Oops, We’re Doomed!

By Michael Collins

We don’t have a substantial cushion between today’s climate and dangerous warming. James E. Hanson

The head of NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies, James E. Hansen, announced the results of break through global warming research last week. The earth’s temperature is rising at a much quicker pace than previously anticipated according to research by the nation’s preeminent climate scientist. We have little time to reverse the trend. (Image)

An example of the dangerous pace of change is emerging on Russia’s Eastern Siberian Arctic Shelf. Long-frozen permafrost is beginning to melt due to global warming. This threat was identified years ago due to the potential for highly toxic releases of heat-trapping methane gas. Recent changes are both a surprise and a cause for alarm. There is more methane gas released from the Russian cauldron “than the CH4 emissions estimate for the entire world ocean.” Methane is a “far more potent GHG [greenhouse gas] than CO2″ with a greater potential to cause “abrupt climate change.”

At the same time, researchers at the Institute for Atmospheric and Climate Science in Zurich developed a more efficient analysis of contributors to global warming. They found man-made causes can now be linked with at least 75% of global warming.

Hansen’s warning is brought to life by the methane gas event starting in the Arctic. We are in the danger zone. By the time we know it’s too late, it won’t matter. Without prompt, concerted action through readily available technologies and programs, we face increasing calamities through midcentury. After that, the displacement, destruction, and death assume unthinkable proportions.

As these evidence-based warnings were issued, the military effort to seize effective control of oil and natural gas regions of the Middle East and Central Asia continued unabated. Ironically, as our rulers engage in endless military conflicts to secure access to oil, they are delivering a weapon of mass destruction, an oil-based economy that will create massive disasters and dislocations that plunge the world into chaos.

Domestic policies have the same anti life outcome. The Keystone XL pipeline to accommodate tar sands oil production ensures continued CO2 pollution resulting in a collapsing world social and economic structure.

We are headed for a new world disorder of epic proportions. Past performance indicates that the current power structure is unable to handle disasters on a much smaller scale. The August 2003 heat wave in Europe killed 35,000, devastated crops, and sparked massive forest fires. It had never occurred to these nations to plan for or even consider the impact of heat waves. The failed response to the New Orleans disaster in 2005 offers a sneak preview of one hapless response after another to tragedies of ever increasing magnitude. How will we plan for consequences we can’t predict?

What will the rulers do when entire agricultural regions disappear due to accelerating global warming?

How will the planet offset these losses as the world climate system becomes more hostile to agricultural output even in those areas where growing can be sustained?

What will the people do when drinking water becomes scarce due to the evaporation of runoff and water sources? What happens when the glaciers melt down and cease to store fresh water?

How will the world economy function as the flawed the assumption of endless growth becomes painfully apparent?

These were all questions that we were told were a generation or two away. That is no longer the case according to the new evidence, analytic and empirical.

An Example of the New World Disorder

Florida, the coastline of China, the Netherlands, and the entire nation of Bangladesh will be acutely affected by sea level changes should the world slip into Dr. Hansen’s danger zone.

With just a 2 meter rise in sea level around 530 million people around the world will need to find new homes because theirs will be gone. (United States Geological Survey) The impact on Florida is evident in the image. There will be 3.5 million people in need of new homes.

The time between now and midcentury will be marked by ever-increasing devastation and displacement for human beings in coastal areas. About 40% of the earth’s population lives within 60 miles of a coastal area.

Where will the millions left homeless in Florida go?

What’s the response when tens of millions in Bangladesh have no place to go?

What will China do with tens of millions seeking shelter?

It won’t happen all at once. Incremental changes will produce a spectacle of suffering on a daily basis.

The debate on global warming as a factor in all of this should be over as well. Man-made influence and effects account for about 75% of the increases in the earth’s temperature. The mantra of the coming death cycle will be the blinded effort to produce more and more of the very toxins that allow fewer to live.

The Pathetic Response of Those in Charge

If we were grading the current crop of world leaders on any aspect of their records, the result would surely be F, with a recommendation to drop the course of study. The laws required to prevent industry from harming citizens are virtually nonexistent. If U.S. courts took corporate personhood seriously, we’d all have massive law suits and the corporate leaders would be charged with assault with intent to maim and kill.

