The modern history of Iran and WW3

The US, Israel and NATO are gearing up for war on Iran. Here is the modern history of the NWO thugs that have taken over America. In the second video, Prof. Michel Chossudovsky points out the hypocrisy of going after Iran, which signed the Nuclear Treaty, and five European nations which do have nuclear weapons but which are considered non-nuclear states: Belgium, Holland, Germany, Italy and Turkey.

Also see Prof. Chossudovsky on these plans:

2 responses to “The modern history of Iran and WW3

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  2. Since the West deposed the Shah that the West put in power and replaced him with the Islamic Revolution we could argue that they have been attacking Iran for quite a long time. And I think if the West attacks Iran it will not be World War III. Iran will do some damage.
    However Russia and China will not intervene and that will be the reason Iran is attacked-because she is ripe for picking. At this point in history it must be obvious that any excuse serves the task at hand and hypocrisy is lip service to international norms that do not exist. Think on this: international norms do not stand in the way of great powers doing as they like.

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