Libyan resistance to NATO invasion grows: Updates from the Front

By Dennis South

Roundup of news from and other independent sources, including that Libyans took out a US paratrooper plane.

Today, Dr. Christof Lehmann, of NSNBC (No Spin News By Christof Lehmann), revealed some very interesting news.  Incidentally, Dr. Leymann’s NSNBC has become well-known for its accuracy in reporting the situation on the ground in Libya.  He says:

“According to reliable sources, a series of secret meetings between tribal leaders from Zintan, Libya and Algeria resulted tonight in an agreement that a unified front of tribal militia will enter the war which they call “The War for the Liberation of Northern Africa”. According to the same sources this alliance of tribes is backed by a unified North African Front, including Moroccan Tribes as well as Polisario who is fighting against the Moroccan administration of the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic.

“Many members of Sahrawi´s provisional government and Polisario fighters are living in exile in Algeria. The Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic was officially recognized by Libya in 1980, and is recognized by a wide range of countries, none of which is a NATO member state.”


The Libyan “rebels” (wrongly called “revolutionaries” by foreign hostile media networks, in an attempt to confuse people, since there is only one revolution in Libya, that of the 1st September Revolution and the revolutionary movement led my Muammar Qaddafi after relinquishing power in 1979 two years after the maturing of the self-governing Jamahiriya on 2nd March 1977) are not united.

The “rebels” aka “tebels (terrorist rebels)”, “rats” (due to their horrific abuses and torture of civilians including cutting off of women’s breasts, cutting out of the hearts of those who said “I surrender due to your gun, but my heart is with Muammar Qaddafi” and other unspeakable “behaviour” which could not be termed human by any stretch of the imagination), are a disparate group of criminals united only by their hatred of Muammar Qaddafi, direct democracy, natural socialism, truth and justice.

They include “royalists” which wish to bring back a reactionary “royal” dictatorship, islamist heretics who wrongly believe that Islam is dictatorship and oppression, and not consultation (shura) and justice, a few who support ‘liberal multi party indirect dictatorship under the power of private central bankers’, former corrupt officials who were under investigation for embezzlement, hired mercenaries (mostly foreign from other Arab countries), European and American “special forces” and other foreign mercenaries.

After the death of their leaders by Libyan Jamahiriya forces at Sirte and Bani Walid, they have no commanders who give orders for operations in those areas. Even before this, they had severe splits in recent months whereby commanders killed each other, and divided along tribal lines, and mistrust, due to the varied motivations and priorities of the “rebel” forces.

The Libyan people are resolutely against foreign intervention and occupation, and are alert to indirect dictatorship of bankrupt alien foreign nations via the TNC.

Now follows regional reports for the past few days, and an apology and explanation for the break of the past few days, delaying this publication.


Friday, 30 SEP 2011

Guerrillas led by Khamis al-Kaddafi attacked rebels, at the Tripoli international Maitiga airport, with rockets. Maitiga was formerly called “Wheelus” U.S. air base, one of the largest in the world, which allowed the USA and Israel to control the entire Mediterranean, North and Central African and Middle Eastern regions prior to its eviction in 1970 by the Libyan revolution led by Muammar Qaddafi.

Saturday, 01 OCT 2011

Two days ago, citizen supporters of Muammar Gaddafi and the Libyan Jamahiriya held a demonstration in Tripoli. And yesterday, Khamis al-Gaddafi delivered an ultimatum to mercenaries and their employers: Get out Tripoli [or die in Tripoli].  To show who was “in control” Khamis destroyed the offices of NATO and the CIA. Documents are captured and taken to a safe place, said the headquarters of the Resistance. These documents directly prove the participation of the United States of America in crimes against Libya.

The inhabitants of the NATO and CIA temporary “headquarters” that were captured and destroyed by Khamis al-Gaddafi fled, with the help of the Red Cross, to the International Airport.

The Libyan army, as reported from the field, controls the port of Tripoli, and does not allow foreign vessels, carrying weapons for the mercenaries, to come to port.

The Libyan army destroyed a college for girls in Tripoli that was housing NATO mercenaries.

Sunday, 02 OCT 2011

Many volunteers have gone to Tripoli to fight.

80% of Tripoli is now under the green jamahiri banner of the Jamahiriya (self-governing society of the masses).

