Vote for Zinn Education Project: Promote A People’s History

By Myla Kabat-Zinn

About three years ago, my father and a former student founded the Zinn Education Project (ZEP). Their goal was to promote “people’s history” in schools across the country.

To support this important work will take less than five minutes and requires no money. CREDO/Working Assets supports a wide field of progressive organizations and has selected the ZEP as one of 40 organizations it will fund.

Vote for ZEP today.

Each year, CREDO members and CREDO Action member help decide which organizations receive donations. Vote today for the Zinn Education Project. In early 2012, the Zinn Education Project will receive a percentage of the donations raised equal to the percentage that we receive.

Voting is easy. Go to and vote for the Zinn Education Project (Economic & Social Justice category) so that we can continue to provide free resources for teaching a people’s history. It’s a quick and effective way to support the Zinn Education Project — at no extra cost to you.

Here’s full instructions:

Specifically, CREDO wanted to support teachers by providing information and classroom-tested materials.

I am happy to report the Zinn Education Project remains vital and growing. The website now offers more than 100 downloadable teaching activities, an extensive array of audio/video materials, and well-researched curriculum resources. The project also features a robust Facebook effort, which has become a focal point for the exchange of ideas and materials.

By any measure, the ZEP is growing, successful, and true to my father’s vision.

ZEP recently recorded its 14,000th teacher registration. And, based on current registrations, the Zinn Education Project should exceed 20,000 by year’s end. It’s heartening to see that so many K-12 educators are “teaching outside the textbook.

CREDO nominates these groups and then invites you to vote. Based on the final tally, about $2 million will be distributed on a proportional basis.

Just follow this link, and you’ll be asked to support a progressive cause (via an online petition) and then you can vote electronically. You can support the Zinn Education Project with up to 40 votes.

The ZEP website features hundreds of teaching activities and resources searchable by theme or time period—- all for FREE.

U.S. Registrant Map-092611
Teachers in every U.S. state are using the website.


Your votes count. An estimated $2 million is distributed each year. With just 4 percent of the votes, we could continue the Zinn Education Project for a year.

As you know, education funding is being slashed; history and social studies are being downgraded.

If ever we needed ZEP, it’s now. I know my father valued the work of the Zinn Education Project. In fact, it is the only organization that he endorsed with his name.

Please support this important endeavor . . . and spread the word.

One response to “Vote for Zinn Education Project: Promote A People’s History

  1. First, thank you for your service!

    I love your declaration, especially the first grievance. If you had to state the movement’s objective in one sentence I think it would be this point. We need to get the money out of politics.

    I don’t support the idea of July 4, 2012! We need these things NOW! You have momentum NOW! People are rising all over the world! You must capitalize on your momentum.

    Wall Street is the financial epicenter of the world. I hope the crowd’s there swell to such a number that it shuts the whole city down. I wish I could be standing shoulder to shoulder with you.

    Stand behind this one demand, make the time frame immediate and grow the crowds in NYC until they threaten to shut the city down. The powers that be will not have that. They will respond.

    With all the force of my will, intellect and spirit I am behind you.
    -Maureen Hinkle

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