In Print: The Occupied Wall Street Journal

By Meryl Ann Butler

New Yorkers are saying, “Enough already!” And so are the rest of the 99 percent.

Boasting its second issue, the Occupied Wall Street Journal began publication from a secret location, documenting the occupation and offering practical information on getting involved. According to Anastasia Churkina of RT, NY, 50,000 copies of the first issue of the paper were gone within two days. So were 100,000 of the second issue. The paper does not have advertisers. $75,000 was donated to start it up.

Michael Levitin, former freelance writer for Newsweek, LA Times, and Associated Press is managing editor.

Jed Brandt, publisher of the Occupied Wall Street Journal, says: “What most Americans believe is not allowed on television. They’ll have the same commentators, telling us the same issues over and over, pointing fingers, telling us who to hate and fear. We need to provide something for people all across the country that encourages them to directly participate.”

According to, “On Saturday, October 8, the Occupy Wall Street demonstrators in Lower Manhattan handed out the second issue of the Occupied Wall Street Journal.

Issue 2

You can download The PDF from Google Docs (official, login might be required), and Scribd (unofficial, login might be required). Or you can see the paper embedded (on their site at click here , HTML 5-compabile browser required).

“The front page story is called The Most Important Thing in the World.’ It’s an edited version of a speech by author Naomi Klein, and was also published by The Nation.

“The speech offers a look back at the economic justice movement since 1999, along with advice for how the protestors can succeed in the face of a well-funded and well-entrenched opposition. Klein stresses nonviolence, and concludes that this movement is the most important thing in the world.”

The first issue of the Occupied Wall Street Journal can be read and downloaded at Scribd at click here.

Meryl Ann Butler is an artist, author, and educator who has been actively engaged in utilizing the arts as stepping-stones toward joy-filled enlightenment for the past two decades. See her YouTube video, “Visionary Artist Meryl Ann Butler on Creativity and Joy“.

2 responses to “In Print: The Occupied Wall Street Journal

  1. This, is only just the beginning. What there is, is an underlying passion.
    It is only just finding its focus and the more “THEY” do to try to quell it, the more focused it’ll become.
    We, the people divided have been purposely kept out of focus like little flashlights shining off in every direction like fireflys over a pond whereas, they’ve maintained a unified intent and are focused as a lazer.
    It’s against them now. They’ve been the anti cyclone spinning against the coriolis effect. They’re running out of momentum and nature will blow them off into flotsam on the seas of time.

    • Hope springs eternal; I keep hoping this OWS takes off and doesn’t stop until we end the fed and rescind all debt. oh, yes, there’s so much more, but once we get ahold of our monetary supply — our sovereign right to produce money without paying anyone interest to do so — other goals become more achievable.

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