Sofia Smallstorm Unraveling Sandy Hook

She’s at it again, one of my favorite alternative media researchers…


15 responses to “Sofia Smallstorm Unraveling Sandy Hook

  1. Heather McConnell

    Who put the loud music on this video? Did your site do that? It makes no sense. This seems to be happening quite a bit, with the videos that are part of the alternative news system. It’s so irritating, I would imagine people are quitting the video early just to make it stop.

    • The music is a beautiful piece from Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker (Waltz of the Flowers). The opening video is simply an introductory to the rest of the presentation. It consists of a commentary from an unknown person about guns, shooting expertise, media reports of Adam Lanza, etc., which commentary was appended to a video of a bus ride to the school that originally came from the Newtown Bee, and I chose, for lyrical and dramatic purposes, to add a classical Christmas musical composition to this two-part YouTube compilation. “Unraveling Sandy Hook” was originally a live performance, and one typically allows the audience to settle down and get ready with an introduction. People who know classical music would understand that the music (a Christmas classic) is intended to soar and be dominant, with the narrative secondary.

  2. the music goes away after a few minutes, and no, we didn’t alter the video in any way

  3. Crazy shit!! What do u think???

    Tia Nelson Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine M.S Biomedical Sciences/Forensic Biology MAPS Liaison-SNMA 2011-2012


  4. Great job. Thank you for weaving so many details together.

    The CT National Guard should put an end to this insane charade. They should take over the investigation and the site (if it still stands), arresting the CT State Police, the Newtown Police, other current ‘investigators’ and any Crisis Actors in the state or extraditable.

  5. Robbie Parker and Neil Heslin are obvious sociopaths. Of course the families, particularly on their Washington tour, came across as Stepford families, so they probably are too.

    It is essential that Sandy Hook truth be spread far and wide.

  6. I don’t know that much about RSS, is this it:

  7. Sofia, any idea who gave the order to ALL newspeople (sic) and politicians (incl. Obama) to pretend to cry when discussing the Newtown “murdered” children? I believe this is a huge question. He/she has to be a high puppet/propaganda master.

  8. That music is obnoxious given the topic plus it obscures the speaker.

  9. Hello Sophia, This is probably a long shot but if you are still around on here or anyone else for that matter who happens to know what the names of the other songs are played throughout the redux,
    Its absolutely beautiful, especially the piano one,

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