7 shots fired near ‘Occupy Oakland,’ one dead

By East Bay News

OAKLAND, Calif. (KGO) — One person has been killed after a gunfight near the Occupy Oakland camp at Frank Ogawa Plaza Thursday evening.

Video at East Bay News

Six gunshots rang out shortly before 5 p.m. several feet from the 12th Street BART station adjacent to the plaza where Occupy protesters have set up camp.

A person acting as a spokesperson for the Occupy Oakland movement said an individual who was wounded in the shooting may have been hiding out from a person or a group of people at the encampment shortly before the incident.

“This is known throughout the world,” said Occupy Oakland spokesperson Shake Anderson. “If someone does something wrong in their community, they may want to come here and this is not the place for that.”

ABC7’s Laura Anthony was at the Occupy encampment and heard the gunshots. An ABC7 photographer and another individual were assaulted when they attempted to gather video of the shooting scene.

A crowd quickly formed a human chain around the individual who was shot until police arrived. Oakland police are currently interviewing eyewitnesses to determine what happened.

Oakland Police Chief Howard Jordan confirmed to ABC7 News that the shooting victim passed away from his injuries.

City councilman Ignacio de la Fuente said his biggest fear had happened.

“I have been very vocal on the fact that this cannot continue,” De La Fuente said in a phone interview with ABC7 News. “I think fear has become a reality. This mayor has got to take responsibility for that.”

The 12th Street BART station was briefly closed at the request of Oakland police after the shooting. BART says there is currently a 10 minute delay.

ABC7 will have more information on this story as it becomes available on ABC7NEWS.COM and on ABC7 News at 6 p.m.

3 responses to “7 shots fired near ‘Occupy Oakland,’ one dead

  1. Very interesting that this coincides with an alleged veteran committing suicide at the #OWS in Vermont….something is afoot.

    • Even tho the Mayor later admitted that the shooting was not near the OWS camp nor at all related to the protest, they need to shut down the protest.

      I’ll bet an agent provocateur shot that gun just so they can justify shutting down OWS

  2. Rady dear – I don’t even have to bet you’re right. That’s just what I was thinking. We need to keep track of similar incidents at other #OWS locations…something wicked this way has arrived methinks!

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