Fighting continued in Tajura, Suq al-Jum’ih, Abu Salim, Bab al-Aziz and Sidi-Khalifa, areas of Tripoli against occupation forces.

Monday, 03 OCT 2011

In Tripoli, gunfire was heard. In the battle near Bab Gargaresh the Jamahiriya militia killed 45 NATO-rebel “rats” (traitors, terrorists and hired mercenaries).

Today is being reported as the first day since the non-stop bombing by the USA-North-American-West European air forces under the command of “NATO” that NATO aircraft did not bomb Libyan cities started on March 19th, 2011.

The following week, Muammar Gaddafi, Libyan leader, is expected to send another message to the Libyan people, exhorting them to keep up the fight and remain steadfast.

Dr. Yousef Shakir, a famous TV presenter for Libyan television, called on the Libyan Army, and the whole of the Libyan people, to defeat NATO forces and their henchmen, the traitors.

Also last night, fighters of the Youth Movement of Libya raided the house of Murad Alraubi, Chairman of the Appeals Court of Tripoli, and shot him dead. Murad Alraubi had collaborated with the traitors and NATO (Euro-American) invading enemy. He had agreed to participate in court proceedings against Libyan army officers who remained loyal to Muammar Gaddafi, and who were trapped during the storm of Tripoli that took place at the end of August this year.

The young fighters of the Youth Movement of Libya took a lot of papers from Murad Alraubi’s house. None of the other family members, besides the judge, were injured.  Judge Alraubi’s house is located in the Bin Ashour, next to the consulate of Denmark. This area, according to TNC claims, is the most secure are in Tripoli.

Bani Walid

Friday, 30 SEP 2011

A Jamahiriya sniper killed a rebel commander, Samem Alnata. This happened during the rebels attacked on a convoy outside the city. Jamahiri forces also attacked the rebels in the Valley Bani Dinar. Libyan historic revolutionary Leader Colonel Muammar Gaddafi appeared on local radio with a short speech.

The rebels lost 1,000 of their soldiers since the attempted storming of Sirte and Bani Walid. They were lost in battle and defections.


Friday, 30 SEP 2011

Resistance Continues. Only the central region Gurtha is fully controlled by the rebels. The remaining is controlled by Jamahiri forces.

Rebels tried to bribe the Tuareg tribes and southern tribes, but the attempt was abandoned. Green jamahiri resistance forced the rebels to flee.

Sunday, 02 OCT 2011

New reports from Southern Libya reveal that at least 15,000 Tuareg fighters have entered Sabha to defend Libya against NATO war. At least 3,000 Tuareg fighters are already present in Ghadames, the city has been liberated which has allowed Western supply routes to reopen – from Tunisia to Libya and from Algeria to Libya.


Friday, 30 SEP 2011

The city is located in the Libyan desert, 650 km from Tripoli, close to Tunisia and Algeria. There are now Tuareg there helping Jamahiri forces.

Khamis Qaddafi’s special forces brigade attacked destroyed several cars that were filled with rebels.

Saturday, 01 OCT 2011

Following the announcement that Muammar Gaddafi was there, visiting the great mosque in the city, a rebel commander asked NATO to bomb. But NATO refused to bomb, fearing that the Tuareg would seek refuge against them, which would create a “powder keg” that  would cause the Tuareg tribes to seek revenge for the bombing of a mosque, by coming to NATO countries (especially Europe).


Friday, 30 SEP 2011

Fierce clashes occurred between between rebel groups yesterday, as covered in detail in previous reports.

Saturday, 01 OCT 2011

Fierce clashes took place between gangs of mercenaries. After the death of their leaders by Jamahiriya forces at Sirte and Bani Walid, they have no commanders who give orders for operations in those areas. The division of rebels is explained under “Definitions” at the start of this report above.

Southern Libya

Friday, 30 SEP 2011

Southern Libya is in the hands of the Jamahiriya.  People go about their business, not paying attention to the aircraft flying in the sky.

Saturday, 01 OCT 2011

Southern Libya is entirely in the hands of the Libyan Jamahiriya.

