Occupy Wall Street: A Trojan Horse for Nazi Revival

By Yoichi Shimatsu
The 4th Media

The Nazis are back on the streets of the Western world. This time, they’re not wearing swastika armbands or raising the straight-arm salute. Instead, neo-Nazi operatives are keeping a low profile, tweeting messages over iPhones, communicating with hand signals and brandishing propaganda posters from Adbusters. Despite appearances of free-for-all equality at Occupy Wall Street protests, a clandestine rightist network – allied with British intelligence agents and a far-right Swedish tycoon – secretly controls the agenda.

As Europe and North America once again plunge into deep economic crisis, the sons of Nazism are reappearing in New York, London, Madrid and hundreds of other cities to assemble wolf packs to take down “decadent” laissez-faire consumer capitalism and replace it with efficiency and stern discipline. OWS is the first stage of a master strategy; and the immediate task is to identify, select and recruit bright-eyed and obedient activists for indoctrination. The methods have already proven successful in the Color Revolutions in post-Soviet Eastern Europe and the Arab Spring’s empowerment of former Nazi allies, including the Muslim Brotherhood.

The Nazi Underground in Postwar Australia

The two key operatives behind the OWS – Kalle Lasn of Adbusters and Julian Assange of Wikileaks – share obscure backgrounds with disturbing links to the Nazi underground in postwar Australia.  Lasn, the mastermind behind Occupy Wall Street, resides on a farm outside Vancouver, Canada.  His back-to-nature lifestyle is not inconsistent with the idyllic pastoral myth that justified the expansion of German “living space” or lebensraum throughout conquered Poland and Ukraine.  Adolf Hitler was a vegetarian and his favorite spot was the Eagle’s Nest in the pristine Alps.

In several interviews, Lasn mentioned his childhood in brief: birth in Estonia in 1942, his family’s escape to a German refugee camp toward the end of World War II and their immigration to Australian at age 7.

The Women of Australia website records that the first postwar Estonians and Latvians to immigrate to Australia “had been carefully chosen to show Australians that Baltic Displaced People were blond, blue-eyed and thoroughly assimilable.”

The selection process went beyond Aryan physical features. “A significant number of people from the Baltic countries, it was revealed, had fought or served in the SS,” writes Mark Aarons, author of “Sanctuary”. “The consequences would be a significant movement of ex-Nazis and Nazi collaborators into Australia.” Jewish refugees aboard some vessels “actually identified an SS guard or a Nazi official who had been responsible in their region for carrying out the Holocaust on the same ship.”

Since Estonia was behind the Eastern Front following Hitler’s surprise attack on the Soviet Union, the two main Nazi organizations were the Einsatz Group A commandos, who hunted down and murdered Jews, Roma (gypsies) and leftists; and the Estonian Sichenheit Police, who served as guards at the Kalevi-Liva concentration camp. When the Red Army rolled back into the Baltics at the end of 1944, these war criminals fled back to Germany.

“You can trace their war crimes, their recruitment by U.S. intelligence, their immigration into Australia and then you can trace it all the way through to them going onto the payroll of the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation,” Rose states, “the purpose being that they would help ASIO in anti-communist operations and the procurement of international intelligence.”

In an interview, [Adbusters’] Kalle Lasn recalled that at age 23 he joined the Australian Defence Force, where he was assigned to playing computer war games. In 1965, computerized wargaming was being introduced to Australia by the Cranfield Institute, under British military intelligence. The two main preoccupations of ASIO at the time was monitoring the passage of Soviet warships through the Malacca Strait on their voyage to Vladivostok and Western genocidal-level extermination of leftist-led liberation movements in Vietnam and Indonesia.

Following his discharge, Lasn set up a marketing company in Japan and immigrated to Canada with his Japanese bride. There in Vancouver,when starting Adbusters magazine, he espoused militant environmentalism and anti-consumerism with poster art reminiscent of Nazi propaganda images. In 2009, his radical organization received more than U.S. $300,000 in funding from the Tides Foundation, based in San Francisco.

Wikileaks’ Roots in Police Infiltration

The much-publicized guest of honor at the Occupy London protest was Julian Assange, founder of Wikileaks. In the mid-1990s, Assange served as an infiltrator into hacker groups in Melbourne, Australia, under supervision of Australian-American criminologist Suelette Dreyfuss. Their co-authored 1997 book “Underground_Hacking, Madness and Obsession on the Electronic Frontier” was written from a police perspective. In that early era of hacking, Western intelligence agencies ran covert programs to incriminate young hackers for computer break-ins or drug charges, giving them the choice of either serving time in prison or working for state security.

