Tyranny at Occupy Oakland: Tear gas video; LRADs on scene

…the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Tonight marks the two-week anniversary of Occupy Oakland. Police have brought in sound cannons and have hit the crowd with tear gas, arresting several.

Regularly updating this piece with new video as it becomes available:

Jen Lasher

@jennnsolo Jen Lasher
Oakland live stream….tear gas…wow… http://t.co/bW5o2571 #occupyoakland
Multiple police agencies called in to Oakland ~9:22 pm PST

Better quality video at http://abclocal.go.com/kgo/video?id=8405794

Live news chopper: http://www.ktvu.com/video/29587140/index.html

Tweets on Occupy Oakland:

Call Mayor NOW: 510-238-3141

@MotherJones Mother Jones

Ales Kot

@ales_kot Ales Kot
RT @ohdottie: One of my friends got hit in the head with a tear gas canister at #OccupyOakland. Iraq War vet. He is currently in the ER. ~9pm PST

Occupy Oakland

@occupyoakland Occupy Oakland
Thousands n da streets, continously try 2 take back Oscar grant plaza despite tear gas, rubber bullets n concussion grenades. #occupyoakland ~ 9:15 pm

Bianca Jagger

@BiancaJagger Bianca Jagger
RT occupyoakland We are standing and chanting at 14th and Broadway. Facing a long line of police. Dispersal order given again #OccupyOakland ~9:14 pm

Sound cannon inbound. Stick cotton or firearms-grade earplugs in your ears. They’ll help. Cover. Your. Ears. Now.  ~ 8:17 pm PST

Protesters are throwing thingss at police. ~8:54 pm PST

For those within a close range, sound canons can permanently damage hearing  ~8:50 pm PST

pls call these #s to support protestors at #OccupyOakland! Oakland, CA mayor’s office: 510-238-3141O, http://tl.gd/dqun54

@jackwadeshow Jack Wade
Flashbangs? Teargas? Unlawful assembly? Against the LAWFUL right of assembly! This is what fascism looks like! #ows #OccupyOakland
@AnonyOps Anonymous
RT @petewearspants #rightscon: Did you know? There’s a police riot across the bay at #occupyoakland. Human rights begins at home.

Xeni Jardin

@xeni Xeni Jardin
Multiple reports that LRAD has been sighted at #occupyoakland. The OPD definitely has one on the scene. File:

Also see: NY Cops Uphold Constitution: Refuse to Arrest Occupiers

3 responses to “Tyranny at Occupy Oakland: Tear gas video; LRADs on scene

  1. here’s a video from Occupy Atlanta

  2. time to understand better.
    consider apartheid and how they played south africa, and for how long and now israel and on and on and greece and iceland – wait not iceland – and now the u.s.?


    scott olsen probably knew more of this perspective than anyone else there and put himself between protesters and police intentionally. self sacrifice to protect friends from psychopaths is noble. it probably does not do much in the long run.

    violent protesters are counterproductive. violent police attacking peaceful protesters do not help stop corruption much either. how well did the media cover the antiglobalist protests?

    sure oakland will lose a mayor and probably a police chief and a supervisor or two. eventually they will use more technology to stop accurate exposure of their crimes. and the psychopathic intraspecies predators will find new puppets to prey on the 99%.

    so what makes the outcomes in iceland different from greece and so far the u.s.?

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