One hundred and ninety one nations joined the Kyoto Protocol on climate change. The goal of the effort was to avoid global catastrophe through a coordinated effort. Hansen and others tell us that the protocol will have no real effect given the acceleration of changes. But even Kyoto’s inadequate goal was not suitable for the world’s largest polluter, the U.S. Both the Bush and Obama administrations failed to endorse the now-known-to-be-inadequate target. A follow-up conference on Kyoto was held in Durban South Africa recently. It amounted to nothing more than fiddling while Rome burns.

As citizens of the planet, we and our children have the right to expect a rational response by those controlling the levers of power. What is government for, if not for this? Can’t the powers that be stop their triumphal spread of democracy at the barrel of a gun long enough to fix the greatest threat ever to the people of the world? The earth will survive but we may not.

The logical path would be a working group of highly competent engineers and climate scientists tasked to outline a solution, one that could be put in place soon. Instead, morally and criminally negligent inaction is the rule under the cover of nicely named programs of no account with the additional excuse provided by a wink and a nod in the direction of unimaginably cynical or ignorant climate change deniers.

Do these world leaders live on the same planet as the rest of us?

Do they care about their friends and families?

Don’t they worry that there might be a final judgment after their final acts ensuring mass destruction?

Lead or get out of the way should be our message to these authors of our current troubles.


This article can be reproduced with attribution of authorship and a link to this article.

Special thanks to Jill Hayroot for her input.

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36 responses to “Oops, We’re Doomed!

  1. needs to be required reading.actually so should heaven and earth 🙂

    Hansens a f/wit with an agenda taking govvy money and other handouts while employed at Nasa and conveniently not declaring a part..(see wuwt list of what who and how)
    same clown that used EXACTLY the same fear and bullshit in the 70’s over Ice age cometh. almost the same wording in fact.
    the Argo Buoys show oceans cooling as they do as the PDO etc do their Normal! changes.
    a mate in russia just now tells me its pretty damn cold and snowy and icy.
    Wattsupwiththat.com has some real info on most of the idiotic “claims” by hansen and his cadre.
    and they are but claims. May, Might , possible, yeah just like new york should be having some water issues? ha ha Oceans DROPPED 6mm last year, all the SNOW and rain uptake from oceans now back on land after the Natural weather patterns swung yet again.
    far too much credence given to a man whos job is supposed to be space, the space tween his ears needs a look at for sure.
    as for the last lones?
    no Hansen and his mates like the Goracle sure do NOT love in a real world! you cut coal instead of cleaning it up, and a whole lotta dead people from heat OR cold will follow,
    like UK last year 28k dead due to? COLD! raising fuel prices cutting generation etc means death to many, but then that IS the Agenda 21.
    the greens are no longer useful idiots, theyre Just Idiots!

    • You have nothing to say and you say it without any persuasive power. You are not commenting on the quality of Hansen’s research paper, the work that you revile. You simply litter the threat with your personal opinion, without ANY evidence.
      In this and other articles, I use a substantial number of links to evidence that I’ve review and find persuasive. Why don’t you do the same. Produce some quality reserch and write an article yourself, back it up and see where the argument goes. Popping off is easy. How about a little effort in behalf of your cause.

  2. Well, we have a choice, do we not? Do nothing and risk severe calamity, or do something, face whatever calamity that may or may not occur with less damaging.

    Even if Hansen were wrong, global warming is only one of several looming disasters that await us. The pending food and energy crisis is inevitable, because when the latter disappears, the former pretty much occurs with it.

    So, why not start acting now to wean ourselves from our global dependency on fossil fuels?

    • All the looming crises are normal events the mankinds faced before.
      the food one is a bit part created BY the bigafris, consider no fly ash = no fertiliser ditto coal byproducts.
      love to see the bigagri crops fall over some more:-)
      we dont have to panic and ban coal which will save our sorry butts as the cooling cycle seems to be developing as normal either.
      simply banning CAFO filth and going back to natural grass fed free range animals would take NO toll on nature. grass is more carbon sequestered if you worry about that. the old days Bison numbers were high and they stripgrazed as they roamed and the prairies were just fine thanks. the natural herbiage coped fine. Jeol Salatins proved it for decades its high producing low destruction and soil enriching.
      if the fools screaming AGW shut the F up and really did some serious thinking theyd be onto it. they dont, they support CAFO and just think filth in a pond+methane burnoff or at best power to the concern.
      banning wild grazing for saving the nature? fools the lot of em.
      now a word about the masses of water and power and chem ruining good food.
      oh and airtravels due to Double in a decade, do they scream at reducing flights to essential only? no cos ecotourrism brings WWF and its scumbuddies a nice income.