At the creation of Wikileaks in 2007, under a U.S. intelligence program to pressure or “nudge” online critics of the 9-11 cover-up, criminologist Dreyfuss joined the advisory board with exiled Chinese dissidents Wang Dan, China Democracy Party founder Wang Youcai and Xiao Qiang, the chief editor of the Berkeley-based China Democracy Times. As recently as 2010, Julian Assange stated: “China is the enemy.”

[Ed. Note: Assange said that China — not the US — is the technological enemy of Wikileaks, giving this quote a different meaning.]

The anti-China links were recently expressed in dissident Chai Ling’s praise for the Occupy Boston protest, supremely hypocritical words considering she made her fortune as a stock analyst for Mitt Romney’s Bain Investment group, a vulture capital firm that launched takeovers of troubled companies and imposed cost-cutting with massive layoffs of employees.

Currently Assange is under the protection of British intelligence service at the country estate of Vaughan Smith, a former officer in the Queen’s Guards, a top army sniper, military-embedded filmmaker in the Kosovo and Afghan conflicts, and founder of the Frontline Club for war journalists. Smith is now in charge of vetting and releasing the U.S. Embassy cables.

Assange’s long connections with Western intelligence began in childhood with his tutelage in an Australian cult called Santiniketan Park Association, run by Anne Hamilton-Byrne. Her group acted as a training center for blond, blue-eyed children, which some cult experts charge was carrying out the “Lebensborn” project, a Nazi program to breed Aryan children.

Many of these children were subjected to sexual abuse for purposes of developing obedient agents. The Tavistock Institute in London devised the cruel mind-control methods by applying Freudian psychoanalysis theories of childhood trauma as key to psychological development.

The Nazi connections of the Wikileaks founder resurfaced more recently in Sweden, where his website was hosted by Pirate’s Bay, a company financed by far-right tycoon Carl Lundstrum. After selling his family’s Wasa cracker company to Sandoz, the pharmaceutical associated with the CIA’s program in LSD-induced mind-control experiments, Lundstrum has gone on to fund the rightist Pirate Parties which have been expanding across the German-speaking countries.

‘Mein Kampf’ as Game Plan

Earlier in the Occupy Wall Street protests, Reuters and other sources disclosed that Kalle Lasn’s Adbusters was funded through the Tides Foundation by financier George Soros. Why would a Jewish billionaire be funding a group linked to a Nazi past? In financing the Color Revolutions in Eastern Europe, Soros hired many anti-Russian activists from fascist family backgrounds.

[Ed. Note: George Soros donated $3.5 million to Tides, but denies the money was for Adbusters per Reuters.]

His apparent ease in dealing with fascists was rooted in his teenage years when Soros worked as an accountant for the Nazi Party in Hungary, keeping ledgers on confiscated Jewish properties. His collaboration was not unusual since entire brigades of Nazi-loyal Jews served in the Waffen SS against the Soviet Union, another of those hidden chapters of history.

A point to remember is that OWS was modeled after the Indignados (The Indignants) movement in Spain. The most sustained protest movements in the European financial crisis has been in opposition to Socialist governments in Spain and Greece. In Madrid, the Zapatero government has been struggling with the rightist secret society Opus Dei, which controls the “cajas”, which are regional banks run by Catholic priests.

The Socialists have been trying to bring the cajas, which control half of the country’s lending, under more transparent Spanish banking laws. The Indignados, whose long-distance marches reveal their roots in Catholic pilgrimages, are a weapon of the Franco fascists who are determined to overthrow the modernizing forces in Spain. (Similar subversion is transpiring across Asia, as partly revealed by Occupy protests in the region.)

The precedent for Occupy Wall Street comes from the handbook of fascist insurrection, Mein Kampf (My Struggle), written in prison by Adolf Hitler after his failed 1923 Munich putsch or coup against the Bavarian state assembly. His early autobiography was, in large part, an appeal to disgruntled rank-and-file activists to abandon their socialist parties to join his nationalist movement.

Although leaders of the far-right Thule Society regularly visited his jail cell, Hitler understood that well-fed and timid conservatives were unfit for the street battles that lay ahead against the leftist threat in Europe’s devastated economies. Fascist power could be won only by hungry and ambitious idealists, once their loyalty was transferred from the blue-collar labor unions to the brown-shirt storm-troopers.

If the revived Nazi and fascist movements succeed in restoring their ideology and regaining state power as they have done in Estonia, then NATO will complete its transformation into the new SS and the European Union into the Fourth Reich. Occupy Wall Street is a Trojan Horse for Nazism.

Yoichi Shimatsu, as editor and investigative reporter for the Japan Times Weekly, uncovered links between the Aum Shinrikyo sect with Australian military intelligence and cult networks following the Tokyo subway gassing. He is editor at large for April Media.



