TheAnonPress recants Operation Invade Wall Street

On Oct. 7, TheAnonPress recanted two videos, “Operation Invade Wall Street: A Message to the Media” and “Operation Invade Wall Street: A Message to the People” where it was promised that the NYSE would be taken down via a DDoS attack on October 10, Columbus Day.

COTO Report reposted one of those original videos.

TheAnonPress states it would not issue a warning prior to an attack, nor would a holiday attack on the NYSE be relevant.

For the geek-aware, TheAnonPress also said would never urge people to use a LOIC site (Low Orbit Ion Cannon) after its Operation Payback attack on MasterCard and VISA “created consequences.” Per Gizmodo, LOIC can launch a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack on websites when used en masse by thousands of anonymous users.

TheAnonPress has since removed the two videos of Operation Invade Wall street from its Youtube channel.


One response to “TheAnonPress recants Operation Invade Wall Street

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