NSA toon lightens police state

crashd puter nsa

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Former DoJ prosecutor sues Obama, Verizon, DoJ for $3B over PRISM

How to Keep Your Info Private (Even from the NSA)

3 responses to “NSA toon lightens police state

  1. Oh, please.
    Every single post of this kind functions as the most effective undercover work to secure the march of the global governors and keep us back from activism against them – even if the post isn’t intended as such.

    No one on earth is capable of making sense of such amount of data.
    These narcissists posing as masters of the earth are lazy scumbags, who would be jobless in a democratic world and in a real competition. They fool you and you buy into it.

    If such a “genius” central data mining agency still exists (though I seriously doubt that) and will retrieve the precious knowledge with their precious tools that I fully loath their regime, they are allowed to do me that kind “favour”, but only from a distance. If they will manage to make my computer crash, then I will congratulate them, will buy a new computer or a smart phone, and will continue the work through it. It takes a whiny spineless candy-ass to buy into these intimidations, and with reference of them, join the sleepers.

    Instead, we should use the remnants of democracy to reclaim it in full, wouldn’t you agree?

    (PS: The silly girl’s computer probably crashed b/c she downloaded the wrong website without an IS – laughable)

  2. PS2: Well, of course if it was meant to be merely a troll-post, then point well taken 🙂

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