Subliminal KILL message caught on TV news

By Nathan Reitz

In January 2012, “Deva” took a camera phone picture of herself, picking up her TV in the background which was set to the news.  The camera captured the backward spelling of KILL, undoubtedly a subliminal message deliberately blasted to the masses still caught in TV land.

Nathan Reitz, producer of Stinehide, had just posted the preliminary trailer for his movie, reporting:

She saw it and mentioned her experience to a friend of a friend of mine. I went immediately to see the photo, check out the credibility of the story, and ended up being shocked by the consistencies of the story and ended up filming that night. I bought the rights to this picture and I have proof that it was not tampered with in any way.

Trailer for upcoming documentary on subliminal messaging:

Also see this MKUltra documentary:

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2 responses to “Subliminal KILL message caught on TV news

  1. I refer to your article entitled:Subliminal KILL message caught on TV news.
    Are you at all suggesting that because a subliminal kill mess was widespread broadcast that suddenly we’ll be greeted with a giant spate of rampant serial killings in that region? There is a football field of well documented evidence proving subliminal programming does not, never did and never will WORK. It was a hoax from day one. Still, it’s not very NICE is it? Well spotted.

  2. Your MKUltra youtube is scrubbed. What was the name of it.. perhaps another is out there somewhere?

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