if issued one. Police snipers bring your rifle or if you drive an APC or a tank or have custody of a SAM, or a Helicopter Gunship or F-16 please also bring this to the front”
      Nothing is funnier than seeing a “protester” caliming to understand what police carry, and what they can and cannot do.

      Yes, to all those NYPD with F-16’s, show up and park it on the street next to the NYSE. LOL!!

  6. Who you calling we, whitey? Obviously in your petty little diatribe here against us poor misinformed troglodytes it’s not us but keep coming back you hear. We need to perceive what a true sellout asshole is, now you be a good little nazi and run along assafiliates. You’re indoctrinated well, they, meaning those of whos ranks you’ve chosen to be part of must be proud. Are they paying you to spin your particular brand of crap? If not that makes you a cheap slut.

  7. And to everyone else checking this out here’s one that I just love. Google”The Dirty Fucking Hippies Were Right” It’s a song that relates to a time before the better part of asshole ran down moms leg.

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