The Logical Outcome of the Occupy Movement

By Timothy V. Gatto

Hopefully many of you are realizing exactly what options remain. If we can’t change American politics through the ballot box, what alternative is left?

When the media asks people in the Occupy Movement what it is they want, the answer given by those that understand what the movement is all about, give their reasons for being there but add that they are not speaking for the movement, only for themselves. This is the purest form of democracy. Claiming to represent anyone else besides you is the correct way to respond. Most of us have many of the same goals, but it would be presumptuous to say that anyone represents the movement.

One thing has become abundantly clear, and this is probably the most important part of the movement; most of the 99%’ers are not asking the United States government to do a thing.

This is the part that the mainstream media cannot comprehend. Where is the list of demands from the protesting people? If you ask any one of the 99%’ers, they will give you many reasons why they are there, but they won’t tell you that they demand anything from anyone.

There are reasons for this. There are reasons why we are not asking Barack Obama to do anything. One reason is because many don’t want this movement to become hijacked by any political party as the Tea Party was by the right wing, most notably the Koch brothers. We don’t want an Occupation express bus financed by George Soros or the Democratic Party. The time for party politics has come and gone.

We did all of that and we elected “Hope and Change” in the personage of Obama. What we got was a clone of the Bush Administration. We got more war, an expanded Patriot Act, a President that empowered himself to assassinate anyone he deemed to be a threat (including American citizens), the shameful destruction of a society in Libya and the murder of it’s symbolic leader, bailouts for the richest and largest financial institutions in America, and so much more that we protested and campaigned against.

The rich got richer and they openly showered themselves with unimaginable bonuses for stealing from the American Taxpayer for Banks and financial entities that were deemed “Too big to fail”. We have since learned that much of the bailout money was used to prop up financial institutions and corporations in other countries, most notable, countries in the EU. When the oversight committee, represented by Elizabeth Warren, asked where the money from the bailout went to, the banksters refused to answer. This is indicative of the so-called democracy now in power in Washington.

I could go on and on, but I believe that most of us have realized what is really happening in the United States. One of the best explanations of how things work in America is presented in Michael Moore’s “Capitalism: A Love Story”. The current state of affairs in the U.S. is untenable. This is precisely why ordinary Americans have decided to take to the streets in protest. The way we describe ourselves says it all: “We are the 99%”.

Today on the MSM they reported that Barack Obama has finally reached the 1%. I don’t believe he could have been pleased to be represented in this light. To be portrayed as a 1%’er is to be portrayed as a selfish vulture.

If the movement is not demanding a laundry list of demands to the government in Washington, than what are they attempting to achieve?

This is the quandary the media is facing. They are trying to portray the Occupy movement as a disorganized, disgruntled group of people on the fringe of society. Yes we are disgruntled, but we are not disorganized, nor do we represent the “fringe” of America’s society. We are mostly average Americans who have had to bear the brunt of the burden for the rich and powerful that played a form of reckless “casino economics” where anything went because there was no oversight or regulations to stop them. Glass-Steagal had been rescinded and banks teamed up with insurance companies to bet the economic future of America away with economic voodoo like credit default swaps and derivatives. Nobody stopped them because they virtually owned most of the politicians in Washington. They still do.

With the Supreme Court’s decision from the case brought by “Citizen’s United”, corporate money can now flow into the campaign coffers with hardly any meaningful restrictions.  This means that Representatives and Senators can now be bought in the same way as buying a puppy from a puppy farm. We have always had mutts in Congress, but now Congress will look more like a kennel than a functioning part of our democracy.

Early on in 2008, when I disclosed that Barack Obama’s largest private campaign contributor was Goldman Sachs, few bothered to think anything about it. In fact, I was kicked off many Democratic websites for calling Obama a liar when he vowed that he would take no corporate campaign donations. Looking back, I can understand how desperately people wanted the “Hope and Change” that he was promising and the anger directed towards me for trying to spoil the party.

These are just a few of the reasons that the Occupy movement refuses to demand anything from the government in Washington. It’s almost insanity to expect them to stand up for people that don’t have the money that will enable them to keep their jobs and their power. They will actually spit in our face and believe that nobody will notice — like the day when President Barack Obama received the Nobel Peace Prize and in his acceptance speech he ratcheted up the war in Afghanistan. How naive do they think we are?

So how will the movement achieve its goals of having a government in Washington that represents the 99% and turns away from the 1% that now owns Washington?

Can we accomplish this through the ballot box? The answer is no, because what kind of people will be presented to the electorate? I can say without reservation that the candidates will be virtual employees of the 1% that now run this country, corporate candidates. These candidates will not give a damn about the 99%.

The kicker in this is, after years and years of seeing this nation ship its industry (and the jobs it brought to Americans) overseas to make larger profits for the 1%, after seeing wars fought without a declaration of war by Congress based on lies and propaganda and watching our civil liberties become eroded by the Patriot Act, The Military Commissions Act and the John Warner Defense bill that allows the President unlimited use of any State’s National Guard for police purposes in the event of a declaration of Martial Law that the President can now declare without any authorization from Congress, why should we believe the way our government now does business will change by voting for any of the 1%’ers employees?

Where am I going with this? Hopefully many of you are realizing exactly what options remain. If we can’t change American politics through the ballot box, what alternative is left?

