Shut It Down on Oct. 28th: National Strike

A momentum is occurring. People are uniting across the world. They are sending a message. The next step is fast approaching:

On Oct 28th 2011

For one day we peacefully protest in a symbol that will be felt across the globe. We step out of the system and step back into ourselves.

Turn off all lights. Unplug all electrical devices. Abstain from using TV, radio and internet or phone. Abstain from making any purchase of any kind. Choose that morning to cancel any services you feel you no longer need. That morning call in sick to work.

Do NOTHING that generates money into THE SYSTEM.

We will send a message
We will unite

Most importantly, for one day…
We live without distraction
Read a book
Frolic in nature

On Oct 28th 2011
Step out of the system and get back to yourself

Spread the word!

Look for Versions of this video IN YOUR LANGUAGE in the occupy youself playlist and…SPREAD THE WORD!

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By Zen Gardner
Before It’s News

A call to disengage from the military, industrial and congressional complex (as it was originally called by Eisenhower) for a full day has gone out for this Friday, October 28th. It’s an outgrowth of the Occupy Revolution and it has wheels. Call in sick to work, turn off all the media and appliances you can, get out of the banks, close credit cards, initiate new lifestyle changes, whatever you can do or stop doing. And don’t buy a corporate thing.  (see transcript below video)

And then go sing in the rain, walk in the woods, meditate, play with the kids (who you kept home from school), count the chemtrails and realize how pathetic these thugs are, hug someone and just rejoice in the fact that you are OCCUPYING!


The more people who get provoked to take action and insubordinate action, in any way they can, the greater the momentum we can all lend to this expression of disdain for how the world is being manipulated and the suppression of the knowledge of who we truly are.

We overcome by being who we really are and by not participating in their games. That’s how the spell is broken.

We’re here. We’re alive. We’re not going to hide and conform and fear as they’re trying to program us. We’re going to thrive. We’re going to be obvious and in your face apparent and so full of conviction of the reality of the power of love and truth it’s going to bring their frikking control system to its knees!

Idea – Chime In!

How about writing up what you did on, and what happened in your world, after Friday? Wouldn’t it be cool to see the fruits of this? You can post them everywhere; facebook, youtube, twitter, your favorite sites who’ll certainly help. Here on BIN we have the Protests and Demonstrations section which many are using, but use something.

But let’s get some feedback and fill the airwaves! It’s going to be a rush…just the anticipation of this will cause more action!

Happy non-participation! Stay with it…they can’t survive without us.

Love always, Zen

5 responses to “Shut It Down on Oct. 28th: National Strike

  1. I have been waiting for this to come! We’re IN!!

  2. No thanks. A strike of this kind, however “alternatively” and festively packaged, is designed to cause dislocation which disproportionately harms private individuals and small organisations who the resources to absorb short-term losses. Therefore it indirectly contributes to the banking elite’s centralisation agenda.
    This is actually an invitation from George Soros to a party in honour of the Rothschilds and Rockefellers. George has put up some money to print the invitations, but we’re going to pay for the party. Everyone’s invited, but no one who thinks for themselves will attend.
    If you work in the real economy providing goods or services of value to your communty, go to work. If not, start looking for such work. Instead of not buying anything, buy stuff that is locally produced by local people and keep doing it. Start a project in your community working towards local food self-sufficiency and a local interest-free currency or system of exchange.
    Take initiatives, exercise power locally, diversify and enrich your cultural landscape! Create so much diversity and complexity based on local knowledge and relationships in your community that it will be OBVIOUS to you when George Soros invites you to an event in honour of the international bankers.

  3. I’ve been working towards exactly this as a peaceful revolution but you are a jump ahead.
    Simply: Governments create all of our problems, governments serve themselves and their agendas at our expense, we are told that via democracy we are in control but we are not; and governments rely on the consent of the governed.
    So instead of working for them we all simply withdraw our consent—disengage—and leave ’em to it. Let them fund themselves (they can’t).
    When it hits the fan for real they will have to come out of the closet, declare themselves by their actions—you know, drop the mask. But they cannot brutalise everybody …

    So: what do we replace the system with? More of the same? Endless recycling of unacknowledged slavery? The replacement is what I’m working towards, and it will work. Good luck!

  4. I am with Thallassarche.

    I will go shopping for groceries but I will go to my usual place, a small local organic store that sells locally grown veggies and fruits. I will even buy their pepperoni sticks (Turkey teriyaki today) because it is island grown meat and made in the store itself.

    I might go to the farmer market and look at stuff made by local artisans. But since I am staying in the home of one of the finest jewellery artisans I have ever met, no need really to spend anything outside the family unit.

    But that is about it for today. I am such a NON CONSUMER already that my not shopping makes almost no difference to anyone anyhow. Keep it local and support your own people. THAT should be the message.

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