Blackwater: This Time It’s Your House

By Amy de Miceli

Blackwater is on its way to your home – don’t worry they aren’t going to be confiscating weapons, shooting your family or raping your sister – this time its just a game.  Erik Prince, the founder of Blackwater has decided that his private mercenary army can be fun for the whole family, and has turned Blackwater into a video game.

At one time not so long ago here in America, Blackwater was synonymous with lawlessness and destruction. In the video game, Blackwater is working with the UN, ” just trying to protect people”, an attempt to portray themselves as the good guys they never were in real life.

In Iraq they were accused of horrific crimes against innocent men, women and children.

In New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina the Department of Homeland Security contracted the paramilitary force, made up of foreign nationals, to patrol American soil!  Blackwater troops were actually “deputized” by the Louisiana governor and authorized to make arrests and use lethal force against American citizens, the same citizens paying them $240,000 a day.

In this Eric Prince fairytale, it is fitting that the UN and Blackwater are working together. It is also frightening, because if there were something that might trigger social upheaval (as the globalists are provoking right now), causing a martial law type situation, it would most likely be the UN and some private army like Blackwater patrolling our streets. This little video game will make it psychologically easier for such a scenario to unfold.

It’s amazing that this is a viable product. So little time has passed since everyone knew that Blackwater was bad news, could we be this far off?  Prince seems to think so, and he is attempting to capitalize on our inability to stay focused by moving forward with his attack on young American minds that, without guidance, are unfortunately ripe for a good brain washing.

Today Blackwater is known as Xe, and Prince is not associated with it.

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