OccupyWallStreet initiated by funding from Gates, Ford and Rockefeller

15 responses to “Occupy Wall Street: A Trojan Horse for Nazi Revival

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  2. gosh this article is so lopsided. is it really evidence against someone that they have a farm and a “back to nature” lifestyle? Hitler liked nature too so therefore people who like nature are fascists? something faulty in that logic maybe?

  3. This was a bizarre bit of reportage…made no sense to me anyways.

  4. Reading this makes me think of a David Lynch film, surreal and impossible to explain, although this is not thought provoking. How anyone can seriously tie Neo-Nazism to people protesting against bankers, politicians and the corporate elite of wall-street is completely beyond me.
    It’s the bankers, politicians and the corporate elite of wall-street who are the right wing Neo-Nazis and they want to control the world with a one-world government. So far we have witnessed illegal wars to steal oil and resources from other countries and widening division between west and east in support of this cause. The imperial war machine is well greased with the profits of those who cannot defend against it and the violence will only continue unless the people all stand up against it.

  5. yeah, am not sure what I think yet, but thought it important to post an alternative view

  6. I think it is clear that different groups with different ideologies will continue to use and influence the OWS movement for their own goals. Billionaires are no exception. But branding someone a Nazi dismisses (in our culture) legitimate contributions that Assange has made to creating an informed society, regardless of whatever other aspirations his sometime associates may have.

  7. the above huh? was aimed at comments not the article.

    ok this all runs long below unless one keeps in mind who financed all sides in WWII with guaranteed high interest rates and kept WWII going an additional 3+ years to increase their bankster profits. it easier to figure out if one has read a few biographies of senior financial/political players, seen “the corporation” and pieced together articles like the one today on how 147 super controlling entities run the globe. tightly.

    what we lack today is the context that old germans (now almost all gone) surely still have. how else to splain how a knucklehead in prison for being well a knucklehead could come out with such crazy points of view and get as far popularly as hitler did? and with who’s endless financial backing?

    tea party was case in point. there was a brief time there (right before the koch’s buried them in money and thinktank staff) where they were accurately criticizing political and corporate greedsters. in no time at all they dropped ron paul’s (albeit naive) honesty and picked up the obvious too-stupid-to-know-the-difference lies of palin.

    the differences between the teaparty and ows:
    younger group – hungrier, broker, angrier, smarter, less experienced
    more liberal mostly
    harsher economic times
    less centrally controlled (for now – at least consciously)

    about the time we see tea-partyers drop the crazy perry/cain ticket and join ows protesters, look out. when right joins left is when bad legislation takes off exponentially. think tsa stopping folks randomly on highways in tennessee is bad?
    patriot act not enough for your tastes yet?
    papers please. may we see your papers?

    wait till martial law comes and a small percentage of these 99% get recruited and diverted to the fascist side.

    so yeh hats off to ows and all for being non-violent. like that will mean anything when enough bankster paid cops mace, run over legs, billy club and ride horses over them until idealistic kids turn punk to keep from being crushed. then will come tear gas and rubber bullets (oh yeh and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Active_Denial_System). both sides will claim higher moral ground. then ringleaders will be jailed indefinitely with secret courts (unless show trials prove worthwhile). a few of them will be released after recruitment to help the matrix authorities preserve their grip long past economic/ecologic/political collapse.

    • first point: But see Naked Capitalism’s debunking of that study describing the top corporations that control most of the world’s economy:

      “This paper is a garbage-in, garbage out analysis. It does a network analysis based on share holdings at an institutional level. The problem is that the authors never bothered to understand how shares are held and how voting behavior varies based on institutional arrangements. To put it another way, the problem with the study is its failure to understand ownership, control and voting behavior in the institutional funds management arena.

      “As our Richard Smith tartly noted, ‘This looks like a list of people who aren’t in control. And since they own so much equity worldwide, that is interesting, too.’”

  8. come on. no one ever wondered how assange got so much information out to so many with the help of just one low ranked military intel staffmember (who just so happens to be incognizant after how many months of psyche torture)?

    like corporate and military intel could not have stopped the flow of that info to the public if they had wanted?

  9. brasschecktv has it already

    easier to research than it looks.

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  11. Yes, Morgana, it is at least bizarre. It is also counter-productive, in that it may influence people who otherwise might get involved not to. We are at an historic moment. There is a real movement that could develop the momentum to cause real change. Or it could just dwindle out and things could continue to get worse and worse. People on here bitched about the hopelessness of real change, and when a chance comes along, we undermine it. That’s the left for you, always shooting itself in the foot!

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