  3. how???? corrupt is the IPCC??????????? well see this


    so that no one can ask for their PROOF, which they dont have, and what they do have the exposed emails show is heavily “worked” to suit their agenda.
    also see they arrested and took PC from a bloke with no reason except he onpassed an emailed file, exposing the corruption at IPCC Had Cru and the Pennstate mann-ikin with the mouth. who wont back up his claims.

  4. With the recent and ongoing disclosures of fraudulent data coming from the global-warming alarmists, and their push for an unelected one-world government, I take homage to being referred to as an idiot for having deep suspicions about the entire global warming proposition.

    • ? homage? did you mean Umbrage?
      mate once a fair while back i was green and a tree hugger. yeah, then I woke up..and saw I was being manipulated by lies.
      didnt think the way i wrote could be interpreted to say anyone with suspicions about warming was an idiot, the believers are however.

  5. Actually, the most recent and comprehensive studies CONFIRM that not only is global warming-induced climate change actually happening, it’s happening far quicker than anyone even anticipated. That doesn’t mean that all the temperatures everywhere will be warmer! It means climate overall, and regional weather will be far more erratic and unstable.

    See this:

    And this: http://www.logicalscience.com/consensus/consensus.htm

    The statement that what we’re seeing now is a “normal event” doesn’t jibe with what non-industry related scientists have found. What’s the pay-off for denial? Are you deniers so threatened by the thought of having to change your lifestyle that you refuse to entertain the obvious fact that humans are destroying the planet? Or are the implications too scary and overwhelming for you?

    Burying your head in the sand, and pretending that the billions of tons of gases and toxins we pour into the air don’t have a disastrous effect on atmosphere and climate, won’t save you. Or your kids. Or anyone else’s kids. Or the incredible diversity of life on the planet. Some of you folks kinda sound like Faux Nooze automatons.

    • Finally, a comment to which I can reply.
      The legacy of inaction is what I find most appealing. Unlike faith-based experts, Hansen and the other scientists actually do research, follow forms required for evidence and conclusions, and lay things out for examination. His paper is impressive but I suspect that the methane cauldron in Siberia will be the great attention getter. It’s just to serious to ignore, maybe the BP leak to the power of 10. We will hear much more about that. Hopefully, the precedent will be set, the concept embedded – we live in an interconnected system that we can either respect or destroy. That will wake a few people up.

  6. anna, I have been living the save the planet lifestyle all my life as have many I know. sure there IS pollution, but Carbon is NOT pollution and it is NOT warming the planet, latest laugh was some clown saying now they reckon 75% of warming is our fault.
    gimme a break.
    we werent around last time the planet got a lot warmer and the carbon rose, so whats the blame game there I wonder?
    your first link, is UN related, that immediately spells LIES in a pack.
    as for concensus, in science there is NO such thing, ie see Higgs Boson research, possible upsetting prior knowledge, NO concensus is ever such,
    I,d love folks to use less water eat less and drive less, cruelling everyones life for that is nuts, tax or penalise User pays, but taxing penalising everyone regardl;ess is a money grab no more no less.
    ban flatscreens auto washers and dryers, make manufacturers put a serious OFF switch in things like they used to not a standby, forcing lighting that makes us go blind trying to read? using mercury? thats so dumb, and made heaps for the prior to sale investors that forced it ie green cluster.
    Four years ago when I moved here a day just prior to this the temp was? 45C
    this week, we havent had a day over 25, its Summer in Aus, the nations temps are almost all close to 10 or more degrees lower than the average, thats not a reason to have fits, its acceptable variations due to ENSO PDO La Nina.

  7. logical science links a chuckle, out of date and mr Sparrow is not qualified in any climate science as he says. he relies on?
    ah yes the UN ipcc and all related buddies.
    and climategate 1 and 2 show how UNreliable their data is.
    like I said go to WUWT read serious items with the new fear and panic then serious discusiions and investigations by majority unpaid/funded By oil or anyone else, people who do know their stuff.
    see how Judith Curry s been sidelined because she asked for truth.
    while she was “one of them” it was good, now they drop her.?

