Side to Side

By Chris Pratt
COTO Report

We live in a country where corruption and secrecy are so pervasive, so systemic, so evil and so vast that even progressive thinkers are becoming overwhelmed, discouraged and desperate for some positive energy (including me).

It is easy to see why. There is not a facet of our lives that has not been touched by one of these organizations or concepts and in a negative way: FDA, EPA, FBI, CIA, NSA, UFOs, DOD, Homeland Security, NASA, the Fed, IMF, World Bank, WTO, BIS, CFR, Trilateral Commission, Bilderberg Group, Carlyle Group, Skull and Bones, Free Masons, Illuminati, globalization, 9/11, war, terrorism, military industrial complex, Patriot Act, NDAA, destruction of the constitution, loss of Habeas Corpus, rendition, torture, indefinite detention, loss of civil liberties, “kill lists,” HAARP, chemtrails, predatory capitalism, nuclear, coal, oil, fracking, pollution, global warming, and on.

And now the NSA is building a facility in Bluffdale, Utah capable of capturing and storing 100% of all domestic emails without warrants or probable cause. No privacy invasion or illegalities here. This is life in America – former home of freedom and democracy.

Private money now controls every branch of government: executive, legislative and judicial. Our perceptions are being engineered and managed by mainstream media which is owned by six private media conglomerates. They are preconditioning us to accept our designated roles in plays that have already being scripted by the men behind the curtain. Scene II: Austerity, Debt Management and the Fiscal Cliff.

It is no wonder that Lies, Liars and Manufactured Reality is the title of the first issue of QCmagazine. It is so ironic that with several trillion-dollar elephants sitting in the budget deficit room, welfare benefits, food stamps and social security are the items discussed.

Explain to me why, in these times of severe austerity, trillions of dollars went to private banks which then paid out billions in executive bonuses, trillions more went to the military to pay for constant war and constant military interventions, billions more to a bloated defense budget that far exceeds anything anyone would consider to be defensive, including billions to a “totally out of control” Department of Homeland Security.

And let’s not forget about billions more in annual interest payments destined to go to those poor destitute private bankers.

These two monstrous entitlement programs (military spending and interest) dwarf any public programs yet barely a peep can be heard from either party and nary a word from mainstream media. Gee, do you think maybe a mammoth scam to deceive the public is occurring?

Ding-a-ling! Is anyone home?

A new Awareness Movement is way past due. Central to this movement are two themes: paying attention and changing the way we think.

Pay Attention

The public needs to wake up and acquire an understanding of just how bad, how systemically corrupt things really are (read QCmagazine, it is a good place to start). I now know that almost everything I thought I knew about my government, my military, my politicians, my judges and my newscasters is a lie.

Those old concepts, like a belief in a country that truly practices what it preaches and embraces freedom, honesty, and integrity, died when questions related to 9-11, terrorism or the Patriot Act were seldom asked, left answered and almost never allowed to be discussed. Now rather than being honored as heroes for telling the truth, people get marked for death if they point fingers at the wrong people or companies. DWS … can you image this term ever being coined here? It stands for Dead Whistleblower Syndrome.

So step one is awareness. A wealthy elite is at the helm and their goal is to keep us too dumb to know what is going on, too dependent and too afraid to question and they will stop at nothing to maintain their empires. While the public remains in this state of suspended animation they will siphon off as much money as they can, while their minions write new laws (like the Patriot Act or NDAA) executive orders, procedures and build facilities like FEMA internment camps or NSA data centers. They will be poised to take total control and eliminate all dissent when the time is right.

Want to see these deceptions for yourself? All you have to do is look, read, question and challenge what you are being told. Think critically, devote some time to verifying the facts on your own and you will readily see – it is all smoke and mirrors, total bullshit. Chris Hedges calls it the “Empire of Illusion.”

Think Critically

Although QC will document a slew of actions that can be taken when that section of the magazine is completed, the process first begins by changing the way we think. Start thinking for yourself, ask for the facts and challenge what you are told by your trusted media whores on television. They will parrot whatever they are told to preserve their multimillion dollar salaries. Sorry, but mainstream media has become a propaganda arm for the wealthy elite and they are not to be trusted as a source for anything.

Ask yourself what these media bozos never do: Who benefits and what is the science being used to support what are often fraudulent claims?

These old boys have amassed fortunes that exceed the GDP of most of the world’s nations, and some entire continents. But these masters of the universe are now facing a serious dilemma. Time is running out for them. The economic model that was used to acquire their fortunes no longer fits and much of the world has begun to wake up to a new consciousness.

Constant growth, constant consumption, constant waste and constant fear of manufactured enemies will not last much longer. Critical thinkers see it now. It is all too obvious. We live on a planet of finite resources; blind growth, massive consumption and waste are all paths to extinction.

The new model is sustainable resource management and self-reliance; small not big. In this new world, new jobs are not created at the expense of the environment, carbon footprints are taken seriously, eating unadulterated food, drinking clean water, breathing clean air and practicing holistic medicine are becoming practical personal responsibilities for life in the 21rst century.

As humanity matures, we see that Big is the problem. Big Business, Big Pharma, Big Agriculture, Big Oil, Big Banks, Big Defense Contractors, Big Government, Big Media, Big Dependency. These giants all encourage a predatory form of capitalism based on need and greed. This kind of thinking has kept us in constant war, constant debt, constant secrecy and constant fear. It is time to stop swimming in this cesspool. We must get up and leave, become critical thinkers and discern what is right or wrong, real or fake for ourselves.

It is time to start a new beginning. If we but live mindfully, humanity will change; it has to. It will not be optional. We will want healthier foods for ourselves and our children, we will want to know what has been genetically engineered or treated with pesticides. We will want to learn the real story behind bottled water and much of the food we eat. We may even reach a hand out to our neighbors to build a community that we can lean on when the going gets tough. Perhaps we will grow some of our own vegetables, buy locally and purchase hybrid cars, buy precious metals or transfer our savings to credit unions and small community banks.

Our changed thinking will affect our choices which will affect our purchasing habits which will affect corporate behavior.

Never forget the food movement. Less than ten percent of the public started buying unadulterated food, food co-ops sprung up and now Price Chopper and even Wal-Mart have organic sections in their stores.

Change wanted by the public begins with awareness and moves from the bottom up, or side to side, never down. Once this seed is planted, it will be allowed to grow or it will be stomped on. If you haven’t already, watch Choose and while you still can – and make a choice.

Chris Pratt is a US citizen filmmaker (deceptions), publisher of QC Magazine, and producer of Lies and Liars TV series.

Watch his shortened edit of Proctor’s Thrive in this 30-minute take entitled Choose:

2 responses to “Side to Side

  1. Sharing is Not a Crime: A Battle Plan to Fight Back
    Tony Cartalucci, Contributor
    Activist Post

    By no means should people already engaged in anti-monopoly campaigning give up. People campaigning against SOPA, PIPA, ACTA, and many other forms of legislation represent the minefields upon a battlefield, slowing the advance of the enemy, and denying it access long enough for a counteroffensive to be mounted – but that counteroffensive must eventually be planned and executed.
    Campaigners against the likes of Dodd, the MPAA, and their SOPA, PIPA, and ACTA travesties, may also consider going a step beyond merely naming those corporations involved, and promote a full-spectrum, permanent boycott, (and here), while promoting open-source, innovative alternatives.

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