Friday, 30 SEP 2011

Storage of NATO weapons and ammunition have been exhausted, reports indicate. As a result, the renegades have left the city to offer support to rebels in Tripoli, at the international airport. At this point, they are in the company of American, French, and British officers who had fled from the center of Tripoli when Khamis al-Gaddafi arrived there with his elite brigade. They’re expected to take the first plane out, because the situation is critical for their security.

Saturday, 01 OCT 2011

Jamahiriya forces seized a NATO arsenal of weapons and ammunition.  NATO mercenaries and their commanders fled to Tripoli and wait at the international airport to be flown out.

Friday, 30 SEP 2011

Many developments. Mustafa Abdel Jalil has not been seen and appears to have departed from Benghazi. He will not escape justice, not only for existing crimes of corruption prior to the conspiracy war but for high treason.

As much as 50% of Benghazi is now closed to the rebels who have lost support.

Saturday, 01 OCT 2011

50% of the city is now under the green flag.  There are no rebels or TNC officers seen in many areas of Benghazi.


The rebels lost 1,000 of their soldiers since the attempted storming of Sirte and Bani Walid. They were lost in battle and mass defections from their ranks.

AL Jazeera confirms – Rebels flee Sirte

Al Jazeera, the popular Gulf Arab dictatorship media that has lost all credibility and is credited with starting the war against Libya via deliberate misinformation wrote: “[Rebel] fighters…have been forced to regroup on the edge of Sirte, after pro-Gaddafi [resistance] halted a two-week old assault on the [Libyan leader]’s hometown.”

This cuts down all speculation about the NATO and rebel capture of the seaport or any other part of the town which has resisted occupation after a month of siege, bombing its hospitals, food storage and super markets, and cutting the water supply and communications, in what amounts to horrific crimes against humanity being perpetrated by NATO, with near-total silence of the “international media“.

The International Committee of the Red Cross, which has been helping the terrorists, is reported to have supplied Sirte hospital with urgently needed medical assistance after the siege was finally broken.

On Saturday 1st October, a team of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) was finally able to enter Sirte, which has been under siege for a month, until that siege was finally broken by the brave fighters of the Libyan Jamahiriya.

The team included a doctor and crossed overland from Misrata. It reached Ibn Sina hospital, inside Sirte, and delivered urgently needed surgical material to treat about 200 wounded people, including dressing kits, body bags, and 400 litres of fuel to run the hospital’s generator.

Sunday, 02 OCT 2011

The news channel AlArabia which is owned by Saudi and other Gulf Arab dictators and is, alongside Al-Jazeera, a disinformation tool, has finally had to acknowledge that the rebels have failed on all fronts around Sirte. The Resistance was too strong for them.

Monday, 03 OCT 2011

Fighting continued in Sirte. Today 40 NATO members were killed and about a hundred wounded, and about the same number were killed in Bani Walid.

[ADDENDUM: The Red Cross mission was forced to leave Gaddafi’s hometown together with the fleeing refugees after less than 48 hours inside. A new Red Cross convoy that tried to deliver aid supplies to Sirte on Monday had to turn back due to the NTC forces resuming fire.]

Monday, 03 OCT 2011

A gang of NATO-rebel mercenaries were encircled and killed by Libyan people’s resistance forces.

Thirty-five (35) tanks and APCs (Armored Personnel Carriers) were destroyed by the Zintana Brigades, lead by Commander Amazigh and Commander Katara. This destruction occurred within an interval of only 5 minutes, 7 km from Tarragon (about 70 km from Tripoli).

The sequence, accuracy, and the amount of these successes has led NATO to begin to believe that these strikes are somehow coming from the air. Yet NATO is confused and says that their radar shows nothing coming from the air. Also, there is no thermal activity, from ground-based missile launchers, observed either.

NATO aircraft were sent out on combat missions, but were forced to return to their bases because they could not find the targets that were knocking out rat tanks. On closer examination of the remains of those vehicles, it was found that the tanks and APCs that were destroyed were undermined by French anti-tank mines. This information comes from a source in the Russian intelligence services who is engaged in monitoring the situation in Libya.

Later, military intelligence sources discovered that a unit of Tuareg called Squad 55, led by (Farouq Hamsa Hamsa), under the Zintana Brigades, and fighting on the side of Muammar Gaddafi and the Libyan Jamahiriya, was responsible for destroying the tanks and APCs. The Tuareg due to their pure Muslim piety possess exceptional spiritual powers that can render them invisible to enemy forces.