  8. ps anna, I dont have a TV and wouldnt watch fauxsnooze if you paid me. I get enough climate crap daily from our shill on the air with ABC aus thanks:-)

  9. oh Ps the link to the unep is void.

  10. It seems denial is a condition inherent in those who seem to understand little about science, and increasingly show their ignorance when explaining climatic versus weather changes. It’s a fact that climate change is occurring. Even many conservatives are acknowledging this, although they disagree as to whether it’s due to human activities or natural causes. But why abstain from finding solutions? Whether because of human-created emissions or natural climatic cycles, doesn’t it make sense not to exacerbate the coming cataclysmic certainty?

  11. It seems allegation of denial is endemic in those who wish to politicize science for their own argumentative benefit : completely ignoring the operation of scientific method to subject all postulations to scrutiny.
    In the case of fortunetellers’ projections not explaining current change – or projecting it accurately – that does not lend credence to their analysis.
    Exacerbating current uncertainty is a path fraught with perils of its own in a world which may well have self correcting mechanisms of which we are unaware. Nor is it clear what actions should be taken when the amount of b.s. being flogged is literally state propaganda spanning decades.
    I recognize some commenters here. JoNova would make mincemeat of warmists’ allegations that what they have is anything more than mathematical games. More on the fray

    • I cited the original Hansen paper. Have you even read it? You comments have nothing to do with his methodology or his proofs. I don’t think you have.

      So we’ve got a finely crafted piece of scientific research versus the rantings of you and the other fellow who fail to present any coherent argument and the proof to back it up… just your opinion.

      Show your work if you want to be taken seriously.

      • A few Russian chaps who are well qualified seem to disagree with Hansen,
        as for Hansen, as I stated above the link went nowhere, like him maybe/
        his methodology starts with his THEORY that Venus was a victim on a runaway CO2 event, a Theory is NOT proof, he quit or was removed from that NASA space event to see what really was there, but never seems to have announced follow up either, the project did apparently go ahead a while later, but oddly any “evidence” was never cited either? how strange IF? it may have proved his theory,
        and also curious WE humans never lived there with Suvs etc, which would tend to suggest WE didn’t do it there and or Here either.
        Far too many prior works of great detail show the cool cycle s and even the folks sussing Vostock cores ADMIT that Carbon follows Heat events as SOLAR ingress heats oceans and land and in the oceans Heat creates a nice warm layer that happily outgasses Co2, as the oceans cool again, like now, carbons re absorbed,
        the Acid oceans stories are just that! stories. a slight increase in carbon creates a LESS alkaline ocean in Some areas, it does not mean ACID eating all life as they like to state.
        woods hole(and yeah theres 2!! research units using that name) saturated a TANK of shellfish with UP TO 800PPM of carbon before they could get any problems occuring, and even then only TWO species had issues oysters and mussells everything else was growing big fast and happily..
        and dont give me BS about not knowing the difference tween weather and climate.
        the committed warm brigade Daily come out with pure drama over the hottest month driest month nastiest storm whatever.
        all with high fear factor imputed to be of course all due to the evil carbon and its all our fault.
        the rather interesting amount of Glaciers actually Growing inc mt Ranier in usa is conveniently ignored,
        the durban crud about indian ones melting, oh yeah take results of?? a whole nine? or so, out of some Thousands total and use that to extrapolate “theyre all melting fast” some melt some grow, shit happens.
        a Tasmanian so called scientist deduced all of a species had moved, due to warm/acid? oceans.
        however TWO fish caught one ONE day was the entire Base of this spurious release to the media much touted with NO real indepth basis to actually do so.
        same as patchauri calling serious work on Glaciers Voodoo science cos it didnt suit the same HEARSAY, that IPCC accepted from a UNqualified commenter via a journos phone call that made it into IPCC reports as valid and supposedly peer reviewed.
        so much lying and misleading and so much relying on MODELS not FACTS

  12. “Warmists”?? Oh dear….

    How do you figure that the science asserting climate change due to human causes is “state propaganda”? The government always sides with the biggest polluters, and in fact has weakened many environmental laws, and created endless loopholes for polluters. What would be their payoff?
    The BushCo admin actually suppressed and/or re-wrote climate research in an effort to continue minimizing current and impending problems. They certainly weren’t promoting the findings from climate scientists!

