Occupiers vs. Empire

By YaBasta

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Welcome to the Global Revolution!

If your dream is to change the world together with the rest of the 99%, with unity, equality, and mutual respect, organized horizontally, under the demand for basic human rights to be given to all humans, as the power of governments, corporations and banks recede behind the horizon of the future, then we invite you to join us.

(Photo: Erik Mc Gregor)

Now is when the mass of humanity begins to believe in hope, a hope grounded in a belief in themselves being able to succeed, with success defined by making a world that is more fair and just for all the families that live upon it.

(Photo: Paul Stein)

Enjoy the positivism and idealism because everything is possible: put yourself in action, uniting the world in this present moment. We have to awaken the people who are tied to the system of monotonous routine, constantly bombarded by bureaucracy, and invite them into the streets to reclaim their voice. Make your voice be heard ­­ let’s come together, to organize, mobilize, create and construct.

People everywhere are recording this moment in all the squares to show how this open community is living and to invite everyone else to enjoy the experience. Independent Media Centers are being formed by swarms of citizen journalists covering the squares and the streets, documenting their fellow citizens being threatened with violence by powers who want to keep on living in a world that only benefits them. By participating in the creation of this new social media network, we are creating a real time narrative of the global conversation about the future of our planet taking place in front of our very eyes.

This is TV of the people, by the people, for the people.

This is the revolution of new media, where everybody has access to inexpensive technology to open a global reality window into the lives of everyone. This is the mirror of humanity.


6 responses to “Occupiers vs. Empire

  1. I fail to understand how George Soros funded protest has anything to do with human freedom. Soros threw his support behind the movement at a United Nations panel on Oct. 3, “I can sympathize with their grievances.” But he does more than just sympathize, his foundations funded groups that back the protests and steer their “progressive” message.

    Reuters even posed the question “Who’s behind the Wall St. protests?” on Oct. 13, but downplayed Soros’s actual financial involvement. Even though “Soros and the protesters share some ideological ground,” the story added. But Reuters undersold the connection significantly.The protesters stand by their claim that theirs is purely a grassroots movement. But it is hard to ignore the concerted effort by liberal groups, unions, and other Soros-funded entities that prop-up and fuel the Occupy movement. An echo-chamber of left-wing blogs and news sites that receive Soros cash continues to push the anti-capitalist protest story. Articles repeatedly praise labor and climate activists for their support while denigrating police for their efforts to keep the peace.

    Organizations that joined the protesters were granted more than $3.6 million from Soros’s Open Society Foundations. On Oct. 5 there was a “march in solidarity with #occupywallstreet” that listed seven such groups out of the 16 overall supporting the protest. Those seven organizations received $3,614,690 from Soros’ Open Society Foundations since the year 2000, with more than $2 million going to Common Cause Education Fund, part of Common Cause, and another $1.1 million to MoveOn.org.

    Even the protesters admit the hypocrisy of having billionaire Soros and MoveOn.org “joining forces to voice their ‘support’ for an anti-Wall Street movement” and that it ‘should set alarm bells ringing.” Additional funding went to the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), Community Voices Heard, Coalition for the Homeless, Neighborhood Economic Development Advocacy Project (NEDAP), and 350.org.

    Those left-wing organizations were joined by their friends in the progressive media. A publication for the protesters, the “Occupy Wall Street Journal,” is supported by the Independent Media Center which received more than $70,000 from two parts of the Tides organization. This group donates millions of dollars to liberal causes and is partially funded by Soros. Since 2000, Tides received $25,991,845 from his Open Society Foundations. Reuters only noted the $3.5 million from 2007-2009 but failed to mention the long history of funding and the other $20 million.

    Tides is made up of the Tides Center, which received $7,537,482, and the Tides Foundation, which got an additional nearly $18,454,363. Adbusters, which Reuters called “an anti-capitalist group in Candada which started the protests,” received $184,721 in Tides money.