Three additional physical factors combined that caused the Squad 55 Tuareg unit to be unnoticed by NATO which was rendered blind, and to succeed in destroying those tanks and APCs:

1.) Silent movement on the sand
2.) A fine desert mist
3.) An olive grove next to Musayei.

The Squad 55 Tuareg unit quietly laid mines, and then slipped out into the night.  After 30 minutes, they activated mines. Forces loyal to Muammar Gaddafi now operate in versatile mobile groups.

Ras Lanuf
Sunday, 02 OCT 2011

Paratrooper Division (USA), knocked down in Ras Lanuf

82nd Paratrooper Division (USA), from North Carolina, has been knocked down by Jamahiriya fighters using SAM-7 missiles, during an attempt to land. The 82nd Division had participated in combat operations in Afghanistan. The Libyan resistance is now fighting alongside the Afghan, Iraqi and Serb resistance.

Khamis al-Gaddafi: We will win or die!
Saturday, 01 OCT 2011

This is a conversation that Khamis al-Kaddafi had with a classmate, Sergei [complete name purposely concealed], that had studied with him at the Frunze Military Academy. Khamis al-Gaddafi gave thanks to the people of Russia, who support the struggle of the Libyan people against the invaders.

The new strategy of the Libyan Resistance
Saturday, 01 OCT 2011

Dr. Moussa Ibrahim, announced a new resistance strategy called “Meem Nuhn” (MN).  Meem and Nuhn are the names of Arabic letters M and N respectively.  Meem (the letter M) stands for “Majlis Intikali,” and refers to the so-called Transitional National Council (TNC).  Nuhn (N) stands for NATO.

MN strategy is to completely change the situation in Libya, as was done in Afghanistan.  In other words, it was decided to conduct military operations everywhere and make the situation unstable for the enemy occupation forces and traitors in all regions of Libya. The goal is to break NATO plans and make it begin withdrawing its troops, leading to liberation from the Libyan land. As a result, the TNC will have to stand alone, face to face, one on one, with the Libyan people, which will allow the Libyan Jamahiri Resistance to smash the rebels within one month, Insha Allah (God Willing).  Through this strategy, Libya may be freed from NATO and the traitors.

“Recent events have shown us that the TNC is powerless to even enter into such cities as Bani Walid and Sirte, after many weeks of siege”.

Dr Moussa Ibrahim points out that the invasion of Tripoli was made possible by NATO troops. That is why, said Moussa Ibrahim, the TNC begs NATO to stay in Libya.

Recall that on 1 October Libyan combat troops attacked three airports: Tripoli, Benghazi and Misrata.  They shot down two British Apache helicopters in two days. And, most importantly, NATO people failed to paralyze the system operational linkages between the Libyan army combat units operating in different parts of the country.

ALL OF LIBYA resists invaders
Sunday, 02 OCT 2011

South Libya remains 97% under Jamahiriya control.  When rebels and mercenaries left a village, where they had hung the flag of the monarchy, that flag was taken down and the Green Flag was raised.  NATO air strikes have weakened, which allows for defensive operations.

The Berber tribes of Zintan signed an agreement with neighboring tribes to fight the hordes of NATO and the TNC.

NATO and the TNC tried to open an office in Gariyane, but it was immediately burnt down by Libyan patriots, who cannot tolerate traitors amongst Libyans.  Apparently, this office was destroyed by the forces of the national Libyan Resistance.

Mathaba Commentary

Libya, Africa and the World

Mathaba which has accurately predicted NATO failures, that Qaddafi would never leave Libya, that he would survive all attacks, and that this will be the war to end all wars, has some further predictions: the white racist arrogance and kleptomania of the Amero-Euro capitalists, will prevent them from cessation of hostilities and aggression against Africa, as they will not submit to fair and independent trials for Crimes Against Humanity. This prediction is not a die-cast such as the previously mentioned predictions, based on sound analysis and exceptional sources, but is based on probability.