    Besides, the majority of climate researchers the world over agree that the climate is rapidly changing, primarily due to human activity. Are you saying that ALL their governments are making this up?

  13. Anna,, your govt is owned and run by commercial monopolies who buy their pollies.
    here we have a slightly different means but the goal is for Govt to own and control all land, wether we own it or not, that..is the same there too.
    its called Agenda 21 or millenium goals or ICLEI. ALL of it means the people lose their land water and housing rights as well as right to farm.
    the funny thing is the seriously good eco friendly SMALL farmers who care are the very ones the so called green movement is killing by pandering to massive regulatory loads. Maybe a read of Joel Salati would help you there.
    the bells ring loud when govt and warmist science supports GMO and super intense CAFO and chem fert and so called low till.
    low or no till means massive weedicide use, not tilling means no oxygen or sunlight reaches soils, they compact, form hardpan a foot or so down, impermeable and bad for water ingress. stubble and root mass just sits and in warm months blows away anyway above, and with no soil moisture it actually is inert, until water falls and then? it tends to breed the very fungals and nasties that mean crop and stock losses due to rust ergots etc, people are being forced to not plough, on the False premise of saving soils, ditto burning off, it doesnt kill all the weeds but it sure helps remove seeds of weeds and if turned over immediately after the burn provides serious potash for the soils, and yeah carbon. in a form bacteria CAN use.
    the THEORY that people insist is real ie Greenhouse. oh I could scream, since when??? is the damn planet enclosed and inpermeable to space? a greenhouse is, the planet is NOT! we lose all manner of gases to space and we pick up bacteria soil and nitrogen etc from space.via dust and incoming meteorites etc. millions of kilos per year of space dust falls in, so why? would anyone with a mind fall for the sealed and hot and sweaty lies?
    the latest farce is the sudden finding of a Nth hem ozone hole. I laugh, this ones caused by? oh gee EXCESSIVE cold air over arctic regions, ah those warming melting spots…but the sth one when newly found and hardly researched was immediately lumbered with. yeah WE done it. and the stunning rip off for billions by the processors of the CFS in china, beggars credibility, take funds for disposal while producing more toxic crud and also claim tax and land deals AND green credits for them and the BANKERS! who from ENRON on were the instigators os ALL the carbon Ozone etc cons.
    wake up

  14. http://www.independent.co.uk/environment/climate-change/shock-as-retreat-of-arctic-sea-ice-releases-deadly-greenhouse-gas-6276134.html
    I guess this is the methane youre on about.
    ok a couple of immediate points spring to mind.
    one is this is NOT methane from exposed Landbased TUNDRA at all, its UNDERsea.
    and the 10,000 square miles, with a not so whopping 100 fountains.:-)
    sorry thats not exactly a massive leak per area.
    on methane from seabed see the Mex gulf bubbling happily and warm vents under both arctic and antarctic as well as the rest of the ocean beds most of which have been active for millenia probably…but if you want to drum up some fear and panic word it to make it sound baaaad.
    ice over or not this would have been happening regardless and I do note the chuchki peninsula close handy happens to have a whole slew of Live and active volcanos, always good for fracturing seabed and spewing crap upwards also. funny isnt it?
    the sulphur and other crud from Volcanos COOLS the planet heaps, but if WE emit it it heats us up??? wonky logic there I’m afraid.

  15. Ozspeakup, what is your expertise in this area? I’m having a hard time getting through your choppy writing and run-on sentences. Can you please post some links for independent sources of your claims, so we can check this out for ourselves? Thanks.

