Day of Rage: Occupy movement spreads to 80 countries

By Alan Taylor
The Atlantic

The Occupy Wall Street movement continues to grow and has now spread across the world, motivating thousands to voice their anger at financial and social inequality, and in some places merging with existing anti-government protests. On Saturday, a global “Day of Rage” was observed, and demonstrations took place in more than 80 countries around the world. Protesters took their messages and anger to the streets from Hong Kong to Fairbanks, from Miami to London, from Berlin to Sydney, and hundreds more cities large and small. The demonstrations were largely peaceful — with the exception of some violent clashes in Rome. Collected here are some images from the past several days as the Occupy Wall Street message continues to resonate and grow.

See all 50 large photos.


With all this corporate media coverage, it must be true that we are being psychologically handled. This must be the rulers’ way of venting populist steam, as others have suggested. ~ Ed

5 responses to “Day of Rage: Occupy movement spreads to 80 countries

  1. I attended Occupy Victoria, BC/CANADA
    Much of the talk focused on”colonialism”
    Altho’ opinions were expressed, I would not saythis was done with
    either RAGE or ANGER.
    Knowing the past and present, the energy of the day was so positive, harmonious with a focus on going forward and making the change, that I felt we were in celebration of our UNITY, our common mind,our humanity and planetary care ,

    The energy was extraordinary.
    I am a senior now, and had intended to stay about an hour.
    I couldn’t leave, because it was so engaging.

    • that’s interesting, Oem. i haven’t heard much anger about any US protests either — except when the jackboots start bashing rally goers.

      i wonder what the feeling is in other nations

  2. I have seen photos were the protesters clashing in italy, were wearing the same police issue boots as the police they were clashing with….
    Coincidence? Was there a sale at Penney’s?

    The question is simply this… Why would anyone create clashes so they could be photographed by the press?

    • yeah, cz, this might be the hegelian dialectic in operation: problem, reaction, solution

      the solution will no doubt be more police state authoritarianism

  3. Yes, we protesters are all just undercover cops or pawns manipulated by the global Illuminati. No wonder the right writes about the looney left. We are our own worst enemy.

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