10 Things Ghandi Might Have Tweeted

By Gordan Smith

With Ghandi’s commitment to simplicity of life, it is hard to imagine that he would have participated in the Twitter world, but if he had, I’m sure that his tweets would have been re-tweeted many times over. Should he have been inclined to share his thoughts in 140 character lines over this digital medium, they may have been something like this.

  1. “My dog is no more, or less, a pet to me than I am to him. I would never bite him.” Ghandi believed himself, and mankind, to be no greater than the other inhabitants of the earth.
  2. “The benefit of prison isolation is that the paparazzi are not permitted here.” Ghandi had an extreme distaste for the media.
  3. “Violent men create their god in their image, not the other way around.” Ghandi believed in the perfection of God while attesting to the inherent imperfection of men.
  4. “If you are hungry, take the last of my bread; and we will both enjoy contentedness.” Ghandi maintained that self-sacrifice brought fulfillment.
  5. “The internet has brought the world closer together and people further apart.” Ghandi only saw the value in face-to-face, intimate communications.
  6. “Domino’s delivers in thirty minutes that which the government cannot achieve in centuries.” Ghandi held the government wholly responsible and accountable for the plight of hunger in his country.
  7. “The more developed a nation becomes, the more it destroys its people.” Having a firm belief in the simplicity of life and welfare, Ghandi saw technology and industrialization as a means to an end of the human being.
  8. “Those who aspire to bring terror are, themselves, the most afraid.”  Ghandi could not comprehend such acts of violence and attributed such as flaws in personal faith and not as an act based upon oppression.
  9. “Those who desire to detonate themselves, to meet their God, should do so alone.” Ghandi confirmed, and lived, the belief that no man has the right to claim another’s life–for any reason.
  10. “While good Indian people are tending the world’s software issues, their gardens are overrun with weeds.” Ghandi had issues with international trade and trade services, believing that the Indian people would be prostituted. He also contended that agricultural ventures were a more honest form of work.

If you are looking for something profound to send out in a tweet, you might want to look up some of Ghandi’s quotes. You are sure to find words of wisdom that others will appreciate and benefit from in the records of his words.

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