  16. P.S. Also, please address the questions I asked. I would like to understand why you believe what you do.

    • I have answered and listed various reasons why i know its agitprop.
      just the basics but enough
      the ONLY ones benefitting are the Bankers and thegovts UN etc who will be skimming a fat profit off of the poorer folks.
      and the pro camp psuedo science pets will be earning nicely too. as now.
      you don’t mention some means of including AGW in a request for funds, unlikely you will get a grant.
      and,- as we who don’t believe in the church of gore or hansens Faith, have to do,- we cop all the pro warm releases near daily, then we think and go look to see what those without a “cause” think and say, as well as prior experience of our own due to age and education.
      either Jo Novas or Wattsupwiththat.com both run the pro sides releases and then have well grounded assessments by unpaid folks in the respective areas, and folks like me who have spent years wasting OUR lives and time better spent elsewhere, having to fight this insanity before we all get enclosed off our land, taxed into penury, as the super greens seem to be trying to make happen..
      basic stuff like finding the historical records for my own area shows massive swings between the area being swamps and also being dry as dust, ie the lakes been bone dry since 92, its half full in one winter now, and in the early 1800s when settlers got here it was down to scum and going dry, its done both in roughly 20 to 30 years cycles.
      are you too young to remember the 1970s claims by Hansen and Maurice Strong and their mates? we had just been through some 20 years of a cool wet cycle and they decided it was Ice age panic!
      then as we warmed they shut up for a small time, then started the warming scam. its NOT about Climate! it IS about CONTROL of food peoples and land and their funds.
      have you ever read regarding the Club of Rome?
      or the Bilderberg group?
      or the seriously worrisome Eugenics twist of Holdren at all?
      ALL of the people involved are the same “leaders” of the climate scam now. and a few new leeches like gore!
      see GE on the green take, they offshored all lightbulb making to? yeah China for cheap wages pollute over there claim green credits and greenwashing themselves, while usa now is at their mercy for toxic eyewateringly useless mercury bulbs, another fine example of green lies. the green claims by food companies are prioceless, well actually they Profit more on the claims, and really couldnt care less about the planet or you.

  17. Best to be skeptical about all this. Funny how there’s a “crisis” now that so many already-rich folks stand poised to geoengineer the planet. Got all their patents already — and used taxpayer dollars to test their schemes over the past 50 years — and now they tell us we NEED to do this.

    Of course, that will make the entire biosphere dependent on a few corporations-governments.

    How convenient.

    The IPCC has been caught lying in three different scandals now. A group of scientists just released a study that we are approaching a solar minimum, which will cool the planet, but IPCC is mum on that.

    (See The persistence of solar activity indicators and the descent of the Sun into Maunder Minimum conditions, Geophysical Research Letters, VOL. 38, L22105, 5 PP., 2011. doi:10.1029/2011GL049811 Abstract at: http://www.agu.org/pubs/crossref/2011/2011GL049811.shtml

    The more I study this subject, the more skeptical I’ve become.

    I do not doubt that climate change is occurring. I also do not doubt that industrial pollution is having a serious impact on climate. But I suspect most of the climate abnormalities we are seeing is a result of HAARP and other sub rosa operations.

    • http://www.confectionerynews.com/Processing-Packaging/Kraft-s-carbon-emissions-from-plants-negligible/?c=j%2FnIs1FdlzXnzG5XKZBdmg%3D%3D&utm_source=newsletter_daily&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Newsletter%2BDaily
      theyve now made snipping excerpts impossible so you’ll have to go read it.
      this is a classic greenwash!
      saying 90% of their energy use is not their fault..
      blaming the actual producers for 90% of energy use.
      natural grass requires little input over natural rain, making silage a little more for the fuel to cut and compress it.
      seems they won’t however allow the FULL details to be know,hmm?
      consider the massive factories lights machinery transport and packaging used IN factory to make their goop.
      if they wanna sledge the suppliers ie the Dairies, then maybe they can finish the job and remove the actual dairy, as they seem to be doing anyway and sell Real Plastic cheese..
      gee they could cut billions of travel miles and all associated costs and let real farmers and dairy folk make REAL natural untainted with additives, cheese yoghurt etc ON Farms like we used to.
      too easy?
      and what the F???WWF has any right or legal empowerment to be assessing it anyway? who died and made them gods?
      the NGOS like WWF Oxfam and their ilk seem to be gaining a huge disproportionate and to my mind completely unwarranted power to control by blackmail basically, you don’t play the green game/we start a PR hate campaign..and it’s working.all the agw devotees see their pr spin and follow the advice on whos in whos out.
      the companies go along to gain the positive PR and a whole lot more profit. reduced size, ingredients etc always seemt to INcrease the consumers price.
      funny the NGO’s can do this to earn bucks and greenie points?
      they don’t seem to be interested in shutting down the GMO crap.
      monsanto and syngents etc a little too powerful I think?

