Your Primary Purpose

by Volaar

The Occupy Wall Street protesters and their partners, globally, have a lot of agendas that they would like to see activated towards the cause of economic justice.

We only need one agenda item activated and it is worth its weight in gold.

Close down the Federal Reserve Banking system.  Do what Andrew Jackson did temporarily and what Kennedy tried to do (but was assassinated for it, among other things) — shut down the international network of bankers and financiers who have made it their business to systematically disempower democracies all over the world while lining their own pockets with the profits of our labor.

The United States is in a good position, but certainly not a powerful one, to end the reign of these rampaging monsters.  With a lot of core industries shipped overseas, we will have difficulty rebuilding our infrastructure, but we can do it and we do not need to pay interest on our own sovereign debt to do so.  Paying interest to bankers for the “priviledge” of them printing our “notes” is completely assinine and always has been.  Now that we can clearly see why these bankers wanted this level of power and control over us, we can permanently dispense with them once and for all.

What will soon follow this missive are a number of global geotectonic events sufficient to bring about a global cooling that will give us all a temporary reprieve from the global warming that has had us all concerned and it will substantially weaken any and all government attempts at stopping us from achieving our goals of national sovereignty, international brother and sisterhood and peace on Earth.

But it must start with a singular focus on the most critical issue of our time: how we value our time and labor, and who, specifically, has the right to control or manipulate the value of that time and labor.  We might believe that two percent per year is not much of a tax to pay for civilization, but what has been done to us over the past thirty years has NOT been civilized.  We have been worked into mindlessness, had our children programmed for complete ignorance and consumption, and have had millions of innocent people murdered in our name and without our consent.

Enough.  The fury of Mother Earth is about to be felt globally and with a rage that is long overdue.

As a first step, trade in all your “federal reserve notes” for Susan B. Anthony dollar coins.  We pay no interest on the coins we mint, only the federal reserve notes we print.  Trade in these coins and give them whatever value we agree on.  For now they are worth their weight in gold.

3 responses to “Your Primary Purpose

  1. Andrew Jackson, not Andrew Johnson.

  2. yeah — I’m with you on this, v. bring down the central banks

    love the “brother and sisterhood” frame

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