However, a definite prediction that does not depend upon NATO actions, but which NATO can greatly assist by dropping nuclear bombs on Africa, is the following:

The Libyan Arab Jamahiriya will be transformed in its jurisdiction, to include the entire Sahal-Sahara region, resulting in an African Muslim Jamahiriya by whatever name it will adopt. It will cover the entire region along with much of the territories of Sudan, Libya, Algeria, Tunisia, Chad, Mali, Burkina Faso and Niger.

Already, the Khartoum-based genocidal dictatorship of the “Government of Sudan” which has public face male impotent prostitute Omar Bashir as its face, with Ali Osman Mohammed Taha the real power giving it up the rear end, is severely weakened, and is collapsing into chaos, with rebels loyal to the African Muslim hero Muammar Qaddafi and his advisers, controlling most of Sudan.

At the world level, Africa will exert is rights and responsibilities, and a Universal Jamahiriya absolutely must and will result, if the world is to survive the criminals.

Governments, including the “powerful” such as Russia, China and India, have recognized the terrorists, even though they control at most 5% of the territory of Libya, and less than 1% of the population of Libya (in terms of hearts, brains and souls). They have thus set the cat out of the bag, with the danger of future recognition by democratic regimes world wide, of alternatives to their governments. The power of media disinformation and the failure of states to trust accurate sources and be advised by those who have the best information, Mathaba, Qaddafi, IPCO, and others, has already resulted in much chaos and the setting of dangerous precedents.

China in particular has a large interest in Africa, which can effectively be replaced by India, at the wishes of powerful forces in Africa, not least the African King of Kings. China has become dependent upon global capitalism, with the result of great instability at home, and mounting resistance in Africa, especially within the Sahel-Sahara region. India on the other hand, stands to benefit from the transfer of experience to Africa, and the supply of resources in return, depending upon developments over the coming months.

Other Commentary

[With additional commentaries by Dennis South]

Allain Jules, on October 1. NEWS FROM THE FRONT – TNC in FEAR!
Saturday, 01 OCT 2011

NATO’s nose is stuck so deep in his own shit [sic], that it becomes impossible to it to continue its genocidal quest for plunder of Libyan resources. It certainly is not love for Gaddafi that’s causing these calls for peace from Libya’s enemies. The truth is that the rebel-traitors feel cheated because NATO has been unsuccessful in killing Brother Leader Muammar Gaddafi.  In addition, support for Gaddafi by the citizens of Libya has grown even more.

Two days ago in Tripoli there were demonstrations in support of Gaddafi. Bounty hunters from the TNC, who are still trying to find Gaddafi, do not know where to turn. Khamis al-Gaddafi, a man with nine lives, issued the rebels an ultimatum: leave Tripoli as live men, or stay in Tripoli as dead men. Khamis’s troops first captured the offices of NATO and the CIA before moving to the offices of the TNC.

Allain Jules: Front summary of October 2
Sunday, 02 OCT 2011

Victories are multiplying in Libya.  The Green Flag is gradually becoming predominant. It never ceased to be so, but this flag has never been so clear in the eyes of NATO members, who believe themselves to be up against the wall. The Green Flag continues to soar. Moussa Ibrahim dismissed the rumors of his capture, showing that he is in a safe place, somewhere in Libya. It was announced that Colonel Gaddafi will make a statement next week.

At the periphery, at a place called Bab Gargaresh, more than 45 insurgents have been eliminated.  Tarhouna, forces led by Khamis al-Qadhafi pursued the rebels and tried to free blacks from the prison of Benghazi. In Bani Walid, the Patriots have eliminated the resistance of 40 rebels.

For the first time NATO did not bomb civilians in Libya. Unique, but their site says nothing about the situation in Libya. Last updated: September 30.  Is this a sign?

Therefore we can conclude by saying that now the NATO-rebels are afraid to move because the danger lurks everywhere. On the other hand, supporters of the Patriots are invisible, but they act effectively.

NATO to end its airstrikes soon?

NTC mouthpiece, Al Jazeera, reports that NATO leaders are to meet and review the situation in Libya next week. It is possible that they might start to wrap up the whole operation; airstrikes could, quite possibly, end, “unless specifically requested by the Libyan transitional government”.

