World News on Bush Visit to Canada: Arrest the War Criminal

On March 17th 2009, Cynthia McKinney’s birthday, we broke the police line defending the puppet of Wall Street G.W. Bush in Calgary Alberta and attempted to serve him the papers drawn up by Gail Davidson and Lawyers Against War (LAW).

This mass torturer/murderer is coming to Surrey, BC this October 20th 2011, lets give him and Bill Clinton a huge welcome. (P.S. Bring an extra pair of handcuffs for Mayor Watts for collaborating with self confessed war criminals.)

Below is a list of articles from corporate media reporting on the call for his arrest. Amnesty asks Canada to apprehend Bush-(International Middle East) Canadian response luke warm to Amnesty’s call to arrest George Bush ( Switzerland ) Amnesty International asks Canada to arrest George Bush ( Egypt ) Arrest Bush! Canadians call for Presidential scalp (Russia Times) Request that George Bush be barred from Canada (Montreal) Amnesty wants Tories to arrest Bush during visit( montreal ) AI urges Canada to prosecute George Bush (Business review Canada ) Arrest Bush (Bangladesh) No amnesty for Bush (The Voice of Russia) Council on Foreign Relations on Bush visit Amnesty urges Canada to arrest George Bush (Pakistan) Don’t let Bush get away with torture (Human Rights Watch) Amnesty to Canada : arrest George Bush (New Zealand) Jurist-Rights group urge Canada to arrest Bush ahead of visit AI wants Canada to arrest Bush-(Tucson Sentinel) AI calls on Canada to arrest Bush (PanArmenian) Amnesty calls on Canada to arrest Bush for torure (Japan) (Radio Netherlands) (Asian Tribune) (Sri Lanka) (MSNBC) (Times of India) (The Australian)

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