    Soros-funded progressive media also championed the protest. The liberal echo-chamber that reaches more than 300 million people every month has been hard at work promoting the protests. The Media Consortium received $425,000 from Soros’s Open Society Foundations, and affiliates have been busy promoting Occupy Wall Street. These sites promoted stories about big labor support, climate activists’ support, and police brutality.

    Media Consortium member AlterNet, which is part of the Independent Media Institute that got an extra $495,000 from Soros, has a section of their website for “Special Coverage: Occupy Wall Street.” Here it has articles that bust “5 conservative economic myths” such as “regulations kill jobs” and “business does everything better than government.” It also lauds big labor for joining the protests. AlterNet’s Kristen Gwynne was even arrested during a protest.

    The Center for American Progress received $7.3 million from Soros’s Open Society Foundations. CAP is also where former Green Jobs Czar Van Jones, now a senior fellow, landed after being forced out of the Obama Administration,. Two of their blogs, that also happen to be part of the Media Consortium, helped promote the protest, Campus Progress and Think Progress. They also wrote about climate activists that support the movement. Campus Progress described “police brutality” at the protests while Think Progress thinks there is a “double standard on occupy wall street and the tea party.” They criticized how conservative pundits vilify the 99 Percent Movement as “misguided, irrelevant, or even dangerous” while embracing the Tea Party as part of the “conservative echo chamber.”

    As the Business & Media Institute has reported, a study by the Media Consortium detailed how progressives had created an “echo chamber” of outlets “in which a message pushes the larger public or the mainstream media to acknowledge, respond, and give airtime to progressive ideas because it is repeated many times.” Ironic how Think Progress used the same “echo chamber” term to write-off the so-called conservative “double standard”. According to the report called “The Big Thaw,” “if done well, the message within the echo chamber can become the accepted meme, impact political dynamics, shift public opinion and change public policy.”

    Consortium members used this methodology once again when they covered the protests. One common theme was the celebration of big labor when they joined the Occupy movement. Left-wing magazine Mother Jones praised plans to offer manpower and resources, stage marches, and add “organizing muscle” to the protests. A similar article by In These Times quoted AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka that they will support the protest “in every way.”

    Climate activists were also hailed for their support while police efforts were sharply criticized. Grist celebrated climate activists for getting involved. A coalition led by 350.org founder Bill McKibben embraced the movement, which Soros gave $8,900. However, Democracy Now’s Amy Goodman went down to the protests for a closer look and proceeded to write how the protest expanded “despite police effort to ‘silence’ demonstrations.” More examples of “police brutality” were covered by Alternet while Think Progress posted an update on the Transport Workers Union refusal to bus protesters that the police arrested to show support.

  2. there are many groups that want to use the protests. just because they want to use them doesnt invalidate them. ron paul. soros. it doesnt matter. what matters is that people are not interested in being used or herded. and that is the message that they are giving. they are there to say …its time to put an end to all the corruption that we have come to accept as just part of the fabric of Life. ……. this is evolution. not revolution. no leaders.

  3. Bruce; Your research is eye opening and is appreciated by those of us that are cluing into the big picture. It’s obvious that the whole thing has been set in motion by big money to try to maintain control of a situation that was inevitable to happen. My read is, they never expected the kinds of protest that did come about. Even using strong arm tactics and provocateurs didn’t instigate people to turn to violent revulsion. They’ve been totally unprepared for that, their co-option has been co-opted by the looks of things. Imagine that, looks like their plan isn’t going to plan. As in the commercial, “It’s not nice to fool Mother Nature”. This is having an effect, the elites are reacting, they don’t like the exposure and people are waking up enmass.

  4. It’s time for the people that are in the dark to start coming towards the light. If not, then the darkness will be all that they know, and they may never see the light, ( the devil awaits them with open arms.)

  5. Remember remember the 5th of November…all tricks played by these so-called supporters will be turned on their heads. Not to worry.

  6. Hey guys; I’d have to say this would probably be a good time to mention this but you’ve got to check this new documentary out. This is one that definitely needs to go viral. Google “THRIVE”, it costs $5 to have it streamed to your email address. It came out yesterday (good date11.11.11 on a full moon of all things). You won’t be disappointed.

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