Preserving Mainstream Media Reports of 9/11 Skepticism

By Elizabeth Woodworth

At the tenth anniversary of September 11, 2001, there were at least four objective news reports of 9/11 skepticism published in the mainstream press.

These have either disappeared from the Google news search, or have been retitled. Therefore, they have been reposted at COTO Report and are referenced below for posterity.

1. Canada’s National Post gave a full page to the Toronto Hearings on September 9, 2011, which in the print and original online versions was titled “The Truth is Out There,” at:

And at

The National Post subsequently changed the title of the piece (which is what now shows on Google News), to “The Truthers are Out There,” at:

2. The Montreal Gazette ran a story on September 9 for which the title keywords no longer retrieve the article on Google, but the link continues to exist: “Toronto Hearings to examine ‘state crime of 9/11,”

And at

3. The Toronto Globe and Mail‘s September 7th article is still findable using the title keywords, but is not included in Google news: “For truthers, 9/11 was an inside job,”

And at

4. The Guardian reported, without skepticism, speeches referring to 9/11 as a false flag operation. The article is retrievable by its keywords, but does not show up in Google news, perhaps because it is a blog: “How the world changed after 9/11,”

And at

3 responses to “Preserving Mainstream Media Reports of 9/11 Skepticism

  1. google and usa govt hand in the glove puppet.

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