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TSA Agents Working With Radiation Machines Develop Cancer

By Thom Hartmann

According to documents obtained by EPIC in a Freedom of Information Request – some TSA agents who work with the radiation machines daily are falling ill with cancer clusters. Plus much more…

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Earth in a natural warming trend?

by Oz

I strongly suggest that anyone who has any interest, and is NOT brainwashed so thoroughly that the Obvious cannot get through, watch this clip and the series of them.

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Interpol Ran a Bioterrorism Exercise in Europe before Ukraine’s Bioterror Event

How amazingly coincidental! Just like the 9/11 and London tube events were.  Government runs a bio weapon training event, and Bingo! What appears to be pneumonic plague breaks out a short while later. Bloggers in the Ukraine have also reported seeing chemtrails.

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3 Babies Die after Pfizer’s Prevenar Vaccine

I was pretty disgusted to read the usual number of deaths is 5 to 10 after childhood vaccinations in Holland. I wonder if parents are advised of that before they consider vaccinating their children. And it seems to be accepted! Collateral Damage, mayhap?

It appears that three babies died within two weeks of the Pfizer pneumonia vaccine in the Netherlands, Prevenar or Prevnar, and they have recalled a batch of 110,000 doses. Other batches of Prevenar will continue to be used. Continue reading

1 in 10 GSK Vaccines Have Nasty Side Effects

By Aussie Oz

The GlaxoSmithKlein website admits to what I consider a rather high reporting of side effects in recipients. So here are some of the “choice” statements:

A protective immune response may not be elicited in all vaccinees.

There is very limited experience in children between 3 and 9 years of age and no experience in children less than 3 years of age or in children and adolescents between 10 and 17 years. Continue reading

FEMA the vehicle for Big Gov grab for total power

9-2-08 RNC riot copsBrowsing this early am, I came across this for a second time, and wondered, COTO Report knows about it, but not every visitor may.

This snippet is from Rense. Very interesting list, it should keep many people awake at night.  

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Czechs say NO to Baxter Vaccines

The Czech Govt asked the hard questions, i.e., Is it safe?  Do you guarantee that? Obviously the answer was NOT yes to both. Truly shows that after the fiasco with the contaminated H5N1 vaccine earlier this year, one smarter-than-average government said ‘Thanks, but, no thanks’ to Baxter.

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CSL H1N1 vaccine gets Australia nod of approval

vaccine x MercolaBy Aussie Oz

The Australian government has “done a deal” so that CSL is the sole flu vaccine maker to supply us. The press release mentioned Prior Approval in the USA for their “pandemic vaccine.” What they DO NOT actually tell you is the vaccine first registered was a BIRD FLU mix using a NOVEL adjuvant called Iscomatrix.

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German Vaccine Recipient Coughs up Blood

I was wondering if anyone that had been a volunteer (is paid really volunteering?) would dare step up and say if they had had any adverse events. Seems this gentleman did, and is being told it wasn’t the vaccine’s fault…

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4 H1N1 Vaccines Approved for Use

The FDA announced that four manufacturer’s vaccines for 2009 H1N1 have been approved for the very short “fast track.”

What I found cheering about it, and really it’s All I find good, is that Baxter and Merck are NOT among them! Well, for USA anyway.

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How to Be a Lab Rat: The WHO’s Risk-Benefit Balance

rat trap h1n1

By Aussie Oz

In the World Health Organization’s “Regulatory Preparedness for Human Pandemic Influenza Vaccines,” we see a detailed method of surveillance to monitor those who caught the flu.  It’s curious, prescient almost, that this starts on mythical 2012 (the line number in the WHO document).

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H1N1 Unlikely to Mutate!!

I found this gem a short while ago. Now, won’t it be interesting to see how mainstream avoids reporting, and the pharmas and WHO ignore it as hard as they can!

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Microwave = MurderWaves?

directed energy weapons PDG-300RifleShot (464 x 278)

This is an eclectic mix of a few pages that all mention a common factor; none are associated with the other. The fact that they are NOT sharing info really should set a shudder going, as they all DO have one theme in common:  the US Military is the biggest threat to the people of America, that you will — and have ever — faced.

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WHO Flu, Indeed

Just some stuff I found that had me chuckling:

In spite of dropping numbers, and nowhere near the dramatic death count hyped up by CDC and Manufacturers..

Swine flu lull after dramatic fall in cases – Health News, Health & Families – The Independent

You still find chaps like this one… below.

The Doctor’s World – Seeking Lessons in Swine Flu Fight –

Oddly enough, I suggest that pregnant and obese deaths from the seasonal flu would also be higher than the average citizen Continue reading

Are bioweapons labs responsible for H1N1?

army bioterrorism lab x wired dotcom (500 x 375)

The piggery theory falls over as pigs and most people in the Mexican area where the first case appeared are apparently okay, although Canada has positively correlated H1N1 flu cases with proximity to factory pig farms.

If you read America’s Expansive Bioweapons Industrial Complex, maybe it will give you more than a hint as to who or what may be behind H1N1:

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Aussie Vaccine Trials: Does Government-Industry Collusion Put the Public at Risk?

david dees bioterrorism

The connections between government and industry over monopolizing a flu vaccine do not bode well for Australians.  Competition improves any product, and with something as serious as a vaccine, product safety.

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