The Bankers Are the Problem

By Anonymous

One response to “The Bankers Are the Problem

  1. funny thing is the govt chats and agrees to all the banksters proposals..
    and then tries to deny complicity.
    aus has Ken Henry a financial…..who was govyy employee, he quits and in a very short time seems to have a nice BANK job.
    in NO normal area i an ex govvy workr allowed to immediately go to a related and very likely compromisable position,
    our pathetic excuse for a Prime Minister in Aus
    “had a chat” with mr henry and thinks its will be quite ok for him to move to a leading bank.
    it is NOT just the banksters who need the boot, but its a good start!
    loans to be renegotiated at REAL values.
    NO changes in the interest rates, set them fairly and keep that margin, people then have surety.
    news reports in Aus say about 5,000 protestors on wall st.
    Our media LIES just like the govt that controls it. same as yours does.

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