This is very surprising as very recently the operation has been extended for 90 days and NATO with NTC have only secured a small part of Libyan oil (mostly offshore oil rigs). This might be caused by recent the recent failures of NATO and the rebels: inability to conquer Sirte, riots in Benghazi, failure to protect Ghadames [rebels], capturing of CIA documents in Tripoli by Khamis Brigade, un-confirmed losses of three ships patroling Libya waters throughout last weeks and more.  The money invested in the NATO operation is not bringing the quick return that NATO governments expected, and most of the governments of the NATO alliance cannot afford such expense.

Depending on the interpretation of “airstrikes on demand,” this development could might mean a quick end to the NTC.

Update on above: The above information is now confirmed in this report.

As you can see, NATO is boasting that they have brought the TNC to the point where they can take care of themselves, and that is the reason that NATO says that its bombing will likely come to an end.  But, we have never been able to believe a single word that NATO and the TNC have said.

So, my sense is that the truth is that NATO is preparing to let the TNC hang out to dry, and that Colonel Muammar Gaddafi and the Libyan Jamahiriya have effectively won this war. May God bless them, and may it soon prove to be true.

The decision to cease air operations in Libya will be taken on October 6 at a meeting of NATO defense ministers in Brussels. This was reported to ITAR-TASS by a senior source at the headquarters of the alliance.

Asked about the future of al-Gaddafi, the source noted that “the alliance never was intended to hunt for some individuals.” [NOTE: That is absolute GARBAGE! They view him as the “key” to taking Libya.  The truth is Gaddafi is in the hearts of the Libyan people, so they can never destroy him. That means that even if they had killed Gaddafi, he would still be here, in the hearts of the Libyans, and NATO would still be defeated].

Obama, Sarkozy and Cameron are followed by the words of African thinkers: “The truth, as the buttocks, you have to sit on it.” In other words: You are the prisoners of your own lies, and therefore it is necessary to change tactics.” [NOTE: More simply said: “Like it or not, you’re going to have to accept the truth, and leave Libya].

Senior NATO officers are expressing “fear of Nuremberg” in Libya. It seems that these NATO officers are “concerned” that the unnecessary civilian casualties, as well as the unnecessary destruction of civilian dwellings, will raise the issue of the personal responsibility of those who gave these orders, and that they will be punished in accordance with the principles of the Nuremberg Tribunal.

One reason for this fear is that the evidence against NATO is massive: reports, films, photos and living witnesses.

It is time to win
Sunday, 02 OCT 2011

The time is coming when NATO will have to leave Libya and the rats will panic and be defeated.

Soon, Brother Leader Muammar Gaddafi, and the Libyan Jamahiriya, will write or leave a voice message to the people of Libya detailing the strategy to be used in the initial stages of a post-NATO Libya. Here is an outline, received from a source:

1. First of all the volunteers of the tribes that will clean Libyan towns and villages of rats will kill them only if they attempt to fight the volunteers  [NOTE: This seems to suggest that the rats will be asked to surrender, and to give up their weapons]. Prisoners will be respected, and they will be released within a short period of time.  The volunteers will not commit any crime against the rats.  We the Libyan people are not like the rats that disgraced the name “Muslim,” and cooperated with the enemies and the crusaders.

2. The women that come from a rat family, or are rats themselves, must not be harmed, and they must be respected with regards to their honor [NOTE: no raping or any other sexual abuse].

3. The moujaheeds [Jamahiriya fighters], while cleansing the cities and villages, should respect the property of the people and also protect any public infrastructure that belongs to the Libyan people as a whole.

4. No violation of human rights or anything that can justify any further foreign interference [that is, used by foreigners as an excuse to effect their own selfish designs in Libya] will be accepted.

5. Also, in order to prevent the tribal unity in Libya from being broken, there will be a statement of unity that will be made, and all of the tribes, no matter what their stance was during the foreign intervention, will be called to sign it. Signing this statement of unity will be the last opportunity for those tribes that contained traitors to clarify their position and admit any mistake that they have made.

The first tribes that will sign this statement will be the Warfalla Tribe of Bani Walid, the Touareg tribe, and the tribes of Sirte.

Notice to administrator of this page: We hope that our members will spread the news about the above, 5-point plan by posting it in their profile or page and everywhere so that, in the future, hopefully, the rats will not be able to tell lies about being mistreated.

News from other sources:

Summary of NSBNC, October 1st (No Spin News By Christof Lehmann)

(For full report, click here)

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