Face to Face with Elizabeth Woodworth and 9-11 Consensus

This week our guest is retired medical librarian Elizabeth Woodworth, who coordinates a newly formed panel calling itself “Consensus 9/11″ — which recently announced the release of statements constituting 13 Consensus Points” challenging the official government account of the events of September 11, 2001.

Co-chaired by Elizabeth and scholar David Ray Griffin, the points were produced using a version of a methodology designed to identify best evidence known as the Delphi method. According to Woodworth, “The strength and credibility of the Delphi method is based on the fact that respondents are blind to one another through several rounds of review, during which feedback is continually refined until consensus is reached.” The Consensus 9/11 panel conducted “three survey rounds with 22 respondents, and reached an average consensus of 94% on 13 points of evidence that directly contradict the fundamental claims of the official account of September 11th.”

The survey points, backed by 81 literature references, include failures of the government to explain massive explosions in the Twin Towers reported by 100+ firefighters; the free fall collapse of the 47-story steel-frame WTC 7; pervasive high-tech nanothermite (an incendiary explosive) in the WTC dust; the horizontal ejections of huge sections of the towers as far as 600 feet; the airliner strike on the Pentagon by incompetent al-Qaeda pilot Hani Hanjour and the incongruous and unlikely story of Flight 93…

YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_d_7dh8Zfcc

Vimeo: http://vimeo.com/33203157


More about the 9/11 Consensus Panel:

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One response to “Face to Face with Elizabeth Woodworth and 9-11 Consensus

  1. The problem of course is that evidence presented for consensus may not be reliable. The explosive capability of “pervasive high-tech nanothermite (an incendiary explosive) in the WTC dust” is refutable as a cause for collapse. Far more likely based on all evidence to date is that mini-nuclear weapons were used. http://911u.org/Physics/WTCenergySurplus.html

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