8 responses to “The Logical Outcome of the Occupy Movement

  1. First, I agree that our political process is frozen. Second, and here we part, I think the rational response is protest plus political action. You may have some reading of history, my reading suggests that mobs do not make public policy and crowds do not either.
    If you suggest there is no hope for political struggle then why turn out in the streets? That is, aside from rage channeled into civil protest, how does this protest alter the staus quo of frozen politics? Briefly, either we radically alter the political process that we have-Reform-or we over-turn it entirely-Revolt. Protest may evoke the former or it may result in the latter. If the former, without substantial revisions to the legal code nothing alters and I doubt OWS has an army of attorneys versed in Constitutional Law ready to play the role of Founding Fathers at a New Constitutional Convention. And again, even if they did, there is no surety that as attorneys they would represent anyone except the interests that put them there. Nor is there much chance that frozen politics will thaw overnight. So we will have confrontations which could trigger various Fascist provisions enacted into law and thus have a little civil war before next year.
    I am at least as disenfranchised as anyone, virtually homeless, no income, no job, over 50, and waiting quietly for the next shoe to drop and I do not want that shoe to be a bomb. If OWS is too pure to tackle political corruption and prefers street protest, what hope have we of self rule at any time? Am I to think that street protests are a better form of politics than demands made on elected officals we can turn out of office if we choose?

    Next, it seems to me that you overlook a fundamental fact of politcs and that is money. Money flowed to create OWS, we can trace the cash back to people who have a vested interest in remaining in the upper echelon of the 1%. “GATEKEEPERS” flyer . Curiously we can trace the Russian “Re-Revolution” to money paid by Wall Street and German Bankers to put Lenin and Trostsky into Russia. I find it remarkable that AD Busters takes money from Left Gatekeepers. I find it remarkable that no one remarks on it.
    And again, if citizens are unable to change public policy because they allow the ballot to be stolen there is little chance that popular will has any opportunity to alter the status quo for the better. Especially when the better is unknown aside from the idea of not this, not that.

    Now there are swirls of ideological demands made by OWS, one is a global tax for climate change-absurd-but no calls to dismantle the police state. That is, no one calls for looking seriously at how the police state came into existence with the September 11, 2001 Auto-Golpe. Nor does anyone seem to have an idea of how to replace the existing governance mechanism of the Superpower. We have a global military involved in several wars and global bases to ensure our 1% get the money. Now to me a shout in the street does not public polcy create, nor do warm emotions. In other words, the very multiplicity of demands creates confusion and that is exploited for a goal. The obvious question then is what Is the goal of the FUNDERS? A new Bolshevism? Is it a new Sans Culottes? Washington D.C. is business as usual, the Federal Reserve is printing money and bailing out the rich, Bank of America with the Feds blessing moved trillions-but OWS is silent.

    Bank of America Trying To Stick Taxpayers With A $74 Trillion Bill By … › Blogs › Susie Madrak’s blogCached
    Oct 21, 2011 – (BAC), hit by a credit downgrade last month, has moved derivatives from its … About $53 trillion, or 71 percent, were within Bank of America NA, …

    Bank of America Deathwatch: Moves Risky Derivatives from Holding ……/bank-of-america-deathwatch-moves-ris…Cached

  2. Many I believe, it takes our hearts and minds to make this all work and people are becoming hip to it. It’ll become impossible for them to push their illusion onto the disillusioned or better yet the enlightened, that’s what this awakening is about. What I see happening here is a higher level of consciousness evolving, maybe it’s our time. After all nature does look after her own. These frigate birds have hit a sour note and the disharmony they’ve created is blowing back in their faces. They’re merchants after all, don’t deal with the crooks.

  3. I observe the protest is not the terrain, nor is it a map, it is only a protest, like many before now, filled with sound and fury. It is a difficult place to be in, to change requires – yes – more than protest. I would be interested in parallel governance structures and community currency as a step towards breaking with the pattern.

  4. IF those members of society whom prop up the ‘status quo’ will awaken EN MAS, then we will see real change. Those members of society I’m referring to are the police and military. Which other members of society do the masses fear? Those are the members that have the ability to stop the massive death machine. Those are also the members whom have the most severe mind-controls poured upon them. We all live under disinformation, lack of information, water/air/food poisonings, and pentagon propaganda via all forms of main-stream media (including hollywood), BUT, the ‘soldiers’ of society get some extra ‘help’ to conduct their daily jobs of enforcing the dictatorship.
    Also, I’d like to mention that it’s not ‘simply greed’ which determines the actions of the 1%. It’s something much more simple to mention, and much harder to grapple with or dialog over: EVIL.

  5. It’s the evil of the crocodile mind in a feeding frenzy.

  6. The West has become the successor to the Third Reich. I’m not exaggerating at all. I’m glad that my parents are not alive to see what they fought for become the thing that they fought against.

  7. If one had been a black person in 1911 I bet the USA was plenty mean enough without the edifice of the totalitarian state. We are not now like the Third Reich otherwise both of us would be in concentration camps. This website would not exist in Reich territory and the routine torture of anyone dragged in by the security services would have no legal recourse. Still, it is true that there has been a power glide since September 11, 2001 towards the Collectivist Security State, which for want of a metaphor we can call 1984. Scholars can debate if this is entirely because of Truman creating the National Security State or if World War I, II, and the Cold War and it’s conclusion had a more significant role to play. OWS remains the politics of failure despite media hype. If this is a step forward in our politics i can only ask what is the destination? Have we not seen this destination arise before in revolution after revolution, financed by inscrutable backers? How many times does the sign read utopia or bust in one generation, this special generation under 30, right now, liberated from history by technology and new ways of living?

  8. As far as a third Reich state goes in the present, that was a matter of time. As far as OWS being a failure, no, otherwise this posting wouldn’t exist. Reads to me, this goes across an age spectrum. This is a protest of realization that the current paradigm sucks and is run as a rigged casino by greedy shortsighted assholes with only the focus of hoarding at the cornucopia. Read my last posting Nov.3

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