GMO, chemtrail opponent arrested in Serbia

By Mara Kern

For daring to expose the truth about genocide of Serbs and humanity by poisons sprayed from the planes, the truth about illegal growth and trade with GMOs (genetically modified organisms) in our country, Nikola Aleksić, the leader of Serbian ecologist is facing dire difficulties, and is requesting donations.

While on his way to the press conference in Belgrade, they tried to kill him, and this was not the first attempt to do so.

Monsanto sued him through its exclusive partner in Serbia for exposing the truth about GMOs, threatening to deprive him and his family of their flat as a means of lawsuit compensation with the help of corrupted courts in Serbia.

All potential donators and sponsors are being threatened and ordered not to help nor to cooperate with ecologists and Eko Movement.

Nikola Aleksić has been on the most altruistic battlefield for more than four decades, achieving most impressive results, but inspite all that, the mainstream media is closed for him and for the truth in Serbia.

He publicly demanded from the government to proclaim Serbia a NON GMO territory by the 2nd October 2011. When this was not fulfilled he went to the assembly alone, but was under no charges arrested by the police and taken to the court where the judge fined him.

Do you know anybody in the world who to keep his vow went alone against the country parliament to make a better future of his people?

Do you know anybody in the world who publicly summoned the army to arrest the Chief Commander for betrayal of his people and the state?

Such courage abides only in Nikola Aleksić. If we allow the Serbian regime to destroy the Ecological Movement and break the neck of Nikola Aleksić the world will be deprived of an extraordinary warrior for environmental protection, for human rights, for survival of the planet Earth and its peoples.

That is why we send this appeal hoping to get solidarity and support for Ecological Movement of Novi Sad which will save the Planet and resist the New World Order. Your donations regardless of quantity will be most beneficial.

The payments may be donated to the Ecoloski pokret (Ecological Movement of Novi Sad) foreign currency account:

Beneficiary: Ekoloski pokret Novog Sada
Vojvodjanskih Brigada 17
21000 Novi Sad

IBAN: RS35335007010002733895
Branch address: Strazilovska ul. 2
City: Novi Sad
Country: Serbia

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