      • Can there be any doubt that the ag footprint is largest?

        • re ag rady,
          well yeah i think there IS doubt. like I said pasture grazed cows eat a fast growing carbon sink and turn it into meat milk etc, sure some methane but negligible unless youre into panic warming:-0
          all the”work” done on cows re methane farts etc never mentions the valuable fertiliser sdavings the soil biota enhancing etc, and it turns back into grass pretty fast, a real loop with little loss IF not done Big ag style. Joel Salatins a perfect case. nothing comes in from agrichem, and very little leaves the land, is no hay sold all wastwe recycled directly, he loses a bit via minerals in cattle bones etc, because he isnt allowed to bring the offal home to compost. rock dust replaces that..
          the farmer killing laws over how you can milk ie forced chemical solutions massive outlays for shedding etc huge power and water demands come VIA the govt mandates, not whats really easily as safe and a lot less resource intense. cows would much prefer a dirt floor, or to be milked outside.. now herds are free of TB most of the super duper hygeine regs are way over need for a clean product., I know I would risk a speck of dirt over a gob of pus from a mastitis affected antibiotic dosed cow..
          ok so the milk is tranported huge distances =fuel, massive machinery to heat filter and cool and store such quantities in huge buildings with all the aircon etc that entails, heaps more machinery to process to whatever end product ie cheese yoghurt whatever and again big big power to store and cool large volumes, then all the power and product to pack wrap and again fuel to ship it all over the nation.
          no way can the base supplier be anywhere near that energy and resource consumption.
          and dont forget the fridges in shops power in stupormarkets advertising and all the rest.
          local cow, local sale of same items= cost negligible.
          ah but that? would be? Illegal.
          for part of my early life a farm I lived on had cows, mum milked/, seperated it we had the best scalded cream butter and milk, none of it came from outside. now…the farmer would be forced to go BUY his own product back. he sells milk for 35c opr so a litre, buys back at? oh about 1.50+ a litre. in a nice plastic bottle thats landfill.fodder..
          its beyond crazy

  18. And, sorry, but I don’t trust NOAA one bit — especially after watching their handling of the Gulf of Mexico disaster and constant lying about it.

    If NOAA says the sky is blue, best to see for yourself. That’s how little I trust US government agencies.

  19. Hi Rady:-)
    yeah NOAAs a hoot, they also released a report saying we will be not heating for some 20 to 30 years..without any admission of it being the normal cycle, but did imply due to a low sun cycle,- and their forecast for that is all over the place, its semi funny to see the endless revisions, from massive solar to low., no ice to the ice rebounding
    and at the same time, they still imply…they dont believe the sun has much influence on earth climate:-)
    another chuckle is the ignoring of the really large deviation in Nth Magnetic pole shift( and yeah sth also) nths heading to Russia, and sth is moving to be really close to inline with Tasmania and aus mainland. that also makes weather and ocean patterns vary a whole lot, how could it not affect us?
    bees birds plants and US all have sensors for magnetic influences.
    we’re just a lot less in tune than the not so dumb beasties

  20. “The government always sides with the biggest polluters”
    The above quote was posted, and needs to be commented on. What I find amazing is that the other side of this is never mentioned…
    Government is paid for by the biggest polluters’ campaign donations… True, at least as it relates to this subject. HOWEVER, government grants are the ones that finance findings like THESE… Which, for some reason, manage to enable the government to squeeze more cash from the polluters…..

    AMAZING how this works…

    With regard to Hansen’s methodology. Hansen has introduced nothing new. there is nothing groundbreaking… Regarding his numbers… When he has no data, he simply creates / invents numbers. Why? As funny as it sounds, the government, which receives more money from polluters as “climate scientists” find “new and dreadful” predictions turns around and gives more money to the “scientists” who invent (I mean find) this news.

    This is NOT about science, it is about money.

    BTW, not terribly long ago, (in relationship to how old the planet happens to be…) a rather large portion of Australia was under water due to the fact that there were no polar ice caps, nor were there any SUV’s or power boats to get around in at the time…

    Anyway, believe what you want, but in the day and age where we have ample evidence that our political “representation” LIES, every chance they get about everything that will gain them more money, power, re-elected, MAYBE it would be a good thing to be skeptical, about those things that involve more money going to said politicians…

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